IW4PLAY: Play Call Of Duty Online Multiplayer Free

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IW4PLAY is a Repz alternative which allows you Play Call Of Duty Online Multiplayer Games for Free on your computer.

This is a new discovery for me and it made me happy because I have been looking for Repz alternative client for ages because I was banned from their servers because I used hacks to give me an advantage while playing, even though I have promised not to use those hacks again and requested for them to unban my account.

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I apologized and did all that I’m sorry crap. Days later after my notorious begging, still no reply from Repz admins, so i searched the whole internet looked for -AIwnet but found out that it was a dead client. One way or another after multiple clicks and searches on google, i found IW4PLAY client.


IW4PLAY client was live, active and free. I was so happy because after everything (registration process) i was able to log in and connect to their servers. I was so happy because i wasn’t banned again, well this isn’t Repz servers anymore.

This tutorial are for those that got banned from Repz servers or have any other reason and still want to play Call Of Duty Online multiplayer for free, IW4PLAY is an awesome alternative to Repz. They are good, Low rate of hackers.

IW4PLAY provides Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 all for free. Maybe there are others Repz alternative but the best Repz alternative I have found so far.

How to use IW4PLAY client.


  • Choose which game you want to play and Download their client. Remember that you need to have the Skidrow release of all these games before you can play. It’s easily more than 10GB, depending on the game.
    • Modern Warfare 2 – IW4
    • Black Ops – T5
    • Modern Warfare 3 – IW5

download iw4


  • Download Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3. All should be Skidrow versions, it’s not a must you download the 3 games, simply pick one of the three that you want to play and download it.
  • After downloading the game
    • Create a new folder
    • Name it IW4PLAY
    • Move all the folders and Localization.txt in the Call of Duty game folder you downloaded to the new folder “IW4PLAY”
  • MW2_beginners_tutorial_2
  • Extract the client to the new folder we created “IW4PLAY” and run “LaunchIW4Play.exe” as Administrator. Wait for few seconds, Download would start, wait till it reaches 100%.
  • Click on “Iw4mp.exe” or “iw5mp.exe” or “t5mp.exe” depending on which game you want to play. It asks you for Username and Password.
  • Move to “Forums
  • Register an account. It’s free! Fill the standard registration form. Use a valid email address.

iw4 reg

  • After registration, Log in to your account.
  • Go back to your folder and Click on “Iw4mp.exe” or “iw5mp.exe” or “t5mp.exe” depending on which game you want to play to launch the game, Fill in your username and password and the game should start!
  • Enjoy Playing COD MW2/BO/MW3 Online Multiplayer free.

IW4 PLAY remains the best Repz alternative client.

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6 thoughts on “IW4PLAY: Play Call Of Duty Online Multiplayer Free”

    • Mike, Yes you would need to download the multiplayer client alone. Download the game first then put the multiplayer client in the new folder, so that it can download the necessary online multiplayer files.

    • You need to download the iw_22.iwd file and copy it to main folder inside your Reactiw4m folder. To download the iw_22.iwd file, do a google search, you would see download links you can download from

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