Cheapest 1440p Monitors for the Best Gaming Experience

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The best cheapest 1440 monitor is the ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV, this is a 27-inch screen that could be perfect for gamers and even content creators, and it has great quality and a lot of features that make it one of the best cheap 1440 monitors available. One of the best things about this monitor is the fact that it’s actually quite budget-friendly and it great for any creative or leisure sphere of life. 

Monitors with a 1440p resolution enable accuracy in sharpness that most users can benefit from, in the tech world or industry today, 1440p is a great recommendation for users that are more advanced, users like designers, gamers and so many others. The 1440p monitors provide more screen surface, better image definition and a larger screen as well; 

The 1440p stands for a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels also at a 16 by 9 ratio. 1440p is considered to be quad high definition, as it offers four times the resolution of a 1,280 x 720 HD display. Basically, the more pixels, the sharper the images are. With a 1440p monitor, you have enough workspace to fit anything and you can fit more images and content without the need to resize or refit. 

When it comes to gaming, there are a lot of benefits to utilize when using the 1440p resolution, games look sharper with smoother edges and there are a lot of other benefits for gamers, the best benefit is that 1440p monitors are cheaper, decent quality monitors and there’s no question of its availability.

It has great sharpness and wide viewing angles that channel features like a comfortable workspace for users everywhere. It is also known to come with good color accuracy and it has an excellent SDR color.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Also Good

The use of 1440 monitors has increased tremendously over the years, they are way better than their lower counterparts and they provide essentially enough workspace for users from various parts of life, they also provide sharpness in the image that has been referred to as accurate a number of times. 

With 1440 monitors, users enjoy a lot of perks and features that will make their gaming or non-gaming experience worth the while in more ways than one. When there is a high pixel count, the image sharpness or brightness is for sure going to be smooth and clear, and that’s one of the most valuable things about the 1440 monitors, a number of them are known to have high pixel density.

There’s a lot to gain from the use of 1440 monitors, they offer a lot of features and a great level of quality for people who want to experience a high leveled sharpness and quality imaging, these monitors work well for content creators and gamers alike, the undertone is set by the fact that it has a lot of features that serve the needs of every creator with access to it. 

There are a lot of different brands tied up to 1440p monitors, each of them has varying features their own, they also tend to have a lot of similar features which is the sole purpose of the creation and use of 1440 monitors in the first place. The quality of these monitors are intact and although a few cons here and there, might seem distracting, it is important to focus on the major attraction that draws people in to want the 1440 monitors.

Just like there are a lot of system brands out there, there are also a lot of different 1440p monitor brands, the great thing about choosing to use monitors with a 1440p resolution is that they provide one of the best image clarity, they don’t fall under the helms of low-quality resolution and they definitely work well for users with high expectations, especially when it comes to how sharp or bright the image or resolution will be. 

These monitors are great and beneficial for anyone looking for a monitor type that checks a lot of boxes when it comes to the features and specifications it might have or not have. This guide provides a list of the best 1440p monitors that are also affordable for people with budgetary constraints, these monitors could be used for gaming or any creative or professional use under the sun, or any other purpose at all. 

Another name for the 1440p is QHD (Quad High Definition) or WQHD (Wide Quad High Definition) Either way; they provide an essential level of resolution along with high-end performance and reliability. 1440 monitors are known for their affordable prices and great qualities, so it is important to find the cheapest 1440 monitors that are still able to provide users with the best qualities and specifications they will need.

1. AOC CQ27G2

The AOC CQ27G is known as one of the best gaming monitors, it has a high contrast ratio and a lot of other additional features that most gamers would look out for in a monitor, it is also known as one of the most affordable monitors available, yet, it still has quite a number of great features attached to it. 

The design of the monitor is great as it offers a level of adjustability with up to 130mm of height adjustment and high mount capability as well. The screen also has a 1500R curvature which adds extra depth to the picture, the connectivity of this monitor is also good as it offers two HDMI 2.0 ports, a Display port 1.2 and a headphone jack. When it comes to pricing, this monitor offers a lot of value and qualities a 1440p monitor is expected to offer and more.



