How to Enable Windows 10 Hibernate Option

We are going to enable Windows 10 hibernate option today! Windows 10 hibernate option is usually disabled by default which means either you have a brand new or used windows computer you won’t see the hibernate option, you only see sleep, shutdown, and restart.

windows 10 no hibernate

In most cases, a Windows 7 computer has hibernated option activated by default which means when you click the button to shut down your computer “Hibernate” option is there making it easy for you sleep your computer.

Fast forward to Windows 10 where you don’t see the hibernate option, so most people already have that mindset that Windows 10 doesn’t have the hibernation function, some people even think Microsoft replaced the hibernate option to sleep all because they don’t see “Hibernate.” If you feel this way it’s not your fault, Microsoft hid a lot of features in Windows 10. They also protected the stop automatic windows update in Windows 10, but there is a way to stop Windows 10 from automatically downloading windows update without your approval.

How to Enable Windows 10 Hibernate Option

What does it take to enable windows 10 hibernate option? It doesn’t take much, anyone can do it, just follow my steps below to get hibernation option on your computer.

  •  You need to go to Power Options. You can get to your computer’s power options in different ways
  • Right click on your battery icon, if you are on a laptop computer, select power options.
  • Go to Start, search for battery. Select Power and Select settings, these options are for those using a desktop computer.
  • Let’s assume everybody ended up on the called titled Power Options. What we are going to do next is click on “Choose what the power button does.”
windows 10 power options
  • Next thing you should do is click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable.” What that means is that we want to edit the default settings made by Microsoft, don’t worry this isn’t hacking and you don’t void any warranty by doing this.
windows 10 hibernate options


  • After clicking “Change settings that are currently unavailable”,  shutdown settings are open ready for you edit as you please but remember the purpose of doing this, we want to enable Windows 10 hibernate options, so that’s what we are going to do by ticking Hibernate then clicking save changes to save the changes just made.
  • Now you can go to your Start menu, click on shutdown to see the options you have. Hibernate would be included in the list.
hibernate on windows 10

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In Conclusion

  • Hibernate option is essential for all versions of Windows because it’s a useful function to have for cases like when your laptop battery is almost dead or need to quickly turn off your laptop because you need to something speedily but at the same time, you want to retain the save state of your work.
  • Hibernating your laptop or desktop computer can become very addictive to the point where you no more extended shutdown your computer, this isn’t a good practice because it puts so much stress on your CPU which ultimately burns out your motherboard in the long run, I have experienced this personally twice already.
  • At this point in the article, you should have learned how to enable Windows 10 hibernation option and also discovered that hibernating your computer too often is not the best practice if you want your laptop to survive for years.

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