Is Tubebuddy Worth it? Reasons Why You Need Tubebuddy

YouTube, a streaming platform prominent for amazing video content is fast becoming a source of income for all ages. With numerous content creators on the platform, getting people hooked to your channel is quite the task, to earn constantly, you need the right tools. Tubebuddy is one of those tools.

Is Tubebuddy worth it? Yes, it is. Tubebuddy is a browser extension and also a mobile app that assesses your channel and gives you suggestions tailored to your youtube channel. To make your video effective i.e., get and retain views and subscribers, you need to plan and research, Tubebuddy helps you with all that.

This extension is compatible with browsers; Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Opera. It takes productivity to another level, with this browser extension, you can get more information by leveraging YouTube metrics, it helps maximise your content.

Through this extension, a content creator is able to extract data from videos, subsequently filtering out their ranking accordingly, revealing their importance as viewed by users, and placing the most important one at the top and the least important at the bottom.

This tool gives you thorough information regarding how you can improve the visibility of your video. Asides from tips on the promotion of your video, it shows your channel’s level when compared to those in your community. Through Tubebuddy’s integration with your account, this tool provides the opportunity to see where adjustments to gain more views, can be made.

With this tool, utilisation is a gradual process, it is better to go for plans with fewer features, then over time, you can start using plans with many features, that way you can make the most out of Tubebuddy.

Let us look at a few reasons why Tubebuddy is worth it

You require content to create a video, you cannot just upload whatever content you like without presenting it in an attention-grabbing way. Using Tubebuddy provides you with the opportunity to plan any video content, it generates video ideas using other videos that are trending, hot topics.

After your channel has gained views hopefully comments and likes, it scans these videos and reminds you of video suggestions that were shared in comment sections, and helps you track future ideas.

After uploading your content, you usually receive likes or comments (dislikes too), there are channels with a lot of subscribers, and it is impossible to respond to all comments under a video. This software provides you with the option of having automated answers to certain questions. By answering questions, you can enhance an audience’s experience by increasing interaction with your channel, this a strategy to grow your channel.

Your end screen can be changed and become the default one, this is done soon as you choose an appropriate video, it is applied to the proper location of your new upload and the old ones.

YouTube subscribers love playlists especially because it makes it easier to access various content without having to spend much time navigating through the platform.

Tubebuddy recognises this, as a content creator, it helps you make use of SEO tools to create playlists that increase engagement, subscribers and attention retention of your channel.

A string of videos is another way to increase your views, to create this “string”, YouTubers are always recommending videos in videos, this increases views on old videos, Tubebuddy helps embed these videos, making them easy to assess.

Promoting your brand is no small feat, from creating a playlist, promoting your website or other content, all these can be simplified if you use this extension. Flow is achievable when you are not distracted, creating content is tasking you really do not need any extra stress with organising said content.

YouTube is a platform that takes discrimination, prejudice and other forms of bullying or social injustice seriously but in the end, it works like a robot and might not catch these things if they are coated in sarcasm or if they are subtle. Using Tubebuddy you can filter comments to remove such comments. Another interaction with subscribers features it provides is picking out a new subscriber, or a new Patreon.

 The YouTube platform is open to all ages, to protect children from adult content, there are laws put in place to automatically put videos in certain categories. As a creator you might not know which category YouTube has placed your video, this software keeps you informed as you might not want your video in certain categories.

Profiles is a marketing strategy, the right profile goes a long way in capturing the attention of any audience, Tubebuddy provides a tool to upload profiles, make them default and change previous ones easily. Use emojis to give your title a more exciting and attractive look without using third party software like photoshop.

A ton of features can be navigated easily as this tool organises them that way; create playlist, edit videos and so on. When you upload a video on YouTube it is not accessible to the public if it is not published. You can upload different videos at the same time then use this software to schedule a time for each one to be published. You can also tag certain videos in a category that makes them automatically upload to a playlist.

Content output is good but putting it out at the right time is better, this tool weighs the activity pattern on the platform and recommends the right time to upload videos. You can also update tags, description, playlists and thumbnails regularly at certain times by scheduling them.

Asides from being a content creator, you are also a YouTube user and you are probably subscribed to some channels. When you create a playlist, you might want to share some videos with your subscribers and keep some privacy. Tubebuddy makes this separation easy.

As the world evolves, rules change and certain things that were acceptable change over time, as a content creator you will want to adjust your channel to align with these changes by updating videos or deleting certain videos from playlists and so on, these adjustments are made easy with this extension.

Creating an image that captivates people is another way to gain views, thumbnails are really important as they represent (asides the title) the “packaging” of your content. Tubebuddy scans through your video and picks an image that is most likely to capture a people’s attention.

This is also applicable to putting a logo on your videos, it suggests the best location to place it then affects that change on all your videos or on as many as you want.

With these features and more, Tubebuddy is definitely worth it. We pointed out that it is also a mobile app, this mobile app does not have the same feature as the web extension because it is designed for mobile i.e., quick changes and adjustments.

Related Question

How much does a Tubebuddy plan cost?

It has three plans, each price reflecting the number of features you have access to, the higher prices indicate more features. Pro costs $7.20/month, Star costs $15.29/month and Legend costs $39.20/month.