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7 Best 360 Photo Booth Rental Services in 2023

Are you an event planner or photographer Interested in making extra money passively? Then starting a 360 photo booth rental service is a good idea.

Modern photo booths are increasingly becoming popular and are not available everywhere.

Menggunakan 360 Photo booth at events and parties creates unique moments. It is fun to use, and it will be a way to make extra bucks for yourself.

This blog post will explain why you should start a 360 photo booth leasing service

What is a 360 Photo Booth Rental Service?

360 photo booth rental services are becoming increasingly popular and offer a unique, interactive photo experience that the whole party can enjoy.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or just for fun and laughs, these photo booths provide customers with a way to get creative and capture memories for posterity.

1. Digital Orbit 360

Best Choice
Digital Orbit 360

Digital Orbit 360 booth rental is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

They can travel up to 50 miles with their booth for only $50 extra. They charge $250 per hour, and every event has a maximum of two hours.

The photo booth also offers HD video content and slow-motion effects. There are fun photo props, professional lighting, and stanchions to block queues.

Instant sharing via email or Airdrop ensures that your guests will instantly get the photos they’ve taken and share them on media sosial platforms.

With access to unlimited videos and to zoom intro, giving them the best video title during your rental period, They offer business continuity features.

2. 360 Photo Booth Experts

Best Value
360 Photo Booth Experts

360 Video Booth Experts bring the fun with their high-quality 360 photo booth.

It’s not just a 360 photo booth but a complete brand experience for your guests.

You can customize your photo booth to fit the looks of your event, allowing you to select props and backdrops.

They offer plenty of options, with slow-motion videos that will look crisp because of their several backdrops.

They also offer a unique URL, which allows guests to download all videos taken at the event. You can also share on major media sosial sites and add zoom background soundtracks.

Their booths are compact; they fit into small spaces. They charge only $200 per hour, making it easy on your pocket. Their booths are perfect for corporate events or events involving champagne bottles.

3. Prestige360

Premium Option

Prestige360 offers one of the top 360 photo booth rent services in Austin, Texas.

They offer three packages – Silver, Gold, and Black Prestige – designed to engage you and your guests, providing an unforgettable experience.

When renting from Prestige360, They provide unlimited photos and videos within your timeframe. You also get partial screen overlays and custom branding inside the booth. There are slow-motion video options in their booths.

Each package includes one or two experienced attendants who can mount and guide users to use it. Each booking session is only for two hours, and you pay between $200 to $400.

4. CEGInteractive

Runner Up

CEGinteractive is a 360 photo booth lease company based in San Diego.

Their booths are customizable and loaded with features that give you fantastic video moments.

You get an online video photo gallery so your attendees can download their photos or videos to their phones.

Each package has a professional attendant who will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Add a more personal touch by adding custom video branding to your photos and videos.

Other services include royalty-free music, an online gallery, custom edits, and media sosial sharing station. You also enjoy slow-motion and zoom-enhanced digital branding.

Your guest can also print out their pictures instantly if they want. Just ensure internet availability, and the video experience will be top-notch.

5. Rotating Memories

Hidden Gem
Rotating Memories

Rotating Memories is the top video booth rental company in Charlotte/Huntersville.

They have several digital photo booth options, from traditional booths to innovative stalls for your occasions and events.

Their 360 Video Spin Booth will revolutionize your event with its effects. The booths have slow-motion and enhanced digital branding.

It offers exceptional quality images, and they have an advanced sharing program for maximum media sosial sharing.

6. WillPartyRental

Hidden Gem

The WillPartyRental has different rental plans to take your events to another level.

They are among the top booth rental companies in New York.

They offer different rental packages starting at $450 up to $1000.

You’ll also get a variety of overlays that will help make your photos and videos stand out.

There is also a TV display in one of their packages, so you can quickly review images immediately after taking them.

They have backdrops in stock, and the full screen of the TV allows guests to watch their videos live.

7. 360JamCam

Hidden Gem

The 360JamCam is an option for photo booth rentals in Hampton Roads.

Their Mirror Me Photo Booth takes group selfies to the next level, taking you beyond traditional booths with touch screens and custom graphics.

You can also use the iPad Pro with its unique technology built for creating memorable moments.

Make sure you have internet equipped for the best video experience. They also have super sweet add-ons for customers, like creating zoom intro and outro videos.

Are photo booths rentals profitable?

Yes, they are, there is a demand for the service currently, and you can jump on the trend and make money.

You must ensure maximum uptime on your booth and build something custom for a great video experience.


360 photo booth rental is becoming increasingly popular for events and parties. They provide a unique experience for which people are willing to pay.