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How Many Websites Can I Have On Siteground?

The term ‘unlimited’ comes to mind when the number of websites you can have with a hosting company is in question. It might not be entirely possible for a company to allow the hosting of unlimited websites, but with unlimited hosting, however, you get unlimited disk storage that will allow you to have unlimited domains and even have additional websites.

How Many Websites Can I Have On Siteground? Siteground allows its users to host unlimited websites because they provide unlimited hosting for their clients, they might have limited storage across their shared hosting plans but they have unlimited MySQL databases in their shared hosting plans. Siteground has the ability to host unlimited websites and that is a useful feature for many clients who might need quite a number of websites to run their own company or business. With siteground, you could also have a new domain that points to your website, but you would have to make sure you register it first.


With unlimited hosting plans, you get to host unlimited websites, how this works might differ among various hosting companies but there’s a long list of hosting providers that provide unlimited hosting that then leads to the allowance of more than one website.

The hosting account you have, have a deep correlation to the number of websites you also have, you will have to put in a lot to manage the hosting accounts that keeps all your sites functional. You can also make use of  single account to manage all your domains, even though a lot of people are guided by a misconception that they have to make use for separate hosting accounts for their unlimited domains.

If you really want to manage all your website’s from one single account,you will have to make sure you choose a hosting plan that allows you manage multiple websites with ease.

Hosting multiple websites might seem easy and fast, but there will be a lot of time and storage that would go into it.  Having more than one website and domain could be of great advantage in a lot of ways.

There are hosting companies that allow unlimited website hosting and it has even made it to the top of their features list , hosting companies like siteground, GreenGeeks, A2 hosting and others are known for their ability to host unlimited websites . Siteground is a great, innovative hosting company and the features it has are based on the efficiency they’ve been known to provide.

How To Create Additional Sites On Your Siteground Hosting Plan

If you’re such you want to add New additional site to your hosting plan, it could be done and you don’t have to worry about any backfiring or any mishaps.

The additional site you’re going to make, will be a new site and you could still make use of your current hosting plan to make this happen.

Whichever hosting plan you’re making use of, you will have to make sure it allows unlimited websites. With siteground, you have hosting plans like GoGeek, GrowBig and cloud hosting that allows unlimited websites, if you’re using the startup plan, you can’t really try the additional website.

To add a new nome a dominio, you will first of all have to go to your client area, you will then head over to websites and then, add new site. If you follow the directions steadfastly, you will be sure to make no mistakes at all.

The domain name you’re going to make use of for your new website has to be registered ,you will have to purchase a domain name for your additional website. To get this new domain name, follow these steps : client area – services –  domains – new domains. This would lead you to the purchase of a new domain for your site.

Or you could register the new domain name when you’re creating the new website.

What You Need For Unlimited Hosting

In order for you to be able to host unlimited websites or domains, you will need a hosting plan that is sure to function through it all.  If you get a plan that doesn’t actually allow unlimited websites you will be in for another level of hassle.

Getting a hosting account that allows you to have multiple domain hosting and one that also allows you to have your website’s under one account ,is only half the battle, you will also have to make sure that you have all the necessary equipments or requirements to cater to the sites and domains.

In order for your whole unlimited websites system to work, you have to make sure your bandwidth is enough and capable of handling the pressure that comes with having additional websites added to the hosting account.

Your storage is equally as important, siteground has a super cacher and that helps a lot with the storage of files, if you’re hosting account has limited storage and not enough disk space for files and folders, your unlimited websites might just be a half baked idea.  Before you decide to start adding websites to your hosting account, you need to make sure the storage capacity is enough.

The capacity of your server should also be put in mind, if your server can’t handle the pressure of unlimited hosting, the load you’ve placed on it will be too much to carry.

Management Of Multiple Hosting

Having multiple nomi a dominio and websites isn’t as far of into the future as it used to be.

When you take a leap into unlimited hosting, you’re welcoming multiple domains and websites and that might sound tasking and a bit daunting, but it’s not.

If you’re making use of multiple domain hosting ,then you get to have all your website’s and domains under one admin interface that houses all your websites.

Making use of one admin interface makes the management of your multiple sites quite easy, since they will all be under one hosting account, you will save a lot of time when you’re making changes to your account.

Another great advantage, is that you will remember how to access all of your website’s without being confused about different numerous sites.