How To Find The Right Web Hosting For Your New Blog

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Web Hosting For Your New Blog? You’ve decided to start blogging. After thinking it over for ages, doubting yourself, doing half-hearted research, doubting yourself again, you’re finally ready to get started. It’s a huge step, one that takes a lot of courage. You’ll be sharing your experience with the world, after all.

One of the first decisions you need to make is unrelated to writing content. You need to decide which web hosting service you’re going to use. Web hosting is what actually puts your site online. It gives you a “place” on the web.

If you’re using WordPress as your platform, you’ll want to know about the best WordPress hosting. But even if you’re using another platform, the following information still applies.

Ease of Use

You’re a blogger, not a tech expert. Unless that is, you’re blogging about technology. And so, choosing web hosting that requires a lot from the customer is not a good idea. This may give you more control over the process, but all you really need is the basic work done for you.

Look for web hosting that beginners are happy using. This way you’ll run into a few problems. As long as you stick to the following basics when choosing your hosting provider, the rest will sort itself out.


Every website experiences an outage once in a while, even Amazon and Google. You’re not going to find hosting that is up every second of the year. At the very least, they may temporarily go down for maintenance at a low-traffic hour.

However, your hosting should have a good track record of reliability. Not only are they almost always up-and-running, but when they run into problems, they fix them quickly. Look at expert and customer reviews to get an idea of whether others have had reliability problems with a hosting service.

Customer Support

Since you’re probably not a tech expert, customer support is incredibly important. When something is wrong, you need someone who will walk you through it patiently and will be able to help you without requiring much work on your part.

When it comes to hosting, even experts need good customer support. The hosting provider inevitably has a lot of control. For those of us who don’t know a DNS from a VPS, excellent support is non-negotiable.

Optimized For Your Platform

If you’re using WordPress, you should certainly go with hosting that has options particularly for WordPress users. This makes it much easier to bring the component parts of your website together. Instead of having to follow difficult instructions to get your WordPress site online, these hosts make it simple.


Price shouldn’t be your main concern when choosing what web hosting plan you want to pick. It is so important in keeping your website online that if you need to pay a little extra for quality, you absolutely should.

However, that does not mean the highest priced options are necessarily the best.

There are some excellent options that are actually cheaper. As long as the reviews are good, and other customers have had a good experience, go for it!

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