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How to get sponsored posts for your blog in 2021 is a common question I get in my blogging community and I decided to answer that question with a blog post.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to get sponsored posts for your blog the right way which means positioning your blog so you are equipped and ready to receive those sponsored post emails.

These emails are going to coming from your clients, sponsors, agencies, freelancers that want to advertise on your site or blog.

To start this Sponsored Post journey, you need to a quick appraisal of your blog or site.

  1. You need to check the Domain Authority of your blog or site. You can check your (Domain Authority) DA for free HERE or HERE.
  2. You need to know how many people visit your blog on a monthly basis by checking your organic search traffic. I recommend using Google Analytics for this. Link your website so you can track all traffic to your blog.
  3. Check your Domain Rating and Backlink Profile with Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker.

Why you’re doing all this is to know the online real estate value of your blog or site and this will boost your confidence when negotiating sponsored post deals in the future because you know exactly how valuable your blog is.

Let’s get started with how to get sponsored posts for your blog.

5 Quick and Easy Sponsored Blog Post Setup

We would be starting out with the 5 quick and easy sponsored blog post setup.

  1. Setup a “Featured Posts” Section.
  2. Setup your Nofollow Links Plugin
  3. Create a Proper “Advertise With Us” and “Write for Us” Page.
  4. Set up a Working “Contact” Page.
  5. Install Gmail Notifier Browser Extension

1. Set up a Featured Posts Section

featured section

This is a very important section placed on the sidebar of your blog where “exclusive sponsored posts” are showcased.

You’ll want to have a featured post section on your blog so you can charge a higher price for those sponsors or clients that want their article to be listed in that section for a particular number of days.

So with a featured post section on your blog’s sidebar, you can charge more money and only the big spender’s posts are showcased because they paid for the slot.

How to Setup Featured Posts Section

  • Install WP Show Post Plugin
  • Add New List
  • Follow my Settings
  • Remember to add only Exclusive Posts.

2. Set up a Working Contact Us Page

You’ll lose so much money if you have a contact us page that’s not functioning well. The funniest part is that you won’t even know because people tried to contact you but your contact form is not working.

I’ve made a significant amount in just the emails that got to me via a working Contact form and Contact Us Page.

How to Create a Working Contact Us Page

It’s simple, all you need to do is:

  • Create a Contact Us Page (If you don’t have one already)
  • Install a WordPress Form Plugin (I use Contact Form)
  • Create a new Contact Form consisting of name, email, subject and message
  • Copy Contact Form Shortcode
  • Paste the code into your Contact Us Page
  • Test your contact form! Send an email to yourself. (VERY IMPORTANT)

Contact Form Settings

sponsored blog posts contact form settings
  1. Add New Form
  2. Give it a name (Contact us)
  3. Add fields to your form (Name, Email address, Subject, Message).
  4. Go to Mail Tab: Insert the email you want to use
  5. Save, copy the shortcode to your Contact Page

3. Set up No Follow Links Plugin

wordpress nofollow plugin

Install a Nofollow links plugin on your WordPress site because it enables you to have total control of all dofollow links on your site.

Once you activate the plugin, all links mentioned in all your blog posts would be automatically turned to nofollow links.

Now, you have the exclusive power to handpick and choose which links get to be dofollow.

Nofollow Links Plugin Settings

nofollow link settings
  • Step 1: Unfollow all links on your blog.
  • Step 2: Exclude your sponsored post client’s link in the excluded domain box.

4. Create a Proper Write for Us Page

A Write for Us page is very important because it brings in more potential advertisers to your blog. Some of them may be looking to do a free guest post with a blog but that’s the plan.

You want them to notice your blog, send you an email then you can now turn that free guest post offer to a paid guest post offer.

I’ve noticed a significant increase in my sponsored post income after I created a proper write for us page.

  • All you have to do to create a proper write for us page is to;
  • Follow my example, my is the template
  • Just edit and put your own words, requirements and blog’s selling points.

How to Create a Proper Advertise With Us Page?

  • It’s simple
  • Follow my example, my is the template
  • Just edit and put your own words, blog’s stats and advertising/sponsorship opportunities that you offer on your site.

5. Install Notifier for Gmail

gmail notifier

This is a browser extension that makes a sound whenever you receive a new email. You can install it on Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.

With this tool, you’re able to respond almost immediately to all Sponsored Post inquiry.

Got any questions?

Check out my FULL Sponsored Post Course – The Secrets to Making Money Blogging with Sponsored Posts for EVERYTHING there’s to know about sponsored blog posts and find that’s how I’m made over $2,500 last month.

Or maybe you are new to blogging then these easy, beginner-friendly guides would be of help to you.

BONUS: How Much to Charge for Sponsored Post?

I want to give you guys some BONUS guide on how much to charge for sponsored post?

So, I am going to share my Simple yet Powerful Negotiation Strategy:

1. Charge x3 your current highest sponsored post offer. Ex: If your highest ever is $50 for an article, Charge x3 = $150.

This will make quality sponsors start negotiating at a much higher price than your current highest price.

This will show how much you value your blog.

You will be respected because of the way you replied to their email and the value you placed on your blog.

You won’t always get your x3 offer but you would definitely get higher deals than the usual $10 – $30 for a sponsored blog post deal.

2. NEVER ACCEPT LOW BALL DEALS LIKE $10 – $20 because PayPal removes fees and charges and you are left with Peanuts while the sponsor has a permanent Dofollow link that would be worth more than $500 in a few months (that’s if your site is actively growing in organic traffic, producing content and building backlinks).

My Sponsored Post Calculator

How much to charge per blog post? Charge x3 your current highest sponsored posts.

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment below if you need something cleared up.