Is Bluehost a Good Webhost?

The price of hosting a website on Bluehost is one of the major reasons why they have a lot of customers. Powering over two million websites on the internet but is Bluehost really good? If you are a beginner with less knowledge bout creating a website then Bluehost is absolutely the best. They have some features that will get your website up and running in few minutes. They have a standby customer support team that is always available all the time. They have good uptime and their websites loads really fast there are a lot of reasons why Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies.

Is Bluehost a good webhost? Bluehost is a good web hosting platform not just because of their cheap hosting plans. they have a lot of features that will give you amazing value for money and allow you to create a website easily. Their cPanel is easy to use and even a beginner will understand how it works without too much guidance. A lot of people trust their services hence the reason why they have a lot of websites under their belts. Their one-click WordPress installation is another reason why people use Bluehost and WordPress together. WordPress also recommends using Bluehost to host your WordPress website.

You get additional services like a free domain name and a free SSL certificate when you pay for the hosting plan. Their money back guarantee is another factor that makes a lot of new website builders use their services. If you don’t like their service you can request for your money back within the first thirty days.

Their cheapest plan cost $2.95 a month that is the discount you get if you choose the three-year annual plan. Some of their perks include the hidden charges after your annual plan expires in three years you will end up paying almost $10 monthly for their web hosting service.

Who is Bluehost Made for

Bluehost is the best if you are just starting a website or blog in a particular niche. The web hosting provider allows you build a website without too much technical difficulties. It is also an open source platform so professionals can also take advantage of that by creating a website to their taste.

They have an awesome support team and an easy to understand control panel to learning is easier and your website can be available to anyone in the world. They have a good uptime and it is a very secure platform for starting a blog or website.

They are not in the business of being the fastest web hosting company. Bluehost is running a stack up business method they keep plenty of websites in the same server and this might affect your website sometime. If there is a website with massive traffic that is stacked up in the same server with your website it might slow down your website.

They have a lot of customers and it is best of you go for their much more advanced hosting plans if you want better speed. Their shared hosting plan will still offer you decent speed at the start but you need to scale up along the line as you grow bigger.

If you want to start an eCommerce website it is best if you look at other web hosting platforms or make an extensive research before deciding. Bluehost is not the best in terms of running a huge commercial website. For that type of website, you need the best speed available and Site ground is one of the fastest.

Nonetheless, you can always try out Bluehost and in case you don’t like their services you will get your money back if you cancel your hosting plan. Like I said earlier beginners will find a lot of value using Bluehost.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plan Review

The Bluehost shared hosting plan is the most popular hosting plan that Bluehost owns. This is because its cheap and it allows you set your website up in few minutes. A lot of people go for it because you get a free domain name for one year and an SSL certificate installed on your website for free.

With the shared hosting package, you are going to share a server with other blogs and websites like yours. It, however, gets the job done at the early stages of a website but as you grow you are expected to scale it up for better speeds.

The shared hosting plan comes in at a price of $2.95 per month if you decide to pay for a three-year plan. You are also going to get additional 50GB space and that’s a lot for a new blog or website. You can also use the basic plan to run a number of websites at 5.45 per month and you will get the same features like you will get with the shared hosting plan. You will be able to access the site for 365 days it is basically a no days off plan.

If you are dedicated to growing your website or blog the shared hosting will be small if you later want to scale up your website. That is where the dedicated hosting plan comes in with the Bluehost dedicated hosting plan you are going to be able to set up a dedicated server for your website alone. This specially made for website that have a very high traffic.

The dedicated hosting is the most expensive of the bunch and it cost around $80 dollars per month. But the additional security and privacy you will be getting is worth it. You will also get more controls if you upgrade to the dedicated hosting plan.

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Is Bluehost Bad?

In some situations, yes because there is certainly nothing that is 100 percent good. One of the biggest cons of Bluehost is the hidden charges that they have. After your annual plan expires you might end up paying almost 100 percent of the amount you first paid.

Is Bluehost worth it in 2021

Yes, Bluehost is worth trying in 2021 they have very good add on that will make your website run effectively. In case you don’t like their service, you are free to cancel within the first thirty days you paid for their hosting plan and you will get your money back.