How To Register A PayPal Account

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You want to know more about PayPal before you register with them? Read this post What is PayPal?

Register A PayPal Account

After reading my What is PayPal article, i’m sure you want to have your own Paypal account, of course, it is possible. PayPal accounts can be owned by and individual or a business, so if you are an individual like me, you can register and own a Paypal account, if you are a business man or woman and you want your company or business to get out of the stone ages and join the 21st century by having a Paypal account, it is also possible.

To register or Sign Up for a PayPal account, Click HERE

pp reg1 (2)

Select your Country, don’t forget this 1st step. I’m from Nigeria, so that’s why you see Nigeria, PayPal would probably detect your IP and automatically fill in the address of your IP address, so for those using VPN services, either

For this article, we would be showing you, how to sign up for an individual account.

pp reg1 (3)


After you click “Open an account” on the Individual side which is the left side. You should see the Sign Up form

pp reg 2

pp reg 3

Fill out the information, it’s pretty straight forward. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to comment below.

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4 thoughts on “How To Register A PayPal Account

  1. I kept on getting an error telling me something was either missing or incorrect. I double checked, even triple checked the info I submitted. Please, epp!

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