There are quite a number of features to expect with the AOC, it supports AMD free sync, with a 48-144Hz VRR range over both the HDMI and displays port, when it comes to the image quality; the AOC has a great static contrast ratio of 3000:1, it has a wide 120% surge color gamut which helps in providing users with great colors as well.

The size of the AOC is calculated to be about 27 inches and it is based on a VA panel, the only disadvantage of VA panels is the pixel response time speed, changing pixels from brighter shades to dark pixels takes time and those results in visible smearing of fast-moving objects across dark backgrounds. Another great feature, especially for gamers is the motion blur reduction technology

Users could even manually change the backlight strobing frequency from 0 to 20 in increments of 1. High frequencies provide smooth motions, high frequencies also sacrifice the quality of the picture’s brightness, but with a feature like this one, there is a certain level of balance that could be gotten from it.

There are a lot of features that are quite appealing to gamers when it comes to this monitor, the sharpness and color accuracy are quite apt and reasonable. It is also one of the most affordable 1440p monitors for gamers and the design and connectivity also serve as a great part of all the reasons why users should purchase the monitor. 

It is highly efficient and sufficient as well, and a lot of its features serve a lot of purposes for users who eventually decide to get it. This is one of the best, affordable 1440p monitors for gamers that also house a lot of great qualities that add to its highly prestigious value. 

It has been tested and it is trusted to be a great monitor with great features to back it up consistently. This monitor comes with a lot of features that users will find to be highly necessary at the price it is set at.



2. ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV

The Asus ProArt Display is a very budget-friendly monitor that is great for creative professionals such as content creators, it has a very well-defined ergonomic and the brightness is regarded as high, it also has wide viewing angles which makes it great for any type of workspace at all. This monitor is one of the best 1440p monitors at an affordable price, all the while providing great, up-to-date qualities. 

The design is simple and it has thin bezels on three sides but the bottom bezels are thicker because it houses the monitor’s controls. The Asus ergonomics allows a lot of adjustments and it has a very wide range that makes it unique, there are a lot of features to look out for when it comes to this monitor, it is highly effective and it still provides a wide range of features or qualities that most users, especially creative’s would look out for in a 1440 monitor.

Overall Best

ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV

The ASUS ProArt has one of the best color accuracies, the monitor has an sRGB mode that is factory calibrated and it comes with a calibration report in the box, it is said to have an accuracy that is below 2dE, it also has an excellent SDR color gamut and excellent color volume.

It has good reflection handling and the monitor has the ability to get really bright to compensate for reflections that might be distractions. It also has an optional black frame insertion feature that helps improve motion clarity. The ASUS PA278QV’s 27-inch screen is great for multitasking and its high-resolution results in sharp images and text. 

The ASUS PA278CV has built-in speakers, as well as a number of on-screen overlays, including an on-screen ruler, a grid alignment overlay, and a tool that lets you preview documents in actual size. The USB hub feature lets you connect a device to the USB-C port and use the four USB 3.0 ports for your peripherals. 

This means you can connect a device, charge it, and have a second display, and access additional USB ports with only one cable between the device and the monitor, which is very convenient and highly useful as well. There are a lot of reasons why this device is a great choice for a lot of users, it has a lot of features and qualities that will be of great use to the users and it will serve every needed purpose with a great deal of functionality. 

The Asus is set at a good price and it still maintains a lot of its high-end qualities and features as seen above. With all its qualities, it’s definitely going to be of great use to a lot of users who won’t regret purchasing the 1440p monitor. It is a great all-around monitor that offers versatile performance and exceptional ergonomics and it delivers one of the best performances any user could possibly hope for.



3. Samsung G7

The Samsung Odyssey G7 series consists of 27 inches and 32 inches variants and it’s a successor to a model that is highly effective and features a higher 240Hz refresh rate and faster 1ms response time. it has the great HDR image quality and this is all because of its 600-nit peak brightness, 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, 8-zone local dimming, and a high 2,500:1 contrast ratio, all of which play an essential role in improving the image quality immensely. 

