Is Tubebuddy Pro worth it?

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The benefits of using Tubebuddy as a Paid Service. Paying for services is really the norm these days, with services like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even YouTube. To dedicate a portion of your money to a monthly fee must be justified especially when you already have services that “eat up” your money.

Is Tubebuddy Pro worth it? Yes, it is worth it. Tubebuddy does offer a free trial but it is nothing compared to getting a licence. The cost of a licence varies as there are three levels: Pro, Star and Legend. Each level is better than the previous level. The highest level offers a unique feature.

Retention Analyzer

You need to keep people watching your videos because the longer they watch your video, it grows your channel organically in the algorithm. It helps you see why people drop off your videos, you need to know where people are leaving.

Tubebuddy shows your 25 most popular videos and most recent videos, unlike the regular YouTube audience retention. Shows how videos perform at different time intervals. You can view people who made it to half, end screen, and end.

Export Comment

This is available for users with the legend license, you can export comments to a csv file which is accessible using an excel sheet.

Competitor Scorecard

You can add your competitors to your tool, you can assess daily numbers for the last 30 days. You can use this when you have a legend level license. It shows you your rank, it can show you subscribers per day, uploads per day and if they delete their video. It shows most recent uploads.

Total views and how your recent upload has performed across all channels. Lifetime shows the view to subscriber ratio, last 30 days, and recent upload. It will help you identify the new content strategies and other best subscribers.

Competitor Upload Alert

This feature is almost similar to the scorecard feature as it causes you to remain alert and educated about what different YouTubers in your community or other communities are up to so you can remain on top of things and continue to upgrade your work.

A/B Testing

This feature is only available for the Legend licence users. Also known as split or bucket testing is a feature that allows you compare two thumbnails to know which one will attract the highest views.

It can gather your click through rate data for your thumbnails, it can also run a metadata test which means a complete change of almost every aspect of the video then you run your tests. You can run these tests for as long as you want, initial results come in after four days.

Thumbnail Generator

To optimize your videos, you need an attractive “packaging”, and like every good product, the package must be aesthetically pleasing, for videos it is the title and the thumbnail. The thumbnail needs to persuade people to click on your video as it is the first thing they see. Usually, you need graphic software to generate a thumbnail but with Tubebuddy, you can easily assess this feature in the tools section during your video upload process.

End screen Template

Another way to engage our audience and increase our views on different videos is b adding an end screen. An end screen suggests playlists, recommends videos to attract viewers to a string of videos. You can create templates to “save time” and easily attach it to different videos. With higher paid options/licenses you can update all videos simultaneously.

Card Template

Improving your viewer experience is key in increasing our audience, one method to do this is using cards. Cards pop up to direct users to watch the creator is currently taking about, related content or any content you want your users to see. Cards are interactive and they can be used to display a channel, video, link, and playlist via the Tubebuddy platform.

Creating cards every time is a manual task that is time-consuming so you will need to create a template, this feature is only available for users with a license (star and legend).

Best Practices Video Audit

Validate if your videos are following the YouTube creators’ playbook guidelines with this feature. It scans your video for links, end screens and any other issues that can be found. This feature requires a Pro licence and with the star or legend you can run it automatically for a lot of your videos.

Health Report

Use this to get metrics of key stats, it gives you data for the last 30 days. It rates your current 30-day performance with your last 30-day (prior) performance. You get to know the most common search phrase that aided in the increase of your views, websites that drove traffic to your video and other videos on YouTube where video showed up under related videos.

As a creator, you might want to know which social media platform your videos are shared on the most, this feature provides that information. This report updates once daily.

You can also get your viewer retention stats; total minutes watched, videos watched average, and average view duration. This feature does not stop there as you can get the demographics of our viewers i.e. age group and gender.

You can also see what devices people use most to watch your videos, what country people watch your videos from, and where people are watching your videos from i.e., YouTube directly or other sites or platforms that have a YouTube player embedded in it.

Related Question

How much does Tubebuddy Pro cost?

There are three types of licenses, each one with a price tag where the higher the cost, the more features or assess you have to this tool. The first one is called “Pro”, it costs $7.20 and is available at a discount of less than $5 for channels with less than 1000 subscribers. The next license is the “Star” which costs $15.20 and the license with the most advanced features is called “Legend”.

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