Is Bluehost Shared Hosting?

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Asides from the fact that Bluehost has different hosting products to offer, it is also quite affordable and popular among a large user base. Bluehost provides great services, all of which could be found in the different types of hosting it provides to its users.

Is Bluehost Shared Hosting?

Bluehost isn’t just shared hosting, Bluehost offers shared hosting along with five other types of hosting which include, VPS, dedicated, shared WordPress, managed WordPress and Woocommerce hosting. Bluehost hosting shared hosting is an entry-level web hosting and it is usually suitable for small-scaled websites, but in any case, where the user wants a hosting service that is more suitable to his large audience, Bluehost could easily provide that in the form of one of their other types of hosting.

Shared hosting is one of bluehost’s most popular hosting, it is the most affordable and it allows users to get their websites up and running without any complications or hassles to worry about, bluehost shared hosting is perfect for blogging as well as small businesses websites.

Shared hosting works in a way that allows multiple or a lot of users share space on a server, maintained by a hosting company, in this case, bluehost. Despite the fact that bluehost offers shared hosting, there are a lot of other webhosting it provides.

With bluehost shared hosting, you get to have you website visible to the online world, and you get speed, reliability and also security. Building your website couldn’t be any easier thanks to webhosting companies.

Especially hosting companies like bluehost, who provide shared hosting for their clients. This is the best plan possible for beginners who don’t really know their left from their right in the terms of the technicality of websites, shared hosting provides even more friendliness when it comes to their features.

Bluehost provides plans that go beyond shared hosting, plans that users could use if they want to get more advanced features and if they need their website to be on a much higher scale, when you make use of shared hosting, you should keep in mind that some resources like RAM, CPU and so on, are not guaranteed for your website when it comes to specific allotment.

Categories Of Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost as a company has so many hosting options to offer clients, it doesn’t have to be limited to just shared hosting or the basics, it goes beyond that to provide the most advanced features for the most advanced clients too.

The categories of bluehost hosting, will serve as a breakdown for the types of hosting bluehost offers, all the types of hosting under bluehost are different in some ways and maybe a bit similar in some, the main similarity is that they are all good at what they were designed to do for users and their websites.

Entry Level Webhosting

This category houses shared web hosting and basic wordpress hosting, they are bothering small scale and simple hosting types but they still offer great services to users that are just starting off their website hosting experience.

The bluehost shared hosting and wordpress hosting are both separate types of hosting, but the major denominator here is that they are for users restricted by a budget and they are also for users who are just starting out and have no need for the more advanced hosting.

They both have similar features and even the price tag on it is quite similar, choosing these entry level webhosting would be a great choice of you’re new to owning a website and even new to making use of a webhosting company.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Unlike the basic wordpress hosting, the managed wordpress hosting is a more advanced type for professionals who make use of wordpress for their sites and even their businesses, it is a type of bluehost hosting that has made its mark specifically in the wordpress market.

The managed wordpress hosting takes care of the technical aspects of your wordpress site because of its advanced nature, maintaining your wordpress at this stage wouldn’t be so hard because you’ll have the assistance of managed wordpress hosting.

With this particular type of hosting, you’re bound to get higher traffic on your website because it has the ability to manage traffic, but you wouldn’t have to worry about that because managed wordpress will take care of maintenance while you focus on content creation and promotion.

Another type of hosting under the managed wordpress is Woocommerce, wordpress users who are into e-commerce fall under this category, it features pre-installed elements and it is great for people who have online stores and huge traffic as well.

Professional Hosting

This category is for virtual private server (VPS) hosting and dedicated servers, they fall under a very advanced category, and the more advanced it is, the higher it costs, it is for a professional level of hosting and it is used by a lot of bluehost users.

These hosting plans are the most advanced in bluehost and any other hosting company, they offer features for websites that are beyond standard and they are intended for people who want more server space for their website.

What Type Of Hosting Is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a hosting company that isn’t just defined by a particular hosting type, it has different hosting types that fall under its belt. Shared hosting is the most basic one and it is also quite Te popular because of its simplicity.

Bluehost offers six hosting services, all of which are reigned in by the good performance, speed, ease of use, uptime, and even the prices of bluehost. The type of hosting you choose with bluehost, highly depends on what you want your website to be.

You can always upgrade from the shared hosting to other alternatives bluehost has to offer, as long as your website is functioning to the best of its ability, you don’t have to worry much about jumping from one type of hosting to the other, you can get an upgrade when the traffic you’re getting on your site cannot be handled by your current type of hosting anymore.

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