Are you a podcaster or voiceover artist looking for the best AI voice generator to scale up your game? You’re in luck today! As a podcaster, you should know how tedious it is to keep developing new audio content; if you’re strapped for time, it can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

Thankfully, AI technology has come so far that many different solutions are available to help generate voices – without sacrificing your project’s quality – the only thing left is figuring out which one works best.

This blog post will look at the 7 best AI voice generators in 2023 based on accuracy, user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and more!

Get ready to curate creative sounds with the best AI voice generator while saving yourself some precious time and effort.

What is AI Voice Generator?

AI Voice Generator is a technology that is revolutionizing how we interact with machines. It allows artificial intelligence to mimic human speech patterns and generate human-like voices in real time.

This innovative technology has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more businesses are realizing the benefits of natural language processing.

Companies can create dynamic and natural human voices personalized for each user with the best AI Voice generator.

Whether you want to create a podcast or voiceover for your video, AI Voice Generator makes it easier and more convenient for you to interact with companies in a natural and intuitive way.

As this technology continues to evolve, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities it unlocks for the future of human-machine interactions.

What is the Best AI Voice Generator?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice generator tools have become incredible for content creators, video makers, podcasters, business owners, and marketers. Nevertheless, with plenty of options available, knowing the best AI voice generator can be challenging.

Being an informed consumer allows finding the best AI voice generator that fits your needs. Some significant factors to consider are voice quality, accents and languages available, pricing and availability, and no complexity related to integrating the generator into your platform.

Making the suitable decision possible with the best AI voice generator software can make all the difference in the quality of content you produce, and that’s why we are recommending 7 of the best AI voice generators in 2023:


The first best AI voice generator in our list is Murf.AI voice generator. Artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years, and one area where it has made particularly impressive strides is AI voice generation.

With so many AI voice generator options available now, Murf AI stands out as the best AI voice generator by many users. What sets Murf AI apart from its competitors is its ability to create a natural-sounding voice almost indistinguishable from a natural human voice.

Its advanced algorithms and deep learning capabilities allow it to quickly and easily create high-quality voiceovers for various applications, including podcasts, YouTube videos, and audiobooks.

If you’re looking for the best AI voice generator to help take your content to the next level, Murf AI is worth exploring.


  • High-quality and reliable voiceovers
  • 使いやすいプラットフォーム
  • 手頃な価格設定
  • It allows users to change the pitch and speed of AI voices


  • The free plan is very limited to some useful features
  • It can be more challenging to create dialogues (rather than monologues)


Murf.AI has four pricing plans:

  • フリープランです:無料
  • Basic Plan: The price starts at USD 19/month
  • Pro Plan: The price starts at USD 26/month
  • Enterprise Plan: The price starts at USD 59/month


There are various options for finding the best AI voice generator. However, is a top contender due to its impressive voice cloning feature and other range of voices and customization options.

With, users can create and personalize their synthetic voices using a simple web-based interface. Whether you need a voice for a podcast, video, or any other type of content,’s diverse range of voices and accents can meet your needs.

Plus, the platform offers a free trial, so you can try it out and see if it fits your project. Overall, is a valuable speech generator for any individual or business looking to enhance the quality of their audio content with the help of AI technology.


  • Users can create high-quality voiceovers in different languages
  • Excellent customer service and response time
  • It allows users to create their pronunciation library
  • It’s a powerful AI voice generator for non-native users


  • Some voices require extra effort to make them sound natural
  • Creating multiple-character dialogues than monologues may be difficult



  • フリープランです:無料
  • Professional Plan: The price starts at USD 29.25/month
  • Premium Plan: The price starts at USD 49.50/month
  • エンタープライズプランカスタムプラン


Listnr is another best AI voice generator tool that stand out from the competition. It is a cloud-based service that enables users to create human-like text-to-speech voices in over 60 languages.

The platform also allows users to customize their voice by adjusting pitch, voice style, speed, and accent. With Listnr, you can save your audio recordings as MP3 files or other formats. It is also compatible with various platforms, such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

The high-quality voices it offers make it one of the best AI voice generators for any content creator or business looking to create professional-grade audio files quickly and easily.


  • Listnr has many natural-sounding voices and accents
  • No separate podcast host is needed with their newly launched podcast solution
  • High-quality voice generator for non-English speakers 
  • High-quality voice generator for non-English speakers 


  • 無料プランはない
  • No custom voices yet


Listnr has three pricing plans:

  • Individual Plan: The price starts at USD 19/month
  • Solo lan: The price starts at USD 39/month 
  • Startup Plan: The price starts at USD 59/month.


Synthesys is a powerful AI-powered voice generator that offers an extensive library of natural voices in multiple languages. This platform allows users to customize their audio files with the help of its advanced deep-learning algorithms.

