Best 2 in 1 Laptops Under $400 – The Ultimate Guide in 2022

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The best 2 in 1 laptops under $400 are an excellent choice for people with a budget range, most convertible laptops are high end and in turn, they might be more expensive. These laptops are good for a variety of reasons; hence, it is very important that people are able to find the best 2 in 1 laptops that still match their estimated price range. 

2 in 1 laptops are generally known for their lightweight, portability, and their ability to provide you with a laptop and a tablet. Having two devices in one is very good in more ways than one, they give you access to the power of a traditional laptop all the while giving you the portability of a tablet. 

They are in fact cheaper than owning a separate laptop and a separate tablet, which makes it a very cost-friendly option for buyers like business-oriented people as well as students.

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The best 2 in 1 laptop under $400 that seems to stand out is the ASUS Vivobook Flip, it is a good convertible laptop that performs tasks in the most top tier way possible, it is said to be an all-round capable convertible laptop, the build of the VivoBook flip is adequate. 

It has useful ports and the battery life is calculated to be around ten hours and though it doesn’t have the same state-of-the-art features that pricier two-in-one laptops have,it still is very reliable and a great fit for people who value performance over any other thing.

2 in 1 laptops belong to a very broad product category, which is why you’ll need to clearly determine the kind of 2 in 1 laptop you’d like, whether it’s with a budget or not. Their ability to rotate, fold or slide makes them more user-worthy. 

The best 2 in 1 laptops under $400 are no strangers to the same basic features the more expensive versions have, these 2 in 1 laptops are more budget-friendly, but that doesn’t necessarily affect the quality of the products. 2 in 1 laptops are a great way to save buyers some money, they are generally cheaper than tablets and laptops, and they are light all the while maintaining a sturdy feel. 

These two in one laptops allow a lot of flexibility as well as functionality by allowing users the ability to combine both devices in one.

The best 2 in 1 laptops under 400 dollars are very essential for people who want the best, without digging holes in their pockets, with the use of these two in one laptops, buyers are given their money’s worth, they get to have the best of both worlds without necessarily breaking their banks.

Businessmen and women can take their work with them anywhere or wherever, the benefits of a two-in-one laptop also transcend the battery life, they also edit really well, they have amazing sound and most importantly, they save money.

When it comes to the best 2 in 1 laptops under $400 are quite popular and are at a very high advantage of combining both laptops and tablets, they are light, they have a touch screen that offers an array of uses that traditional laptops do not have, and they provide a certain comfort for users than traditional laptops don’t provide. 

The screen varies in inches and is perfect for whatever function the buyer has in mind, whether it’s business, school, and even artistic purposes. The 2 in 1 laptops exist for users who need a certain level of functionality at affordable prices. The features of the 2 in 1 laptops under 400 dollars go right along with the other 2 in 1 laptops when it comes to their features.

From the screen size to the central processing unit, the RAM, and so on, all of these are necessary when it comes to choosing a 2 in 1 laptop, the price is very important when it comes to a selected budget or price range. 

2 in1 laptops are known for their innovative look and ability to perform effectively, which is why there are so many hybrid laptops that are super expensive, but there are also a lot of 2 in 1 laptops that are budget-friendly and still as effective.

5 Best 2 in 1 Laptops Under $400 in 2021

The ever-dynamic world of 2 in 1 laptops has improved over the years, 2 in 1 laptops are changing the landscape of computing with their continuous advancement in technology that lets users enjoy the best of two worlds. 

The increased flexibility of hybrid laptops draws users even closer, many professionals and students want to buy laptops of this category, and the ability for one device to act as two is the selling point. They are easy and simple to move around with, they also offer advantages that more traditional laptops can’t possibly offer. 

They also have a lot of options for people that are restricted by a certain budget or price range, which is why there are quite of a number of 2 in 1 laptops that maintain great quality, under $400. All of which are, but not limited to the following;

1. ASUS VivoBook Flip 14

The ASUS Vivobook Flip 14 is one of the best 2 in 1 laptops under 400 dollars, it has a lot of qualities for a convertible laptop, it delivers very good performance and it is known as an all-round capable convertible, it is powered by AMD. 

The build is adequate, although it isn’t as excellent as other alternatives, it has all the useful ports and the battery life is calculated to be around an estimated 10 hours. It is a slick and compact convertible that offers the right construction and design.

