How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

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You need to know how to prevent credit card fraud. Before we get into How To Buy Clothes, Gadgets, Cars and so on we need to warn you and inform you about Credit Card safety. Just because you are happy, you have money, everything is going well and you have less problems in your life doesn’t mean the whole world is also happy, there is always someone trying to get your money through your credit cards because they are directly linked to where your money is stored, the Bank!

Prevent Credit Card Fraud


Basically, you can’t go around telling everyone on the internet your credit card details, are you crazy? Don’t do that, that’s common knowledge. Wait! Some people don’t even know the components of a credit card, you just hold in your hands everyday, go to the ATM, insert it and withdraw money. You don’t know what information to leak, what part of the ATM to hide and so on.

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How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

What are the ways you prevent credit card?

  1. You don’t share your credit card details with anyone
  2. Don’t blinded or be a in haste to purchase an item on a website, check for SSL Security. You don’t know what SSL is? Read this Article What is SSL? An SSL certificate adds more security to online transactions.
  3. Don’t post your credit card information on social media. I remember when i first got my first VISA card, it was a big deal for me, I was so excited that i posted the front and back of the card on Facebook even showing the CVV. It was a miracle i wasn’t hacked, i was told by a friend to remove the picture, which i later did. It saved my life.
  4. Don’t forget your credit card somewhere or leave it in the open, nowadays there are more hacking tools, Ladies and Gentlemen your cards can be cloned now, you may already know this maybe from movies and such,well i’m just bringing to your knowledge as you can’t have too much knowledge.
  5. General Carefulness. Put your cards in a card holder or a wallet or even better your pockets, don’t go around the mall swinging your cards like it’s a phone. News Flash! Both can be swiped. Be Careful.
  6. If you notice a fraudulent activity on your card, don’t call the cops yet, call your Banker, then call the cops! What i mean is, if you receive a debit alert of you buying something which you were not aware of, call your bank. Tell them to block the card immediately to prevent further misuse of your hard earned money.

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