5 Apps to Help You Find out What Your Kids Are Texting

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Kids are mischievous human beings. They will show you they are doing the right thing until you leave. That is when you realize you are always missing something. We want our kids to stay relevant in the digital age, and that is why they have phones.

The sad thing is that they will never indeed reveal what they are doing. Kids will hide every text conversation, even if it means deleting them. As a parent, you should know better. That is why we have the five apps to help you find out what your kids are texting.

By the end, you will be viewing the results remotely without alerting the children.

Part 1: Minspy Text Messages Spying App

Being a busy parent means you have to concentrate on what matters most. So, you don’t have time to try all the monitoring apps you get on the internet after hours of researching. To cut the chase, you need apps that you can even recommend to a fellow parent.

Minspy was made for parents who want quick results using a simple setup process via the website. That is why it has received more than a million downloads in 190+ countries. There are many beneficial features of the application to utilize.

The text messages reading ability is among the numerous features. Using it, Minspy will let you know about all the sent and received messages on the kids’ phones. The SMSs will carry the contact details of those involved and the timestamps.

minispy kids

If the kids are sending MMSs, you will also retrieve the attached files. It works on Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. In the iOS realm, Minspy also uncovers the deleted iMessages. We will see why it’s possible to retrieve even the deleted ones.

Before deploying Minspy, it’s good to note that you will not need the rooting and jailbreaking tricks. In Android, you need to install the app once on the phone and then proceed to your online account.

In iPhones, everything happens online, which means there is no download or installation. What you need are the iCloud credentials of the children’s phones to continue. Since the app will use the iCloud, that is why you get even the deleted ones.

Once the setup is complete, you will not need their phone anymore. The solution will show you the results in your online account. You can read more on the best text message spy app to use on your kids on the main page.

As you get the messages, Minspy will never show its availability. It uses the stealth mode to make sure that the icon is completely hidden after the setup. Apart from no phone alteration, the kids will not be suspicious of a new app that mom/dad just installed.

The control panel, with the results in your account, always works with all browsers. That means you can log in anywhere if you are connected to the internet. The messages and other data are always protected from third-party access.

Minspy manages that by syncing the information when you log in instead of storing it.

How to Find Kids’ Text Messages Using Minspy

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the main website using your email address and a password. Proceed to choose the children’s phone OS and pay for a suiting plan.

minispy sign up page

Step 2: You will later receive an email confirming the payment. It will have all the instructions you need to set up the application quickly.

Step 3: Use the emailed link to install Minspy once on the phone for the Android case. Activate the stealth mode in the process and then finish up the installation.


Step 4: In iOS, log into your account after the email and input the iPhone’s iCloud ID. Next, select the device with the text messages and wait for the Minspy and iCloud syncing.

minispy cloud

Step 5: Get back to your account to access the dashboard with the updates.

To spy on the texts, click on ‘Messages’ and ‘iMessages’ to see what your kids are communicating.

minispy spy message

Part 2: Spyier Text Messages Spying App

Spyier is another excellent application that your kids will never discover. It will tell you all the texts that they have been sending and receiving via the official website. All you need is to install it once on the target phone for the Android case.

spyier 2021

In iOS, the iCloud credentials are enough to get everything, and that includes the deleted ones. The web portal works with all browsers. So, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to view the updates.

Part 3: Spyine Text Messages Spying App

Spyine has the stealth mode to ensure that the kids do not discover it. You can use it on Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later without any rooting or jailbreaking. That means it will leave the phone as it is while you get the SMSs in your web-based account.

spyine 2021

In your online account, you will get the messages, contact details, and the timestamps. You can check on them anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. In Android, Spyine occupies less than 2MB. In iOS, it uses iCloud.

Part 4: Find Out What Kids Are Texting with Spyic

Spyic has also been used across the globe for remote monitoring purposes. Therefore, it’s another online app that will do as it says once you use it on your kids’ phones. As you will see, there are many features on it, and one of them is the messages.

spyic kids

It also works on both Android and iOS devices without altering the phone. That is why it takes only five minutes to set it up and get the messages online. As you view the SMSs, Spyic will not be draining the phone’s battery.

Part 5: Find Out What Kids Are Texting with Neatspy

We wind up with the Neatspy solution that also gets the text messages remotely, among other things. It does not need any rooting or jailbreaking before the setup. That’s why it’s another web-based solution for parents who want to monitor both Android and iOS.

neatspy phone spy solution

After the setup, the messages, contact details, and the timestamps will be in your online account. In iOS, you will also get the deleted messages since Neatspy uses the iCloud backup to retrieve them.


Next time you need a solution to find out what kids are texting, just follow the guideline above. Apps like Minspy and the rest have proven how simple it is to get the SMSs and other data.

Speaking of other data, you can also use the options above to get the calls, contacts, and social media activities. Therefore, there will be more benefits than getting texts only.

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