How to Download WhatsApp Stories to your Phone Memory

My problem with Whatsapp stories is the fact that you can’t download the images or videos shared by your friends, acquaintance and contacts which to me is unacceptable. I had endured before but today I saw an update which I just had to download and have on my phone, when I asked the person to send me the video, my request was declined so I did a simple google search “download WhatsApp stories” and was surprised when I saw different blogs solving my problem.

Long story short, I downloaded the WhatsApp story of my choice and sent it to the person that refused to send me the video initially. Want to know how I did it? I guess that’s why you are here. Don’t forget to check out other parts of my awesome site.
WhatsApp Stories

Whatsapp stories is a fun feature which was recently added to the WhatsApp platform which in my opinion turns the WhatsApp to “WhatSnap” because it is a hybrid app combining two technologies in one app – Texting + Live status update.

How to Download WhatsApp Stories

There are two ways of doing this, both ways are easy and require the download of an external app to make this work. I will start with the Story Saver for Whatsapp app method.

1. Story Saver for Whatsapp (Android)

Developed by Mobinz with ratings of 4.5 stars from over 1,150+ users. This android app can be downloaded from Google Play store and it works 100%. The steps are below;

  • Download Story Saver for Whatsapp from Playstore – DOWNLOAD LINK
  • Open Story Saver for Whatsapp.

  • Click on Recent Stories, to view all the recently viewed stories on WhatsApp.
  • There are two tabs, Pictures and Videos.
  • Click on Pictures to download images.

  • Click on Videos to download videos from WhatsApp stories.

  • To download Pictures or Videos, Click on the small circle at the bottom right of every picture or video. You can mark as many as you choose, after selecting scroll up and click on the download icon at the top right of the app!

  • The downloaded stories images or pictures have been saved to your phone memory. You can view them from your Gallery.
  • That concludes the first method.

2. View & Download Whatsapp Stories from File Manager

This method is fairly easy because for me I’m using a custom ROM which means I have a custom File Manager, so all I did was to go to settings and enable “Show Hidden Folder/Files”. 

But for the average person using the normal Stock ROM which is expected of everyone, you need to download ES File Manager which gives you that option of seeing hidden folders. So, steps below;

  • Download ES file manager from Google PlayStore
  • Open ES File Manager.
  • Go to settings and enable “Show Hidden Folders“.

  • Navigate to Whatsapp folder and open the media folder. You will see “Statuses“folder. This is the folder where all status updates are kept temporarily, you can view them here and to download them, just copy and paste to another folder.

  • That’s it using a file manager to view and download WhatsApp stories.

What method should I use?

Both methods works and easy to use. Story saver app is good for those that just want a simple app to perform a function which solves a problem for them.

The file manager method is a little bit more technical and people would naturally run away from it except those few people intrigued by this method and this method won’t use your internet data because you won’t have to download the stories with data, just copy and paste.

I will personally use both methods depending on the situation at hand. In some cases, I can get to my file manager faster than story saver app and my file manager is a custom one so it makes things easier for me.

Leave a comment below of the method that works for you and your preferred method, also any question, contributions please leave them below.

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