The design is sturdy and versatile and it also has RGB lighting located at the front and at the back. It also has a certain curvature that provides additional benefits of its own.

Also Good

Samsung G7

Connectivity options include two Display Port 1.4 inputs with DSC, HDMI 2.0, an audio line-out port for headphones, and a dual-USB 3.0 hub. It has a very fast 1ms GtG pixel response time speed, which helps in removing ghosting behind fast-moving objects, even in darker scenes.

There are a number of unique features for the Samsung g7, its display supports AMD Free Sync Premium Pro, and they’re certified as G-SYNC Compatible. It also has other features such as Motion Blur Reduction, custom crosshairs, pre-calibrated picture modes, and Black Equalizer for much better visibility in darker games. 

In addition to all of that, it has been said that with a rapid 240Hz refresh rate, you get even smoother motion clarity in fast-paced games as well as a more future-proof display. The Samsung G7 basically sells itself with a long list of amazing features it has to offer, it has a lot of features that improve the imaging and also blurriness and it provides users with excellent visibility as well. 

This monitor provides really great brightness and it is highly effective and it is also versatile, which are all great qualities that one would essentially want from a 1440p monitor. It is a great pick for a monitor and the Samsung brand or series is a great follow-up as it has probably gone through a lot of updates all for the betterment of its functionality.



4. ViewSonic VG2455-2K 24 Inch IPS 1440p Monitor

This monitor comes with a USB 3.1 Type C HDMI Display Port and 40 Degree Tilt Ergonomics for Home and Office, It offers high-quality display screen time, from a great amount of information to lovely displays, this 60hz monitor delivers qhd (2560×1440) viewing for any job at all that needs to be done. 

It has an advanced ergonomic design that offers a wide range of customizable adjustments for maximum comfort including pivot, swivel, height adjustment, and tilt.

ViewSonic VG2455-2K 24 Inch IPS 1440p Monitor

Some of its unique features include an easily installable quick release stand that makes it easier for the monitor to be set up, it also has 2K (2560x1440p) Resolution and it provides more workspace because of the multi-tasking side lot of users can do.

It also has a wide range of connectivity filled with various USB ports for the sole purpose of transferring audio-video and on-to-go connected devices. It provides users with accurate colors and clear cuts images that make the whole user’s experience memorable.

The features and qualities are a good way to go when it comes to attracting more buyers. It has a lot to offer its users and it has a slim bezel IPS panel that allows users the pleasure of having beautiful views, no matter what the vantage point is. It is very productive and efficient and it is one of the best affordable monitors one could buy, it has versatile connectivity, which means that users can connect it to almost all devices, like their laptops, pcs, and macs. 

It has been designed for a modern-day office, so this means professionals are definitely going to appreciate all of its features.



5. AOC Q32V3 32 inch 2K QHD monitors

It has a VA Panel, 75Hz refresh rate for casual gaming, 103% sRGB Coverage, VESA, and HDMI/DP Ports. Its design is built in such a way that allows it to look great from any angle at all. 

The images provided on this monitor are also very clear, there’s a high-density pixel count added along with the great performance and it has displays that are sure to make your images and graphics even clearer with high definition making the illusion of reality more effective.


AOC Q32V3 32 inch 2K QHD monitors

This monitor has a VA panel that provides superior consistency in color temperature, wide viewing angles, and crisp contrast to ensure excellent image reproduction, it also has a 1x HDMI 1. 4 and 1x Display Port 1. 2 port with an Earphone Out port.

This monitor is highly ideal for graphics and it provides the best workspace for intense workloads. It has great mounting options which means there’s a level of flexibility attached to it. Users can also divide their screen into parts for multitasking; this thereby improves functionality and efficiency.

This monitor is great for a lot of reasons, but the important thing to note here is that it serves its users in ways that transcend from the most basic of uses to the most advanced. There are a lot of qualities or features that have been provided to make the workload of any user extremely easy, this is why it is a good monitor because most of the things that make it good have been created with the sole purpose of making things easier on the user.



