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Is Siteground Good for WordPress?

Siteground is known to be one of the best hosting companies, it also comes highly recommended by companies like Woocommerce which is a company that has slight relations with WordPress. Siteground isn’t just great because of the reasons recommendations, it has a lot of features and advantages it has to offer people that have pushed it to the top of the favourite list when it comes to hosting companies.

 Is siteground good for WordPress? Siteground is known to be great for WordPress, in fact, it comes highly recommended by WordPress itself. The hosting company is largely known to host WordPress accounts. Siteground could be used by a blogger with a WordPress account, even businesses that make use of WordPress as their website could choose siteground as their hosting company. The relationship between siteground and WordPress is long-standing and it is safe to say that WordPress users can easily fall back on siteground as their hosting company not just because it has been recommended by WordPress itself but also because siteground has a lot of features that are in sync sigh WordPress websites.


Siteground offers high performance, speed, a great customer support team, easy to use features and so much more. Siteground offers shared hosting, cloud hosting and other services to its users and it prides itself on providing the best services possible to its users.

Siteground shared hosting is the kind of hosting that would go with hosting a WordPress site, there are three shared hosting plans to choose from and 3ach of them have their own separate features to bring to the table. WordPress accounts go hand in hand with the kind of siteground shared hosting plan you would decide to choose, it is important to note that whatever plan you choose will have all the features necessary to grow your WordPress website the way you need it to.

Siteground is as good as it gets when it comes to choosing a hosting company for your WordPress site, there are a lot of other hosting companies to choose from that are easily WordPress approved as well, but siteground stands out in a lot of ways that makes it one of the best hosting companies to use as a host for your WordPress website.

Another siteground hosting plan that works well with WordPress is the cloud hosting plan. There are a lot of features and advanced features to look out for with this hosting plan, it provides a little bit more for websites that are larger and expect advanced features. The shared hosting plan and the cloud hosting plan all have different features to offer WordPress and it’s all up to you to decide which plan best suits the needs of your website.

Reasons Why Siteground Is Good For WordPress

There are so many reasons why siteground is one of the best when it comes to your wordpress website and these reasons have been sure to improve the growth of wordpress websites all around the world, they include :

Recommended by WordPress

The fact that siteground is one of the top ten hosting companies recommended by wordpress says a lot about how good it is. It has been listed as one of wordpress’s hosting providers and it also received glowing reviews from wordpress users as well.   Siteground goes beyond just a recommendation, it also makes sure it serves wordpress users well.

Easy User Interface

Another great reason why siteground is good for wordpress is the fact that it is easy to use and it accommodates just about any wordpress user. siteground has a cPanel interface that makes it easy for users to access their files and it’s also easy and useful when it comes to increasing the page loading speed of your website.

Great website management

Siteground is an all hands on deck kind of website, it doesn’t just host a WordPress website without offering services that are useful. Siteground provides auto backups that ensure that your site is always backed up. The WordPress user doesn’t have to worry about constantly trying to protect all its files because siteground already has that part covered.

The best customer support

This is one reason why every WordPress website that has chosen siteground enjoy it. The siteground customer team are there at any time to offer support to the website users. They are skilled and they also respond as quickly as possible, they also make sure to see the user through any issue they might have and a lot of users attest to the effectiveness of the team.


This is an essential reason why people choose siteground hosting for their WordPress sites. Siteground has a free migratory plugin that makes it easier to transfer your WordPress account. The steps and processes are quite easy to follow and moving from a WordPress site to another host aren’t as complicated.

Siteground Features For WordPress

There are some features that siteground has that exclusively covers wordpress sites, these features could include

A WordPress super cacher – With the super cacher, the WordPress site loads faster because the super cacher caches your website on different levels, therefore providing speed.

WordPress staging – this feature isn’t complicated in any way whatsoever and all it requires is a click.  With one click, you can create a staged version of your website. Through this feature, the user could edit their websites and then move all their new changes to the actual website when they’re done.

WordPress git installation – with siteground, you get a free git installation, git is a great way for websites to be even more developed and siteground has pre-installed git installation on their servers, making it easier for WordPress users to get their hands on it.

Easy WordPress installation – if you’re looking for a hosting company that makes it super easy to install WordPress, it would be siteground. With siteground, you could install your WordPress with just a fear click and nothing more.

Shared Hosting Plans For WordPress

The pricing plan for wordpress goes from the shared hosting plan to the cloud hosting plan, the shares hosting plan includes the –

  • Startup plan
  • GrowBig Plan
  • GoGeek plan