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Where are Bluehost Servers Located?

Bluehost servers perform well despite the setbacks they had in 2013 they went on to improve their service quality and server uptime this is one of the key reasons why WordPress recommends them all the time. By checking their website, you won’t find any tangible information regarding the location of their servers.

Where are Bluehost Servers Located? According to reports, Bluehost has six data centres located globally with the first one in Provo, Utah, USA. The server location is considered as the primary US data centre for Bluehost powered websites targeting global visitors with its name server being the secondary server in the USA is located in Orem, Utah. While we have one in Mumbai, India the one in London, United Kingdom serves as the UK and European countries main server. There are two servers in China one in Hong Kong, and the other in Shanghai. Finally, there seem to be a data centre for brazil with the nome a dominio but its location is yet to be discovered.

They have a number of data centres located globally and this allows them to offer uninterrupted, reliable and faster web hosting services to their customers worldwide. We researched and gathered reliable information regarding the location of their servers and we are going to share them with you here.

Server location matters a lot when it comes to hosting it decide how fast your website will load. It is also important for the locations to be in an area where they can’t be compromised hence the reason why they don’t disclose them. the total number of Bluehost servers cannot be ascertained they can even be more than six located in different regions.

For your website to perform well they depend on these servers. Bluehost will link you to the closest server to your region whenever you visit a website that is hosted by Bluehost.

Why are Bluehost Server Locations not Disclosed?

A lot of be people will try to ask this question regarding why the location of the servers is hidden. There is no information on the Bluehost website regarding the location of their servers. there are various reasons why data location centres are kept private.

This could be for some privacy and security reasons because the data centres can be vulnerable to attacks by individuals. By not giving the location they are increasing the security and privacy of their users as well as their own.

some people are of the opinion that Bluehost doesn’t want users to choose a server when they are registering for a new domain name. with some web hosting platforms, you can be able to choose your server location whereas with Bluehost they automatically pick one for you without you even knowing. This way Bluehost makes the decision on which server will serve you best depending on your region in the world.

This also plays a vital role in making sure that the Bluehost servers don’t get too compromised they are the ones that will select an area for you. this makes it much easier for them to prevent overcrowding on one server.

The major reason why Bluehost servers are not disclosed is for security reasons at least that’s what we assume. There is no official statement as to why they are refusing to disclose the locations of their servers anywhere on the internet.

Other web hosting platforms normally share the locations of their servers worldwide. Bluehost has a very good security system and that is one of the major reasons why they are been recommended by WordPress as the ideal hosting platform for your website.

Bluehost CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network it is a distribution network of data centres and proxy servers. if you decide to use this plan on Bluehost it means your website will be saved in different locations and the website will be loaded from the nearest location of the visitor. This removes the barrier of the original data centre location.

There are a lot of content delivery networks on the internet that you can use but Bluehost provides you with free Cloudflare CDN. If you are a Bluehost customer you can use the CDN easily they have various locations in the world and would boost the speed of your website worldwide.

Using a CDN will decrease the number of requests that your website sends to servers. this also means that you won’t reach the resource limit. If you have more visitors from the UK, the CDN will load the website from its UK location.

It also works as spam protection and will prevent unwanted attacks using a CDN will also increase the security of your website. If your visitor’s computer is not safe or the user agent is not identified, Cloudflare will ask to verify it via captcha making your website safe.

If you are already using Bluehost to activate Cloudflare easily by just opening your control panel and heading over to the Cloudflare option. After clicking on it you will see the name of the websites that are hosted on your server. You can activate Cloudflare for that website and that’s it you are on Cloudflare.

We already discussed the importance of using CDN on your website and it is very important that you consider activating it. If your website has a very fast loading time it will be easily indexed by google thereby helping your SEO.

Related Questions

How do I choose a Bluehost data center for my website?

Like we said earlier Bluehost doesn’t provide you with an option to change or choose the server location you wish to use. You can’t select it during or after registration. You can only decide to register with a particular nome a dominio for example and your website will be part of the brazil server.

How good are Bluehost servers?

Bluehost servers are really good they make your website load faster and also make them secure. They offer one of the best privacy protections online especially because the locations of their servers are still yet officially unknown.