Best Overall

ASUS VivoBook Flip 14

The ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 is a great choice when it comes to flexibility, productivity and even storage. It is the best 2 in 1 laptop under $400 and it doesn’t hold back on specs and capabilities. It has the ability to multitask and run everyday programs efficiently and diligently. It has a speedy storage which most people would appreciate and it also has WI-FI 6 and Bluetooth.

The chassis is made of plastic, but it doesn’t feel or look cheap, it has a light weight of about 3.31 pounds and the color is a nice black color that almost looks a bit darker, its lightweight and flexibility make it easy to carry around. 

The physical shape is supported by very important design features, one of which, is the hinges; they allow users to fold the laptop screen all the way back into tablet mode or stop at any point right in between. The design of this laptop is on the hybrid side, hence its added versatility for different uses. 

Another feature that is hinge-related using the Asus Ergo Lift hinge means the bottom of the lid lifts the keyboard deck off the desk as you open the screen. This in turn allows a slight inclination for the keyboard resulting in an even more comfortable typing. 

The device all the ports a user could ask for, the left side has one USB 2.0 port, while the right side has a 3.0 Type-A port, a USB Type-C port, a full six HDMI output, and a microSD card slot. The device also has an AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor with AMD Radeon Graphics.



2. HP Pavilion X360

The HP Pavilion X360 is said to be one of the best 2 in 1 laptops under $400, it comes in different varieties, this particular model might have a smaller display size and lower specifications because of its price range, but it still boasts of great qualifications, it is has a lot of versatility and its perfect for moving around with ease and simplicity.

This laptop serves people from different spheres of life, it has proven to be useful for those who want to use it as a tablet because of its 11.6-inch screen, this inevitably means holding the device in your hand is a lot easier. 

When it comes to students who want to use the HP pavilion, it remains an excellent choice as the processor provides excellent performance and it makes the device suitable for students and creative types who want an effortless performance on their low ranging tasks or work. 

It is one of the best 2 in 1 laptops under this price range that offers a more conventional hard disk drive storage, asides that, it has the same 4GB RAM that all other 2 in 1 laptops of the same price range have. Like all 2 in 1 laptops, it has a certain level of portability that conventional or traditional laptops don’t have, it has a lightweight and it is slim.


HP Pavilion X360

The HP Pavilion X360 is powered by a Intel Quad Pentium N3710 processor, which is highly proficient and efficient. The clock speed of this processor is 1.6GHz. The RAM of this device is at 4GB for an overall better performance and a storage space of 500GB that allows users store all their documents.

It also has a battery that has been calculated to last for 8.5 hours, which makes it even more suitable and reliable for people who would like to move around with it. The HP Pavilion is surely one of the best 2 in 1 laptops, especially under 400; it is small and has standard features that can match whatever the buyer is looking for. 

It also has special features like its simultaneous pen and touch, Users can log in with just a touch, it has every port you might need, it has a three-sided micro-edge display and it’s definitely designed to go the distance.

There’s a wide range of reasons why this device would be perfect for anyone looking to buy a 2 in 1 laptop under 400 dollars, it offers a lot of qualities that let you get the job done at any time and anywhere, it is flexible as a tent or even in reverse. 

It lets you get the keyboard out of the way for a little chill time and with the tablet, working is way easier and smoother. It is a convertible laptop that is suitable for mainstream use and its attractive design and all-around flexibility make it even better.



3. Lenovo 300e Flagship

The Lenovo 300e flagship is a flexible convertible thanks to its durable 360-degree hinges; it can be used in different modes depending on the environment. 

This is another device that is conducive to a learning environment; this laptop is good for taking notes or marking up notes. The presentation and tent mode is perfect when it comes to focusing or even group work. The Lenovo 300e is known for its strength and durability and the keyboard is also exceptional.

Also Good

Lenovo 300e Flagship

The Lenovo 300e Flagship has unique features like its good battery and portable lightweight; it uses an Intel Celeron N3450 processor and a windows 10 operating system. The battery is said to last for about 8hours, it has a 64GB Emmc, and it has an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, and two USB 2.0 ports that allow users to connect multiple devices.

