How To Load Credit With Ecobank Quick Recharge

Ecobank Quick Recharge started there top up service earlier today and it found out when i woke up this morning, i received an email from Ecobank, i thought it was their usual promotional emails but i was surprised when i saw Low on Credit? Use Ecobank top up service to load airtime directly from your ecobank account to your phone.

GTBANK Top Up Service

How To Load Credit With Your GTBank Account

Ecobank Quick Recharge
Ecobank Quick Recharge


How To Load Credit With Ecobank Quick Recharge

This is good news for those that have an Ecobank account, this promotes laziness because you don’t need to go out to buy airtime from your local vendor, you can just get your credit without breaking a sweat and without standing up.

So, all your have to do is Dial *326*TheAmount# Example *326*200# and press send. You can buy as much as N5,000 and as low as N50.

Convenient! GTBank has the same thing too. How To Load Credit With Your GTBank Account

38 thoughts on “How To Load Credit With Ecobank Quick Recharge

  1. Finally eco bank has joined the rest, Thanks for the info, i can now load airtime with my eco bank account registered number.

  2. It is a good initiative, but the problem I am having in trying to load my phone is it keep telling me to TRY AGAIN. I don’t know if other customers are having the same problem.

    • Yes. I too sometimes get that error, TRY AGAIN. It could be caused by the following reasons;

      1. You don’t have any money in your ecobank account
      2. You have just 1k in the account, and according to Ecobank’s policies, you can’t redraw the base 1k
      3. It might just be the regular network issue
      4. The system may be going through updates to make the service better

      So, it might be any of the above, but when i see TRY AGAIN, i just simply TRY AGAIN at another time and it works for me

    • Yes l have the same problem. It is unreliable and incessantly unavailable.
      Eco bank should do something about that mess.

      • Yes, i also get some errors myself. It is likely that they are working of the Top-Up service, trying to make it better for we the customers.

    • When you say pay, what do you mean? If you mean make payment to someone else’s account using your ATM Card, i would recommend you enroll for Ecobank Internet Banking.

    • Watson Henry, for you to receive emails of your bank transactions you need to have applied for Email SMS Alert before you can receive Email alerts,

      Using other banks. For Ecobank the code is *737*Amount#
      I will update the other banks soon

    • You need to register your airtel sim to ensure safe purchase of top up airtime. I purchase top up airtime with a registered sim, I do not want a situation where I buy airtime and I can’t use it because the sim is not registered. Register your sim today!

  3. Forget it this eco bank thing doesn’t work at all.Is either no connection or invalid code ????.So eco bank should either put its art together or scrab the so called top up system!. You will be disappointed if u r really in a very bad situation where you really need air time for an urgent or emergency bank nawa for una!.

    • Yes, Hon. Ken you are very correct but the truth is it works for some people and it doesn’t work for others. The service is not yet strong enough

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    • Thank you for your insightful suggestion concerning the ATM Cards being fragile. I will relay your concerns to ECOBANK. Thanks for your comment!

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