How To Choose The Right & Cheapest 1440p Monitor

Upgrading your monitor to a 1440p could be one of the best decision any user would make, and that makes it much harder to actually make a choice, especially when there’s quite a number of monitors to choose from, these 1440p monitors provide great graphics as well as accurate sharpness and responsiveness as well. 

The pixel is great and makes it even more perfect for gamers, creative’s and casual users to benefit from, when it comes to choosing the right monitor, it is important to look out for quite a few things, this will no doubt narrow down the number of monitors to make a pick from, these factors to look out for includes the screen size, the refresh or response rate and even the panel type.

Colour Accuracy

This is a great feature as it shows the ability of the monitor when it comes to the color display of objects and the precision that goes along with it, the color accuracy isn’t a necessity for all users because it depends on what your monitor is for, people like gamers might not exactly need the highest color accuracy but designers might. It is also important to note that high color accuracy might lead to a slower response time in monitors

Response Time

This is the time gap between when a user inputs a command and when the result of the command is shown to the user, the command and its input can be as basic as a click. When it comes to games that have especially high graphics, it is said that the response time increases due to the fact that they can’t make use of the adaptive sync technology to retrieve the graphics processing unit quickly.


Choosing a monitor that has a great price and great features is every user’s dreams, one very important feature to take into consideration would be the connection ports, there are three types of ports, whether it is there for audio-video transfer or for connecting speakers directly to the monitor or any other external connection at all, it is important to have what you might need as a user to avoid any future frustration or connection port hassles.

Panel Technology

There are three variants when it comes to the panel composition of monitors, there is vertical alignment, in-plane switching, and twisted nematic. It is going to be of great importance for the user to take time out to decide which of these would suit their needs perfectly; getting more information about all of them will surely help in reaching a decision. 

For the image quality to be great the contrast has to be really high and ultimately almost all users would love the great image quality. So far, it has been decided that the best image quality is provided by vertical alignment and even the in-plane switching, so users trying to purchase a 1440p monitor will have to look out for these two technologies if they want the best quality.

Cheapest 1440p Monitors FAQs

The list of cheapest 1440p monitors goes on and on, there are a lot of options to choose from, some with better features than others but all the while possessing the most basic features that users might need, these monitors makes life easier for people, whether you’re a gamer, a creative, a professional or even a casual user, 1440 monitors are usually a step up in the right direction when it comes to great and clear images.

What Is The Overall Cheapest 1440p Monitor

The overall best cheapest 1440p monitor could be a number of monitors, but based on a budget, the ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV provides a great number of features at its price range. It is also a great choice for creative’s and gamers alike, and it would serve all of their needs perfectly with its wide-ranged features and qualities.

How Much Do I Need To Buy The Cheapest 1440p Monitor

Buying the cheapest 1440p monitor comes at a price range that varies, many of the most affordable monitors that still attest to having great qualities come at a starting price of $200, you could also get other options at a lower price range.

What Is The Cheapest 1440p Monitor

The cheapest 1440p monitor based on this list is the AOC Q32V3, which goes for about 209 dollars.


There are truly a great number of monitors with 1440p resolution to choose from, when it comes to these monitors they have the ability to provide crystal clear images and precise resolution and brightness. They are a great pick for gamers, creatives and even professionals in office-type situations. When it comes to these monitors, their features and quality are sure to meet most of the user’s needs with ease and comfort. 

Il list of 1440p monitors that have been chosen is based on their affordable price and even better quality, monitors like the ASUS ProArt, the AOC Q32V3, the view sonic and the Samsung G7, all have different types of features that different people with different uses for their monitor could all choose from, and these monitors also have prices that go along with the good qualities each of them posses. 

Picking the best monitor based on a standard price tag can be quite hard, that is why finding out what features they have might help in making whatever decision you have to make quite easy. 

The screen size, the appearance, and all of its specifications can be sorted out for anyone trying to make a good decision, just keep in mind all of the features you would want in a monitor, based on what you’re using the said monitor for; and then you make a choice based on the features that will suit your needs and pocket perfectly.

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