The Impact of Business Description for Your Website

The Impact of Business Description for Your Website

Using a business description for your business is very important because it builds trust and relationship between you, your business and your customers.

Website development and design are critical processes for business success, considering today’s digital climate. For a powerful online presence – vital for business success nowadays – a great site is one of the most important ingredients, a starting point in further growth and expansion.

With your website up and running, your main objectives probably are to benefit from optimal traffic and get visitors to actually resort to your offerings.

However, how can you actually drive the trust of those accessing your online platform? How can you put the image of your brand in the best light possible? Why should users take one step further and get in contact or place an order?

An optimized business description is the type of element that shouldn’t miss from your platform. Whether it’s short and concise, or long and more explanatory, your “About US” site section needs to include relevant info on your brand.

6 Reasons to Use Business Descriptions

How can a business description actually impact your online presence? The following factors might clarify the subject for you:

1. “About Us” pages are the most visited ones

Let’s start with the most basic aspect and that is the relevance of each small business site page. Statistically speaking, About Us sections are the first or second most visited ones. When people are entering your platform, they want to learn more about your company fast, and your business description will allow them to reach a rapid conclusion.

Without optimized content, you won’t be able to maintain users’ interest or determine them to continue browsing your platform or even resort to your offerings. The lack of an About Us will prevent you from building the level of trust you want customers to have in your brand.

2. Conveying your brand philosophy easily

To turn site visitors into actual customers, you need them to identify with your brand. Conveying your brand philosophy, telling your audience what you stand for, will provide you with a leaping advantage. Users might value your business principles and resonate with the identity of your brand.

Are you mainly targeting sustainability? Organic products? Transparency? Social justice or fair trade? Think about the business principles that make you stand out, and include them in your business written content.  

Considering the competitive nature of the industry you are operating in, it’s important to use the right resources to differentiate yourself from other businesses with the same profile. Your business description should communicate a positive brand philosophy.

People are inevitably drawn to a good cause, and your “About Us” section should give visitors a reason to choose your company over another alternative.

3. Tell your story

Consumers want to know some basic information on your company before browsing your product categories, or requesting a quote for one of your services, for example. An introduction to your company’s name and profile will help them form a rapid impression.

A proper business description needs a simple, yet informative outline that tells a story:

  • Who are you?
  • Where do you operate?
  • For how long have you been in business?
  • What does your business do exactly?

These are some basic questions, and the answers should be found on your About Us page. Telling your story will bring authenticity to your brand. Whether you choose to write the description yourself, or you opt for the best writing help and leave the task in the hands of professionals, make sure to focus on telling your story.

4. Showcase what you’re passionate about

It’s not new information that consumers are drawn to passionate businesses. Your online audience will instinctively analyze your business description looking for any proof that your company actually loves what it does.

Use the About Us page to tell your audience

  • What your company is most excited about
  • What branch of work triggers the most passion
  • Why you’ve chosen this industry in the first place
  • How you plan to innovate
  • What you’d like to see in the industry in the near future.

5. Giving a glimpse of your future goals

Besides learning why you’ve entered that specific market, where you came from and the philosophy you stand for, your site visitors should also learn about the direction you are heading towards. Where do you want to go? How do you see your company in the future? What are your objectives for the next 5 or 10 years?

A business description can easily impact a reader if it contains a company’s vision of the future. With an About Us page on your site, you’re given the opportunity to express your objectives and let potential customers actually know what they can expect from you

What this will do is reassure visitors that your firm is here to stay, and you can continue covering their specific needs long-term. Whether it’s planning to open another branch in a different location, or expanding your selection of products, don’t be afraid to put your goals out in the open.

6. Persuading readers to take action

Last but not least, one of the main roles of a business description is to actually persuade your audience to take action. Conversion rates can be influenced tremendously by the quality of your description. An About us page can determine first-time site users to:

  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Make a purchase
  • Create a wishlist
  • Get in contact
  • Request a service quota

What you can do here is actually express your intent and ask readers to take action. This is your opportunity to inspire your audience to take one step further, to turn a simple website visitor into an actual customer.

Business descriptions have proven to be an essential component of a successful website. Paying attention to your About Us page, as soon as make your site available to your online audience, will help your business expand its reach.

The factors highlighted above clearly show how much a business description can actually do for your company, so you need to use it to your advantage. If you’re not confident in your writing abilities, you can simply collaborate with a specialist instead – one thing is certain, that your business description needs to be on point.