How To Install Rufus Windows 10 from USB

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Rufus Windows 10 is a tutorial to show you my method of installing windows 10 or any other windows OS using Rufus. I have written a guide about How To Use Rufus Install any Windows OS. Make sure you read the earlier post on how to use Rufus so you can follow me in this guide which is the 2nd part.

Windows 10 is a personal operating system, and it is currently the latest release of Windows created and developed by Microsoft, it was released July 29, 2015.

In my opinion, Windows 10 has had its ups and downs – one of them being at the initial consumer release launch where it was released to the general public after private and public beta testings.

install windows 10 from usb

After the launch, users complained of severe bugs and glitches they found within Windows 10, but Microsoft has been working hard to fix those bugs.

Quite a lot of work has been put into fixing of bugs by releasing windows update that comes with fixes in forms of builds to help improve user experience, and Windows 10 is now obviously better than before.

Well, it’s to be expected because the same scenario occurred after the initial Windows 8 release, I rushed into Windows 8 from Windows 7 Ultimate – that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life (in the I.C.T world tho) because so many bugs came with the initial Windows 8 release but subsequently over a medium period of time.

It got better, and they released Windows 8.1 which I have used for well over 2 years now.

Even with the release of Windows 10 I knew the same bug issue would occur and it did! But the lesson here is Windows 10 is now better and not entirely bug-free but significantly reduced.

You need to Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive using a tool, i use Rufus.

Rufus Windows 10


  • USB Flash Drive
  • a downloaded Windows 10.iso file
  • a computer – Laptop or Desktop
  • Rufus
  • Use Your Brain

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How To Install Rufus Windows 10 from USB

  • You need to visit the link How To Create Bootable USB Flash Drive Using Rufus to create a bootable USB Drive before you can move onto how to install windows ten from USB.
  • Download windows 10.iso from the internet
  • Create your bootable USB Flash Drive with any tool – I use Rufus
  • Turn off your Computer – Laptop or Desktop
  • Turn it back ON
  • Press F9, F11 or F12 – This depends on the manufacturer of the computer ( HP HotKey is different from DELL and so on)


  • The Hotkey F9 would take you to “Boot Options Menu.”20160325_093731
  • Select your USB Flash Drive – Listed as “USB Hard Drive.”20160325_093740


  • Now “Press any key to boot from USB.”


  • The Windows 10 setup screen shows up.


  • Select your “Language,” “Time Format” and “Keyboard or Input Method.” Click on “NEXT


  • Click on “Install Now


  • Accept the Terms and Conditions


  • Now, is time for the “type of installation.”
    • Upgrade Option: Would not format your Hard drive, it would automatically select the Hard Disk Drive Partition to use and automatically install Windows 10 on the already existing version of Windows. You would keep all your files, settings, applications and all; there would be a Windows. The old folder in your C:/ Drive – This is where you can find all your previous software installations and files.
    • Custom Option: This is for advanced users only, people that know what they are doing, I naturally always use this method because you would be more in control over where your Windows 10 gets installed to. With this option, you can choose to perform all the partitions found in your Hard Disk Drive and do a clean install or mount it on an existing partition, but this is different from the upgrade option because you get to choose which particular partition you want windows to fix it. With this custom method, you can format any partitions, delete unused partitioned, create a new partition and extend an existed partition by adding unallocated HDD space.


  • I chose the “Custom Option” and formatted my Biggest Hard Disk Partition because that is where I want to install Windows 10 and also I always prefer to do a CLEAN WINDOW INSTALL


  • Choose the partition you want to install Windows 10 into and Click on “Next.”


  • Hurray! Windows 10 is now installing.


  • Windows is done installing, Restart automatically or manually, any option works.


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Windows 10 has finished installing, and the next phase is the setting up the stage, Most of this phase is automated, you don’t need to do much

  • After your Restart, Windows is “Getting Device Ready” it goes from 0-100%


  • Let’s Get Connected” wants you to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This step is optional; you can SKIP THIS STEP.


  • In “Get Going Fast” Select “Use Express Settings


  • Now, it’s time to “Create an Account for this PC.”


  • In this step, you need something significant – Patience! You are almost done.

20160325_101012 20160325_101023

  • After waiting for a few minutes, Congratulations! You have successfully installed Rufus Windows 10 USB Flash drive.


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Use Rufus Windows 10 to install any operating system.

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