How does Tubebuddy Work?

When you get a new app or tool but you do not know how to use it, there is no fun in that. It is one thing to have a tool and it is another to understand how to maximise it to give you the best results. YouTube is an amazing platform that also gives you the chance to earn and understanding how to use tools to improve your channel is important.

How does Tubebuddy work? It is a browser extension that integrates with your YouTube account, making planning and executing your video contents easy. It has so many features to aid with your productivity as a content creator.

 A few features will be reviewed in this article. View and Copy Video Tags, this feature is a competitor checklist as you can look at other YouTubers in your community to check out what they are tagging their content with, this is a promotion technique that will increase the visibility of your videos. Increasing your views is dependent on the right tags.

Once you have your content ready, it is a good step, you are almost ready, publishing at the right time is a great step. Publish at peak times (i.e., times when you can people’s attention), Best Time to Publish feature, have a higher number of people viewing your content as said time, this is not restricted to video uploads as it also helps with live streams.

As a YouTuber, milestones matter, they serve as progress trackers. When Youtube metrics begin to show your channel’s progress, you might want to share these numbers with your subscribers, fellow Youtubers or your social media crew, Tubebuddy makes this possible through the Channel Access feature.

Everyone loves giveaways, the collectors more than the givers but that is not the point, content creators promote their channel via various medium and giving free thing is a very popular and much appreciated one. Pick a Winner feature makes selecting a random subscriber easily. This feature is also applicable to your social media.

Promotion Materials feature shares your content with your various social media accounts. If you have a website or blog, you can link your content to it. Publish Facebook is still a social media sharing tool. Other social media sharing tools; Share Tracker feature serves as a social media monitor, keeping track on how many times your content is being shared; Share on Twitter, with an easy click.

Vid2Vid Promotion features promote old and new videos. Ideas are rarely gotten out of thin air but are most often gotten from others, so it is no surprise that YouTubers might give a shoutout to other channels. When this happens the Brand Alert feature will notify you.

Protect your data, prevent loss with Channel Backup to keep a copy of your data which can be converted to an excel spreadsheet. Your channel’s growth does not just make you feel good or increase your ad sense earnings, it also attracts brand to give you a paid promotion contract. The Channel Valuation calculates your channel’s worth, this gives you an idea of how much you should charge brands.

Channelytics analyses your channel in comparison with other channels. Click Magnet attracts an audience by increasing the number of clicks, this increases your channel’s metrics and subscriber’s suggestions. Get a quick visual representation of your feedback from content you upload with the Comment Cloud feature.

This feature gives you an idea of the conversations going on in the comment section of your content, it clearly represents the most common comment then others are smaller with the insignificant ones fading to the background in the cloud drawing. With the Competitor Scorecard feature, you get to compare your channel with other channels; number of subscribers, level of engagement, uploads, and views.

There is also the Competitor Upload Alerts, know what type of content, creators in the community are uploading to keep improving your content.

Export Comment feature, allows creators to filter out certain words in the comment section and look out for top YouTubers that comment on your videos. This will help you grasp the level of your channel’s performance.

Health report, gives you a detailed representation of your channel’s performance, clearly indicating poor strategies that are reducing your channel’s value or not adding value. The Language Analysis feature helps you choose the language you prefer to translate your keywords into. 

We all know that clicking or even watching YouTube rewards videos that are watched till the end. When you watch a video, you might get bored or see a more attractive video in the suggested videos corner, then you switch to another video. As a creator, you do not just want people to click on your videos, you want them to watch till the end as this increases your revenue.

Retention Analyzer Helps make this happen, it suggests captivating introductions, opening sequences that will make viewers stay. This could sometimes mean having great end screens and this feature will guide you.

Search Insights feature gives you details about other creator’s videos in the search result. These details include; subscribers, likes and dislikes. This feature also shows you the health of other channels, pointing out good or bad strategies. These are just a few features and getting all of them plus more is dependent on the type of licence you have i.e., subscription plan. Every user (channel) has access to only one licence regardless of the level of the plan.

The subscription plans are; the Pro Plan that costs $7.20/month, it gives you access to a few SEO tools, productivity tools and there is a bigger keyword library in comparison to the free trial version. If you have less than 1,000 subscribers, there is a discount and your fee will be less than $5. For Star Plan, you will be charged $15.20/month. With this, you have access to all SEO tools, all bulk processing tools and this helps speed up automation.

The final plan is Legend Plan, which costs $39.20/month. You have every feature previously mentioned plus the advanced Video A/B testing feature which means you compare different thumbnails, titles and so many things to create the best quality content. This plan includes the Auto-translator.

Related Question

What is the Tubebuddy Mobile App Like?

The mobile app has an easy-to-use interface, it free but restricts the number of features you have access to except you go for the unlimited plan that costs $2.99. It is however preferable to obtain a license i.e., a paid subscription on the web platform as the mobile app will be free.

Features on the mobile app are not identical to the web platform as the former caters to only on-the-go needs (simple changes). The mobile app is available on IOS 10.3 & above (iPad is not included) and Android (minimum 6.0 version).