Like other 2 in 1 laptops, you could use it as a laptop or fold it in form of a tablet. It is functional and has a design that has a basic touch screen and an efficient keyboard that allows anyone works easily anywhere. The fact that it runs on a windows 10 operating system means that the users have access to office templates and other presentation quirks; it also has a webcam that is efficient for video use when connecting with other people.

This device is functional and exceptionally built to withstand tough standing situations and everyday life for students and even office workers; it is speedy and allows a certain amount of flexibility for on-the-go purposes. The battery life is another expendable reason to purchase this device, with a long-lasting battery, its use in public is safeguarded and efficient.



4. Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E-G3

The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E- G3 is a Lenovo model is known for its good, extended battery life, it enables users to use the device throughout the day. Its specifications allow people to carry out fundamental tasks, tasks such as creating documents, browsing the internet. 

This device is specially designed for students, this means it has apps that are integrated for that very purpose and it is also has preinstalled educational software. The unique features include a rugged construction that has a rubber bumper around the top cover, which absorbs the force of side bumps. 

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E-G3

The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E-G3’s processor is the Intel N3160 Quad-Core 1.6GHz with 4GB DDR3 and the storage space is 128GB SSD, built for school use, this makes it a perfect choice for students, and an additional quality is its long lasting battery that is an advantage for students who decide to use it.

The corners of this device are fifty percent stronger and that reduces any potential risk of damage if it is dropped. It is thin, light, quiet, and very versatile. The built-in processor gives it an extra push by allowing it the ability to have extra productivity, creativity, and entertainment. 

This device aligns with every aspect of performance and durability; it also has thermal management features which reduce its power consumption. The operating system is a window 10 and it also has HD 400 graphics and a 720p webcam. 

The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga is a tough convertible hybrid laptop built to withstand the rigorousness of school life. It has scratch-resistant glass, a rugged build, and even reinforced hinges.

This device is an amazing fit for anyone looking for a model that isn’t as fragile as others; its durability is perfect for school use. The Lenovo ThinkPad yoga has a dark gray finish that heavily defines the ThinkPad line. The keyboard is well-spaced and that allows users to have a very comfortable typing experience. 

The touchpad is also comfortable as it provides accurate cursor movement and smooth pinch, zoom, and swipe gesture control. This Lenovo model is useful for people who need a laptop that can stand up to the rigorousness of school work and life. It delivers a long battery life and a full HD display.



5. Asus Chromebook C100PA-DB01

The Asus C100PA-DB01 is a 2 in 1 laptop that goes perfectly with a budget; it works on a chrome operating system, which makes it all the more reliable with specifications that are good. This model is a laptop that performs basic computing jobs.

This makes it even more suitable to hold on to, the display is covered by edge-to-edge plastic, overall the and feel of this device suggests a higher price than the one it is at. The unique features of this device include a metal exterior with a well-improved sturdiness, it isn’t flimsy or even creaky, and instead, it has a more robust nature that makes it even steadier. 


Asus Chromebook C100PA-DB01

The ASUS Chromebook has 10.1 inches of touch screen display, and its processor is a rockchip 3288-C Quad Core 1.8 GHz processor with 2GB RAM and a storage capacity of 16GB. The Asus is one of the smallest Chromebooks with its screen size of 10.1 inches and a weight of just 874 grams, the power adapter is 100 grams, making its entire weight about 2.15lbs.

The hinges of this device do a good job of holding the display firmly in place when typing. The keyboard can be disabled while facing outward in tablet form, other forms like stand and tent mode are also possible. 

It has a built-in 10 finger touch screen, it can be flipped over from 0 to 360 degrees making it even more comfortable to use. The number of USB 3.0 Ports is two and the battery life lasts for about 11 hours.

This device is a good choice for anyone in the market for a 2 in 1 laptop, not only is it affordable, but it also has features that make it seem like it could be one of its more expensive counterparts. Its lightweight and flexibility make it even more user-friendly and it could be used by just anyone.

  The flexible 360-degree hinge also allows the use of different modes like the tablet mode of the stand mode or even the laptop mode; this increases its functionality and proves that it has so much strength in its design.



How to Choose the Right 2 in 1 Laptop under $400

When choosing the best 2 in 1 laptop under $400, there’s a wide variety and list of alternatives to choose from, these days 2 in 1 laptops have proven useful to people who like to perform everyday tasks simply and with ease, it has come in handy for business-minded people and even students who want to surf the internet, store files, watch movies and even play games. 

