Is Bluehost Good For WordPress?

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the industry and it offers a lot of features that have been beneficial to websites and their overall growth, Bluehost has been around for years and it still remains on the top of the list for people who want to purchase hosting services.

Is Bluehost Good For WordPress? Bluehost is one of the top three recommended web hosting services that have the backing of WordPress itself, so that alone certifies it to be good for WordPress. Bluehost offers WordPress hosting that serves websites specifically powered by WordPress, it provides a few features for WordPress users and it also protects their websites against threats or any technical issues that might affect the security of the WordPress sites they’re hosting.

The relationship between wordpress and bluehost is highly intertwined because wordpress has listed bluehost among its top three hosting providers, that seal of approval from wordpress is enough to certify the usage of bluehost by wordpress customers.

Bluehost is suitable provides webhosting packages that will fit whatever your needs are, whether it is a small website or the beginning of your wordpress blog or even migrating an official website, bluehost offers the right features that will definitely provide the help you need.

Every single bluehost  plan is designed in such a way that allows you to download wordpress with just one click, any bluehost user or customer has been provided with easy access to wordpress and the features bluehost has designed specifically for it.

One of the reasons why bluehost is good for wordpress is their long standing relationship, bluehost is known to have been supporting wordpress for a very long time and they know how wordpress works.

Bluehost is a platform that has been optimized for wordpress, that means it has the ability to provide optimal performance for wordpress sites and it has also been engineered to run wordpress at a very high peaked performance.

Bluehost is fast, reliable and it is also affordable. It provides a twenty four hours a day customer support that is known to be efficient and helpful and those are just a few reasons why it will work favourably well with wordpress.

When it comes to features like speed and uptime, bluehost has one of the highest figures in the industry, it often goes head to head with siteground which is also recommended by wordpress, so you can count on bluehost to deliver all the best features you will need

The WordPress Features Bluehost Offers

The wordpress specific features bluehost provides aren’t unlimited, but they are still quite helpful and have been reviewed to be highly functional and useful. These wordpress specific features include:

1. WordPress Integration

Bluehost is known to manage wordpress integration, it offers a lot of support for manageWP and it also provides the support with at least five websites through the most basic bluehost plan.

2. Support

Bluehost support team will be there to answer your wordpress specific questions if you happen to run into any difficulties at all, they also have a 24/7 policy that ensures that they are there whenever you need them, so rest assured that you won’t get stranded with bluehost.

3. Customized Control Panel

The cPanel is such an important feature when it comes to the users and how well they are able to work through their panel, bluehost has provided a wordpress custom control panel that has been designed with wordpress users in mind.

4. Performance

If there is one thing you’ll need with your wordpress website, it is the best performance you could get, and bluehost provides wordpress centered plans that offer a wide array of features that are helpful when it comes to improving performance.

These features include a virtual private server that allows wordpress users to have their own VPS, this means that they don’t have to share resources with other users and this is a highly beneficial service when it comes to security and most importantly, speed.

Another feature includes a kernel based virtual machine hypervisor, it isolates particular hardware resources that prevent users from affecting your own performance, it is a virtualization technology that has been provided by bluehost so that you can enjoy great performance.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans

The wordpress plans bluehost provides aren’t divided into three: Basic, plus and choice plus. The basic plan starts at $2.95 with a 36 months subscription, the plus plan starts at $5.45/month with a 36 months subscription and the Choice Plus plan starts at $5.45/month with a 36 months subscription.

There is another wordpress plan that seems to be a bit more expensive than the rest, it is fairly new and it is called the wordpress pro. The pro plan runs on a relatively high performance VPS and it also offers improved site speed.

Is Bluehost The Best For WordPress?

Overall, bluehost provides really great features for wordpress users to enjoy, but there are other options to choose from if you’re looking for a hosting company for your wordpress website.

The great thing about wordpress is that they have provided their users with a list of hosting companies to choose from, so even if you’re not a big fan of wordpress, you still have other options to choose from, options that may be better than bluehost.

When it comes to their support and speed, bluehost is doing a good job, which is why it is actually known to be good for wordpress, but their speed and support features could also be improved to give wordpress users the best services.

Bluehost is an integral part of the entire wordpress community and that makes it a good choice for wordpress, bluehost is known to have a great customer support that can be of help for any wordpress issues.

Bluehost also has the ability to troubleshoot problems that may or may not be unique to wordpress, so users can have absolute faith in bluehost as a web hosting provider to be able to solve the most mundane to the most problematic issues their wordpress may have.