How to Recover Data from Deleted or Lost Partition

Nothing is more painful than a deleted partition because after you have created those nice partitions in your hard drive, you know – the partition for games, music, movies and overall storage of your computer and then you have your standard C: drive which has the operating system installed in it.

Everything is working fine, you are enjoying your computer and the partitions then maybe one morning you wake up to discover you can’t find one of your partitions, which means either the partition got corrupted, deleted or its hidden and depending on the situation, the data stored in those partitions are probably gone or are they?

Recoverit Data Recovery – The Best Partition Recovery Software

Now the purpose of this post is to inform you that although your partition got corrupted, deleted or hidden doesn’t mean your data stored in those partitions are lost. We have a solution for you, get the best partition recovery software – Recoverit data recovery. This software can help to recover deleted partitions or lost partitions easily and safely without harming your data.

Recoverit lost partition recovery features can recover data from the supported FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, HFSX, Ext2, Ext3 drives on Windows and also Mac drives too but you would need to download Recoverit for Mac software.

How to Recover Data from Deleted or Lost Partition

What can Cause Deleted or Lost Partition?

1. Accidental Deletion of Partition

This is when you accidentally delete a partition, maybe because you are absent minded or not the one that created it or you downloaded a space management tool and you deleted the partition in the hopes of creating more space on your computer.

2. Virus Attack or Infection

Malware can be very dangerous if left unchecked especially for Windows users. For Windows 8 & 10 users, I recommend updating Windows Defender regularly and scanning your computer while for Windows 7 users, I strongly suggest you use an antivirus or anti-malware software which would help you fight viruses and malware every day but in some rare cases your partition still gets corrupted even with all your guards and defenses.

3. Hidden Partition

You may have that one friend that keeps messing with your computer and one day he hid one of your partitions maybe intentionally or unintentionally. Bottom line is you have a hidden partition and you can fix that using Recoverit partition recovery.

4. Unreliable Utility Disk Tool

Maybe you tried resizing or splitting your partition and because the task was not completed you ended up with a lost partition.

5. Total Disk Failure

In cases where the entire disk drive gets corrupted due to a massive fall or it just crashed on its own, all the partitions in that drive would be automatically lost because the drive which serves as a house for those partitions is corrupted.

How to Recover Data from Deleted/Lost Partition

To recover data from deleted or lost partition with Recoverit data recovery in less than 5 minutes which makes it such an efficient partition recovery software. Start with the data recovery mode Lost Partition Recovery on the next steps

Step 1 – Download and install Recoverit Partition Recovery Software on your Computer.

Step 2 – Select “Lost Partition Recovery” to Get Started.

This data recovery mode enables you to recover files from deleted or lost partitions in your drives.

recoverit recover deleted partition

Step 3 – Select a partition usually the one that you have lost files on. Click “Start” to start scanning the partition.

recoverit lost partition recovery

Step 4 – Scanning the lost partition

Recoverit partition recovery will go to scan your partition. After the first scan, if you cannot find your data. You should go to scan again with “All-around Recovery” which will search more files from lost partition, but it will take more time.

lost partition files found

Step 5 – Recover your lost files

The best part of this step-by-step guide is when you find the lost file you have been looking for. You can preview some recoverable files and click “Recover” button to get your data back.

recover data from lost partition


The next time you hear some complaint about how they lost files or data due to a damaged or deleted partition, do not hesitate to recommend Recoverit partition recovery software because that’s what I would do too.

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