How To Manage Space On Your PC Using SpaceSniffer

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SpaceSniffer helps you manage space on your computer. This is a serious problem that plagues most of us, and it involves space management. Many of us are struggling with the little free space we have on our PC – Laptop or Desktop.


Our Hard Disk Drives are full or almost full, so we are stuck managing very little space, continually deleting stuff to create space but the built area never seems to be enough. We find ourselves coming back to remove some more files to create space more and again and again the cycle never ends.

Typically, the proper solution is to get an external hard disk drive and yes! It works! But what happens when even your Hard disk drive is filled up too? Well, now is the time to get yet another hard disk drive?

Yes. That is also recommended but what if you don’t have the money to buy a new external hard disk drive, but you need to free space in your PC? That’s why we are here today! To learn how to manage space properly on your PC -Desktop and Laptop.

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What is Space Sniffer?

Space Sniffer is freeware software available for both Windows and Mac. Space sniffer helps to scan the entire hard disk drive selected and carefully and systematically position them correctly for all to see and makes it easier to manage space.

Space sniffer gives you an overall idea of what is taking up space on your hard disk drive. It scans the hard disk drives entirely and displays everything in a simple user-friendly layout.

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How to Use Space Sniffer

  • Select what hard disk drive you want to scan. In my case, I selected my 2TB external hard disk drive (H:)
  • Click on Start and Ignore the “SpaceSniffer Log Console.” Just move it aside and focus on the main window
  • This is the main window; your focus should be here. You can see how SpaceSniffer arranges your files in folders they appear (This is my 2TB external hard disk drive scan)
  • Beware the files with .sys file extensions. Those files are system files that MUST never be deleted. Don’t just scan and remove everything. Be careful not to delete system files, app data. Those files would cause problems for you when deleted. (This is my internal laptop hard disk drive scan)
space sniffer
  • The scan should be at 100% before you start deleting files. Make sure it’s at 100%.
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