How To Share Your TikTok Videos to Instagram Story (2022)

If you’re one of the billions of people using TikTok, you may be wondering how to share your TikTok videos to Instagram Story. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it in 2022.

It’s easy to share your favorite TikTok videos with your friends on Instagram. Just read this guide carefully and you will be able to do it.

Introduction: Social media platforms are constantly changing

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media app where users can share short videos of themselves. The app is especially popular with younger users and has been downloaded over 2 billion times. TikTok allows users to create and share 15-second videos, with various editing tools and effects.

The app also has a duet feature, which allows two users to record a video together. TikTok has become popular for its creative content, often involving lip-syncing or dancing.

Creating a Video: Tips For Creating a Great Video to Share.

If you’re looking to share your TikToks with your Instagram followers, you’re in luck. Here are some tips for creating a great video to share:

1. Keep it short and sweet. TikTok videos are meant to be short and entertaining, so make sure your video is under 60 seconds.

2. Use creative filters and effects. TikTok has a variety of filters and effects that you can use to make your video stand out.

3. Use catchy music. One of the best parts about TikTok is the wide selection of music to choose from. Pick a song that will get your viewers moving and grooving.

4. Be creative with your editing. There are tons of editing features on TikTok that you can use to make your video unique. Have fun with it!

5. Be yourself!

Pros and Cons: What to Consider Before Sharing

TikTok has been one of the hottest social media platforms in recent years. With its quick-paced videos and engaging content, it’s no wonder that people are spending more time on the app than ever before.

But what if you want to share your favorite TikToks with your friends on Instagram? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of sharing TikTok to Instagram Story.


-You can reach a wider audience by sharing TikToks on Instagram Stories.

-People who don’t have TikTok can still see the videos you’re sharing.

-It’s a great way to connect with friends who are also on TikTok.


-The quality of the video may suffer when you share it to Instagram Story.

-The video will be cropped and may be more difficult to watch.

-The sound quality of the videos may not be as good.

Why You Should Share a TikTok to Your Instagram Story

In today’s social media-obsessed world, sharing content across platforms is key to growing your following and expanding your reach. That’s why sharing a TikTok to your Instagram story is a great way to get more eyes on your content and attract new followers.

When you share a TikTok to your Instagram story, your followers can watch the video without having to leave the app. This makes it more likely that they’ll watch the video and helps you avoid losing potential viewers.

Plus, sharing TikToks on your Instagram story helps you tap into the massive TikTok user base – which is currently over 800 million active monthly users! By sharing TikToks on your Instagram story, you’re increasing the chances that one of those 800 million users will see your content and follow you.

How To Share Your TikTok Videos to Instagram Story

It’s easy to share TikToks to your Instagram story! Here’s how:

1. Tap the share button on the TikTok you want to share.

2. Select “Share to..” and then choose “Instagram.”

3. You’ll be taken to your Instagram app, where you can edit your story before sharing it.

4. When you’re ready, tap “Share.”

That’s it! Now your friends can see the hilarious TikTok you just saw in your Instagram story.


In conclusion, sharing a TikTok to your Instagram story is a great way to engage with your followers and increase your reach.

A recap; to do this, simply go to the TikTok app, find the video you want to share, and click the “share” button. Then, select “share to Instagram story” and voila! You’ve successfully shared a TikTok to your Instagram story.