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Can I register a Domain with Siteground?

Registering a domain or a domain name serves the sole purpose of being the location of a website, without the domain, a lot of people would have gotten go around cramming IP addresses in order to visit sites, and that is just not possible. The domain name is there to point people to the IP address, once you register a domain, it will serve as the physical form of your website’s address, this is why domains are highly essential and their registration, even more so.

can I register a domain with siteground? Siteground offers domain registration, with each of their hosting plans, you could actually register a new domain name or you could make use of an already existing domain name. You could register a new domain starting from only $15.95/year and siteground offers a lot of domain name services and this includes domain registration, domain hosting, domain transfers and others. To register a nome a dominio with siteground, you will be expected to take a look at their offers before deciding, the way domains work is that you will have the name of the website, along with a domain name extension, when you’re buying a domain name, you’re basically going to specify which server you want the domain name to point to.


Once you register your domain through a host, it allows people to be able to use their web browsers to direct them to your website. Having a domain name is important for your website and the server it’s being pointed to, a domain name gives your website a professional edge it and finding the right hosting company is equally as important as having the domain name in the first place.

The fact that siteground offers domain registration, ensures that your domain name has a shortcut to the server. Your registered domain name is what people type in to access your site, and it points the web browser to the server that stores those resources. With a hosting company like siteground to backup your website, you’re sure to get the best features that allows people to be able to access your website and also allows your page load as fast as possible.

There are different domain types which siteground offers, the domain extension you choose will be up to you and while siteground doesn’t offer free domain names for a year, they still have other services to look forward to. With siteground’s domain registration and domain registration in general, you’re practically reserving a name on the internet for yourself over a period of time and with renewals.

Domain name registrations are very important for your website or any web service at all and with every domain registration comes the choices of the name extension, an extension like .com is common and equally affordable. Siteground offers extensions like .com, .net, .org , .biz, .info, .nl. With any piano di hosting you choose, you get to register a new domain name on siteground or you could easily transfer a domain name that you were already using.

Setting Up A Domain On Siteground

If you’re going to use siteground to host your website, you will most definitely need a domain name, whether it’s a new domain name you want to registered an already existing name, the domain name is essentially to your website’s journey with siteground.

In order to register the domain name, you will have log in to to your account for the first time, there are a series of steps you’ll need to follow to choose and register your domain name, all the necessary information about this could be found on the siteground website.

To register a new domain, you will first of all have to type in the domain of your choice and press enter ,if the domain name is available, you will be allowed to register it.

You could also register an already existing domain name ,select Existing Domain Name and then type the name in so that you may be able to register it on siteground for your website.

You could also make use of temporary nomi a dominio that have been generated by siteground ,you will not be able to use it for a long time due to it’s lack of SEO value ,but it’s a great way to work on a new site while the old one is still functioning.

Verifying Domain Registration

Before you could use your newly registered domain, you have to actually verify it as a form of validation to prove that you are the owner of the new domain name, this could easily be done through your email and the process isn’t tasking at all.

The verification process through your email involves you verifying the domain registration ,you will be sent a verification link that you’re expected to click and from there ,you can review the domain contact info.

Once all the processes are complete and you have entered in all the necessary and correct details  ,you will also have to agree to the terms of the registrar, after that you will be expected click the verify button to signify the completion of the process.

The verification would be finalized within fifteen days from the receipt of the mail.

Domain Transfer Statuses Explained

Asides registering a new domain name you could also transfer a domain name that has been with a different domain registrar to siteground. This process usually takes a while to be effected, this is why siteground has a few explained transfer statuses  to keep you updated.


According to siteground, this means that your transfer has failed and your assistance would be required to restart it.

Pending owner approval

If your transfer is on pending owner approval, it just means that they need you to approve the transfer.

Pending registry approval

This means that transfer you sent has been sent to siteground’s registrar, along with an authorization code that is valid and a final confirmation is being awaited, you will also have to wait on this process.

Your order could either be declined or cancelled as well, to sort it all out, you will have to contact siteground