Buy Cheap iPhone 7 Clone @N50,000 With Two Month Warranty

Buy cheap iPhone 7 clone which is the talk of the town. It introduces advanced new camera systems. The best performance and battery life ever in an iPhone. Immersive stereo speakers. The brightest, most colorful iPhone display. Splash and water resistance, And it looks every bit as powerful as it is. This is iPhone 7. Its quite an awesome device with great specifications and feature, The iPhone 7 quite very expensive and only a few end up acquiring the device, You can actually buy the iPhone 7 clone for N50,000.

cheap iPhone 7 Clone

This article is mainly to enlighten iPhone lovers about the iPhone 7 clone device which looks and feel 100% like the original iPhone 7 device made by apple. The iPhone 7 clone looks and feel like the original iPhone 7 which is quite very expensive for the average iPhone lovers. Thanks to the creativity of the china phone manufacturing company which designed the iPhone 7 look-alike that actually looks so real that most people mistake the iPhone 7 clone as the real deal.

The cheap iPhone 7 clone is an Android smart phone in an iPhone 7 Body. This smartphone runs Android 6.0 Os with MTK6582 Quad Core processor but has all the physical looks of a typical iOS device.


The iPhone 7 clone is available for sale at just an affordable price tag of N50, 000, compared to the original iPhone 7 that cost a fortune of  over N500,000. I know most of you are wondering why buy a clone iPhone 7 clone? When I can buy the original. Well, the truth is if you got the money to purchase the original iPhone 7, buy it, But if you are an iPhone lover and you really need to feel among and rock the iPhone 7, kindly get the iPhone 7 clone version which has more features and functionality compared to the original iPhone 7 made by apple.

Cheap iPhone 7 Clone Specs

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I boldly told you guys this is an iPhone 7 plus clone device and not the real original device. So it is left for you guys to be interested in buying or not. Frankly speaking the truth is better than a sweet lie.

I recently got a gist about how a someone bought the iphone 7 clone for the original iphone 7, over N500,000 was wasted. The lady thought she bought the original iphone 7 instead she was sold the iphone 7 clone. I only feel sad for the lady. So i recommend when buying any device always buy from trusted phone dealers.

How To Buy The iPhone 7 Clone

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