Is Siteground a Good Hosting Company?

Siteground is hands down one of the best hosting companies in the hosting industry, they are known for their fast performance and even their fast support. Siteground is also vitally recommended as a WordPress hosting company, so anyone trying to start a blog or a website is guaranteed to be in safe hands while using siteground as their hosting company.

Is siteground a good hosting company? Siteground is a good hosting company, there are so many glowing reviews by customers about how siteground changed their website goals. Siteground is known to be one of the best hosting companies and all with good reason. There are a lot of ways that siteground has proven to be a good Company, from its excellent speed to its great customer support, there are a lot of other reasons why siteground is a good choice for websites, they take their work very seriously and the whole siteground team is committed to duly providing the best services for their clientele. Siteground offers quite a number of features that users benefit from using and although their high prices might set some people off, other people might find that the advanced features they offer are worth the price tag.


The one thing siteground prides itself on is the best work ethics any company could have, they have a great team of employees, they have different data centres around the world and they also have a lot of advanced features that are sure to make the customers really happy and impressed with the service provided.

Not only is siteground a good company, but it is also ranked as one of the best.  It has over two million domains and it has grown accordingly since its creation in 2004. Siteground is also known to be quite speedy and that is an essential quality for every single website, if the speed of your website is fast, the user will enjoy their experience and their SEO will be equally highly boosted as well. 

With every single hosting company comes a list of pros and construction that may or may not help you determine whether it is a great fit for your website, the trick is to lean towards a hosting company that has more pros than cons, with siteground, this is exactly the case: the pros of siteground definitely outweigh the cons and that goes to show that siteground is a good hosting company.

The pros and cons of siteground are a huge deciding factor as to whether or not it is a good hosting company and there are not so many cons when it comes to siteground. There are a few limitations when it comes siteground but the company still has a lot of other advantages or features that come in handy to a lot of websites and their functionality in general.

There’s so much siteground has to offer to the growth of the websites they host and that in itself is why siteground is known to be a good hosting company.

Reasons Why Siteground Is A Good Hosting Company


One reason that seems to be consistent is siteground’s speed, their servers are highly functional and are super speedy as well,  speed is one great feature that all websites want and need from their hosting company and siteground provides just that.

Siteground is known to use the Google cloud platform for all its customer’s websites and the Google cloud platform is known as one of the fastest in this industry. Speed is an essential quality, the page loading will be faster and more speed means the traffic isn’t quite tasking and slow.

Amazing customer service

This might sound like a reason that isn’t quite important but it is, not a lot of hosting companies have the best customer support team, most hosting companies have customer services that are filled with the most nonchalant employees and hence their customers lack the support and help they need.

With siteground, they have one of the best customer services and their 24/7 rule actually applies as you could create a live chat or call any of their customer service employees that will put you through any issues you have and that’s the kind of service users deserve when it comes to their hosting companies.

Different Server Locations

Siteground has a number of data centres in about three continents and these servers have the best security and they are also top-notch in all the services they provide to users all around the world as well. The closer you are to the data centre the faster your website performs. This server location could be found in the US, UK, Netherlands and a couple of other places.

Daily Backups

This is one other great feature siteground has, it helps its users by offering daily and automatic website backups and even free tools that help any migrations the users might need. With these daily backups, the users fear of losing important files are lessened and siteground is one of the hosting companies available that make this feature available to its clients.

Disadvantages of siteground

The disadvantages of siteground aren’t even remotely close to the number of advantages it has, while it is a good hosting company, that doesn’t mean it is perfect, there are a couple of things that people might see as a disadvantage and it is only fair to point those out as well.

A disadvantage might be the price, siteground is known to be quite expensive and while some users might not mind that, there are a lot of first-timers out there, looking for a hosting company with affordable pricing. Siteground offers a discount, but the renewal might take a sharp turn towards an expensive side soon after the discount or the first few monthly payments have been made.

Siteground is known to have limited storage, some users might need extra storage because the storage may not be as large as they want it. Their fixed storage might not be able to accommodate all their user’s needs and that might be a problem for some people.