The best 2 in 1 laptops under 400 dollars are as sufficient and reliable as their other counterparts, some of the devices may be low in price but they are still very functional.

Choosing the best 2 in 1 laptop under $400 goes hand in hand with how one would pick any other laptop or device. The features you’re looking for in 2 in 1 laptops play a huge role in deciding at the end of the day. Some features to look out for include: the processor, the operating system, the screen size, hinge mechanism, and last but not least, the price.


The best two in one laptops are now more affordable, they also have the best processors in order to keep up their efficiency and functionality. The processor, also known as the CPU does a lot for the laptop, by getting a 2 in 1 laptop with a good processor, the laptop is able to think and work faster, hence making the speed better. 

A very good processor type is an Intel processor, when choosing a 2 in 1 laptop, it is best you stay away from a lower-end Intel Celeron processor. There are a lot of 2 in 1 laptops that have extremely good processors, even when there’s a budget. The processor affects the performance, and that has to be kept in mind when choosing the best 2 in 1 laptop under $400.

Operating System

A lot of operating systems provide the functionality of the best 2 in 1 laptops, the top operating systems to look out for are windows operating systems or chrome, along with the processor; they do a good job running the entire laptop. 

Features like the operating system play a key role in how reliable the 2 in 1 laptop works, when picking the best 2 in 1 laptop under \$400, it is important to note the type of operating system it has, it is also essential to decide what kind of operating system aligns with what you want in a 2 in 1 laptop, for example, the windows operating system comes with preinstalled Microsoft word and other software that people find helpful in their day to day lives.

Hinge Mechanism

The hinge mechanism affects how portable and flexible the 2 in 1 laptop is, the buyer would have to decide whether to go for a detachable or a 360-degree hinge, not all hinge mechanisms are the same, what anyone would want to look for is ease. 

With the 360 degrees hinge, the user would be able to flex the screen, flip it back. Another thing to consider is the ability to convert the 2 in 1 laptop into different modes, either a tablet mode or a tent mode; any option is very significant to how flexible you expect your 2 in 1 laptop under 400 dollars to be.


This is a very essential feature to look for before choosing your 2 in 1 laptop, the battery power is very important, no all batteries have the same time limit, and some last longer than others, which is why it is important to take note of the battery type and effect before making a purchase. 

Some people would like to use their 2 in 1 laptops in school or on the go without any power source, for people, it is important to get 2 in 1 laptops that have long-lasting battery life, and there are a lot of 2 in 1 laptops under $400 that have exactly that.

FAQs: Best 2 in 1 Laptops under $400

This FAQ outlines criteria for finding the best 2 in 1 laptops under 400 dollars, the cost can be weighed as well as the features it provides.

What is the Overall Best 2 in 1 Laptop under $400?

The overall best 2 in 1 laptop under 400 dollars is the Asus Vivobook Flip 14, it is a highly recommended 2 in 1 laptop, it has a processor that has proven to be very functional, and it is cheaper than most 2 in 1 laptops while still being functional and reliable.

How Much Do You Need to Buy The Best 2 in 1 Laptop under $400?

The best 2 in 1 laptop could be found from a price range of $399 to $449.

What is the Cheapest 2 in 1 Laptop under $400?

The cheapest 2 in 1 laptop under $400 is the ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 which goes for $179.


The best 2 in 1 laptops aren’t essentially the best in the market, but they are powerful enough to surpass daily activities, especially when it comes to school and office activities. They are easy to care and the batteries last for an extended period of time with a power outlet. They are portable and flexible and they essentially allow levels of functionality to the lives of their users. 

The best 2 in 1 laptops under 400 come with features that almost match the features of more expensive versions; they are strong, durable, and carry out various tasks that expensive 2 in 1 laptops can carry out. They add a layer of versatility, whether they are in a tablet mode or traditional laptop mode, it is important to note that the smaller the laptop is, the easier it is to use it in a tablet mode. 

Choosing the best 2 in 1 laptops under 400 doesn’t mean only the price should be considered, the features should be taken into consideration in order for you to get your money’s worth. All 2 in 1 laptops are of great advantage as long as they have excellent features that ensure their smooth running, flexibility, and functionality.

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