iGaming Tips: 5 Great Games People Overlook at Casinos

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If you design a casino website, you’ll obviously have to give some thought to the organising of your content; after all, a good casino website will have 100s of different games.

The logical strategy is, of course, to place the most popular games prominently on your website. It’s just common sense. These are the games that people will want to play before logging on to the casino site.

That means you are going to get slots, blackjack, and poker right at the top as those three genres dominate casinos.

However, we could also make the argument that the popularity of prominently placed games on a website becomes something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. They become – and remain – popular because they were pushed to the top in the first place.

That’s a little simplistic, of course, and we could make several counter-arguments. But the fact remains that many great games are buried somewhere within the site, and you will have to go looking for them.

Below we are going to pick out five such games, and make an argument why players should better appreciate them:

3 Card Brag

3 card brag has been around since the 18th century and is something of a forbear of modern poker games. The hands etc. are very similar to poker, with the main exception being that you have just three cards and no other draws.

You can play 3 card brag at www.casino.com, but it’s a little more difficult to find it at land-based casinos these days. The main attraction of the game is that it’s heavy on the bluffing (hence the “brag” part) and can have some aggressive betting. A must for poker fans.


In the brilliant American crime drama, The Wire, there is a storyline in season 4 where Roland Pryzbylewski (Jim True-Frost) teaches some kids about probability theories for their street dice games. Effectively, he is tutoring them on craps.

It’s a game where probability counts, but one that also requires an element of luck to win. In saying that, the house edge is lower than that of standard European roulette, coming in at 1.4%.

Video Poker

If you visit an online casino these days, you can find a live poker table and start playing with a real dealer within a matter of seconds. So, if that’s the case, why should you play old-fashioned video poker at all?

Well, it’s worth remembering that the world’s biggest and best casino resorts will have video poker games. They offer simple and retro fun, but there is also the fact that the RTP (return to player) rate is much higher than with, say, slots. Some offer large progressive jackpots, too.


Yes, baccarat is still relatively popular online, although it gets much more love in land-based casinos. On the better casino sites, you will find it available both as a live dealer game and a virtual game.

However, it still gets overshadowed by the big three tables games – roulette, poker, and blackjack. There is a lot to love about baccarat though, including a super low house edge when you play with optimal strategy by playing the banker bet. It can be as low as 1.06%.

5 Great Games People Overlook at Casinos


There is a lot of confusion around pontoon as it is sometimes gets used interchangeably for blackjack. The games are very similar, but certain differences are worth noting. For a start, pontoon has better odds when played with the best strategy.

However, there is a little more blind luck due to the fact you can’t see the dealer’s cards. It’s more popular in Australian casinos than most other places, although you can find some traditional versions online.

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