How To Prepare for Black Friday Sales – November 2017


I’m sure we all excited for this year’s Black Friday Sales which is upcoming up soon. This is a worldwide sales day has  stores all around the world are stocking up on goods to sale on that day. Black Friday is commonly and widely known all over the world, it’s a good day to buy that item or product you have had your eye on all year but it was a little pricey and you wanted the price to reduce well, the  27th of November would be your lucky day with prices incredibly slashed making your dream item cheaper and available for you to buy.

Black Friday sales are up to 90%, but that’s unrealistic and that only applies to some product’s categories, you can’t expect 90% discount for Cell phones but sadly that’s what most of us are waiting for. We are waiting for Black Friday, so we can buy iPhones preferably iPhone 6, PlayStation 4 console, Smart TVs, Laptops and others. I’m not saying electronic gadgets and the likes won’t be cheaper but i’m sure not 90% cheaper.


Each shopping category has it’s own price slash and discount. The prices for clothes, shoes and clothing accessories would be different from electronic, gadgets and office equipment.  Expect less than 40% on the good stuffs most people want to buy and expect up to 90% on the stuffs people don’t really need or care about or probably items that has been in storage for a very long time and the store is looking to let it go for a token.

How Do I Prepare for Black Friday?

  • Target stores both online stores and local stores, you are free to stalk those stores
  • Deposit money into your bank account so you can buy from online stores using PayPal or your credit card
  • Make sure you already have an account with online stores. For Example : eBay, Amazon, Walmart and so on.
  • Open a new account with online stores
  • Login to your account if you already have an account registered to check if it’s still active and ready for Black Friday
  • Make sure you have a PayPal account for Online International Stores like eBay which requires PayPal to make purchase

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  • Visit online stores by 12 AM, almost immediately the next day begins because there would be loads of traffic on online stores and you may not get the opportunity to buy
  • Visit local stores a day before to verify the presence of Black Friday sales and ask for their opening time so you can be first in line when the store opens
  • You need to have money in your PayPal account as well as credit cards for purchase on online stores
  • You need to have real cash for local stores for quick purchase

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  1. Nice write up Paul ….. Some stores always have limited amount of the product so it’s always adviceable to get everything ready and open the item page and fill all the required info before 12am so that by 12am you just click on buy

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