It also has a wide range of AI voices and accents for users to choose from to create files that sound as close to human-like speech as possible.

With Synthesys, users can also incorporate interactive features such as voice recognition and dialogues into their audio files.


  • A 100% web-based voice generator
  • It’s all-in-one software offering three exceptional tools in a single subscription.
  • Support over 66 different languages
  • The best AI voice generator for unlimited generation of voiceovers and videos
  • プロダクト・プロ5


  • 無料体験なし
  • The voice generation process takes much longer than other AI voice generators.


Synthesys has three pricing plans:

  • Audio Plan: The price starts at USD 29/month
  • Human Studio (Video) Plan: The price starts at USD 39/month
  • Audio and Human Studio Plan: The price starts at USD 59/month

Lovo.AI is another best AI voice generator tool for many voice actors or content creators. It allows you to create stunning audio files in any language with its natural-sounding voices and accents.

You can customize the voice by adding filters, effects, and background music. has a powerful AI engine that enables users to create personalized audio experiences for their customers or audience.

Unlike other AI voice generators, also allows users to create interactive audio experiences by allowing them to add voice commands and responses.

such as Windows, Mac, iOS,


  • It allows users to add background music to their voice-overs in the editor directly
  • Over 180 AI voices to choose from 
  • It’s equipped with a very easy-to-use editor


  • It has very realistic voices, including celebrity voices!
  • The voice generation process takes much longer than other AI voice generators.


Lovo.AI has four pricing plans:

  • フリープランです:無料
  • Basic Plan: The price starts at USD 19/month 
  • Pro Plan: The price starts at USD 36/month 
  • Pro + Plan: The price starts at USD 99/month


Synthesia is an AI voice generator with many key features, such as natural-sounding voices and accents, voice customization, and AI-powered speech recognition. It also offers a wide array of text-to-speech voices in over 40 languages.

The platform provides an easy-to-use interface with powerful features such as pitch control, intonation control, voice speed control, and accent control.

Synthesia also integrates with famous audio tools like Adobe Audition, Apple Logic Pro X, etc.


  • 使いやすいプラットフォーム
  • ユーザーフレンドリーなインターフェース
  • It allows users to add authentic voices and custom avatars to videos
  • Full HD videos (Up to 2½ hours long)


  • Streamlined for video makers than podcasters
  • Expensive custom avatars


Synthesia has two pricing plans:

  • Personal Plan: The price starts at USD 30/month
  • Corporate Plan: Custom pricing


Resemble.AI is a powerful AI-powered voice generator regarded as the best AI voice generator by many users, It helps users to create natural-sounding audio files from text.

It offers over 100 languages and dialects, including English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and more. The platform also offers an advanced text-to-speech engine for creating realistic voices with customizable parameters.

It also has a “timbre transfer” feature that allows users to generate any voice from any source audio file. Resemble.AI is excellent for creating voiceovers, podcasts, radio shows, and more.


  • Resemble AI allows you to create custom AI voices
  • Access to high-quality AI voices created by professional voice actors
  • Numerous voice filters
  • 直感的なインターフェース


  • Users have to pay or be available for audio upload
  • 無料プランはない


Resemble.AI has two pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan (Pay-as-you-go): The price starts at USD 0.006/second
  • Pro Plan: Custom pricing.

Other notable AI Voice Generators:

  • Speechify
  • Clipchamp
  • スピーチェロ

What is the Most Realistic AI Voice Generator?

The most realistic AI voice generator is Listnr, which produces natural-sounding voices. The AI-powered simulation technology is based on deep learning algorithms that analyze hundreds of hours of vocal recordings to create a human-like voice.

It also has the ability to adjust for gender, age, and accent. is another top contender for creating realistic AI-generated voices. It uses a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to produce natural-sounding speech tailored for each user.

Can AI Generate My Voice?

Yes. AI voice generators can generate your voice using deep learning algorithms to analyze your audio recordings and create a simulated version.

For example, Resemble.AI uses machine learning to learn and replicate the sound of users’ voices in real time. It can also be used for creating custom-made audio clips for specific applications.


AI voice generators are powerful tools for creating realistic-sounding audio. These tools can help to create natural-sounding voices, customize voices for specific uses, and produce audio clips in many languages.

The most popular AI voice generators include Listnr,, Lovo.AI, Synthesia, and Resemble. However, finding the best AI voice generator for your needs can be daunting.

However, by evaluating each platform’s features and pricing plans, you can choose the one that best suits your project’s requirements.

Whether you need AI voice generators for creating realistic audio clips or to generate custom avatars, plenty of options are available in the market.

Be sure to research and compare the features of each platform before deciding which one is best for you.




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