Is Tubebuddy YouTube Certified?

In a world where it feels like a new app or tool is released every day, it is no shock that a few illegal ones get in the mix. A tool might aid you to get things done on a site but accessibility does not imply legality. There are quite a number of tools available to make use of on YouTube but not all are approved by YouTube.

Is Tubebuddy YouTube certified? Yes, it is. This tool is approved by YouTube and tailored to fit the platform. It is a browser extension that lays over your YouTube page, it searches for ways to improve your channel using various metrics.

Tubebuddy was launched in 2014, by developers that previously worked for YouTube. The major advantage which might be the obvious one is that the developers are in the best position to make the perfect tool for YouTube. The design of this plugin is a complete guide to creating the best YouTube video, as it aids you with the planning process, creating, editing and uploading process.

The amazing thing about this tool is YouTube certified is that it can be integrated with your YouTube account, making improvements and implementation of suggestions easy. This extension which is also a mobile app has a ton of features, these features are limited on the mobile app. Other limitations are placed on different levels of subscription plans. Let us look at some of these features.

Creating content is dependent on an idea, anyone can make a random video but as a creator, you need ideas. Tubebuddy helps you create ideas leveraging on the latest trends, suggestions in your comment section and other ways. Usually, a third-party tool is needed to create a thumbnail. As a creator, the importance of a thumbnail is easily understood as it increases the chances of your video being clicked. Tubebuddy helps to create an attractive image, it scans through your video and picks the most compelling.

Create playlists, you can organise them to increase your views especially for older videos. Using the Sunset Videos feature, you can make private videos in a playlist; you may want to remove them temporarily or completely from the playlist; you can accomplish any of these tasks in a faster and more efficient way than manually executing them.

Occasionally, you may wish to upload a video without notifying the public, so you can use the Scheduled to Publish feature to do that.

You can set a specific time for changing tags, the description of a video, changing thumbnails, and updating playlists using the Scheduled Video Update feature; it functions differently than an ad-hoc update. Using the Quick Links Menu, you can access more features and pages faster using fewer links, which is also applicable when editing and creating a playlist using the Quick-Edit Toolbar.

In truth, YouTube has become a critical part of children’s lives both as consumers and producers. In light of this development, YouTube instituted legislation to protect children. You can check if your videos were tagged for children by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act centre; this is important, especially if you did not. Knowing if your tag gets you the top place on the search list is easy when you use the Tag Rankings feature.

Other creators’ videos can be found in search results. See the number of subscribers, likes, and dislikes they have with the Search Insight feature. When using Language Analysis, you can opt for the language in which you want to translate keywords. It may be true that your video was clicked on a lot, but you can never be certain that they have to watch it all the way through.

Use the Retention Analyzer that will help you determine what kind of introduction, opening sequence will catch your viewers’ attention or not. Optimize audience retention by using end-screens, which perform best with this feature. It is possible to export comments with the Export Comment feature and identify names and words in the comment section that are important to you.

Your channel’s performance can be assessed using this information. In a health report, the goal is to determine how well your channel is performing in terms of demographics, search traffic, and other metrics.

Using Competitor Scorecard, you can look at details about your YouTube channel and compare it with rivals i.e., compare your performance to that of others. Excel is compatible with this because it can be converted into CSV format. Additionally, the Competitor Upload Alerts shows you how to stay on top of the competition. Understand what creators in the community are doing to remain on top and keep improving your content.

When your channel grows, brands will seek your help in promoting their product. Calculate the channel value of each brand, using the Channel Valuation feature. You can analyse your channel by using Channelytics. By using Click Magnet you can track metrics, improve using audience recommendations, and improve your click rate. With Brand Alert, you can be notified when new content is uploaded mentioning your brand or an article featuring your brand title.

Channel Access may be offered to your subscribers and fellow creators to see how effective your channel is. Share Tracker is one tool to watch how well your content gets shared across social networks. Are your videos even being shared? Are they spreading the word through other channels? To evaluate this, use the social monitor feature. Use this to share directly from YouTube on Twitter.

You can promote your old videos on new ones by directing users to old ones using the Vid2Vid Promotion, which will bring in new viewers.

Using Tubebuddy, your video will be aligned to the best practices checklist for each search engine keyword; the more closely your video aligns with them, the greater your viewership rate.

Related Question

How much does Tubebuddy cost? Tubebuddy has a free trail option, a Pro Plan that costs $7.20 per month and if you have less than 1,000 subscribers, this means your subscription fee will be less than $5.  The star plan costs $15.20 per month and the legend plan costs $39.20 per month.