How To Download Torrent Files With IDM Using Torrent2DDL

In this tutorial, i am going to be showing you “How to Download Torrent Files using Internet Download Manager (IDM)” using a very special free service called TORRENT2DDL.



Torrents are very important if you are a downloader, if you love to download, you should know of torrents, torrents are very easy to download if you have the right tools like ;

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Very fast Internet Connection
  • Torrent Client like utorrent, bittorrent, zune and so on
  • Torrent File with high or enough peers and seeds.

Torrent2DDL service has been discontinued, Use the below alternative!

Downloading torrent files aren’t always easy because you may not have one of the above mentioned. What i mentioned above are more like what you need to have if you want to download torrent files or so it used to be. Things are different now, there have been a lot of technological advances, well, this isn’t one of them but it’s still an advancement in it’s own way.

What is Torrent2DDL?

Torrent2DDL is a free service that converts torrent files and links into Direct Download Links supported by Download Managers e.g Internet Download Manager and also web browsers. Torrent2DDL simply downloads the torrent file and re uploads it for you to download via certain hosts with resume support capabilities.

Torrent2DDL makes use of Uptobox services, the links they provide after conversion are Uptobox links and are pretty fast with resume support.

Torrent2DDL service has been discontinued, Use the below alternative!

Download Torrents Without Getting Caught Using Zbigz

Bitport: The Best Cloud Torrent Downloader

How Do I Use Torrent2DDL?

Using Torrent2DDL doesn’t require any application or software, all you need is your laptop and Internet connection.

  • Register an account. Don’t worry it’s free!


  • After you verified your new Torrent2DDL account, Click on “Login”


  • Now, you are logged into Torrent2DDL, but it’s all empty. You have no converted torrent file yet.
  • To add torrent files on Torrent2DDL, Click on the “Red + (Plus)” icon.


  • Go to a Torrent site, i use Kickass Torrent. Locate the torrent you want to download. You have two options
    • Download the torrent file and upload it to Torrent2DDL
    • Copy the Magnet Link of the torrent and Paste it I use this 2nd method, much easier and i don’t get stuck with tons of .torrent files i don’t need anymore.


  • Click on “Submit” to start the torrent to download link conversation process.
  • Sometimes, you get lucky, and the conversation rate would be fast and you get to download your torrent almost immediately but on the other hand, torrent conversation can take some time depending on the size of the torrent file you are converting.


  • After the conversion is done and you want to download your converted torrent file.
  • Click on the icon under “Actions” besides the “Delete icon”. Click on the “Cloud with a arrow pointing downward”.


  • After following the above steps, and clicking the Download Button, Beware of ads. Click on the download button multiple times, until you see this.


  • Click on “Create Download Link”
  • Another Page opens, Click on “Click Here to Start Download”
  • Download Starts, either in your Default Download Manager, like IDM or download starts in your web browser. Remember, you don’t have to be afraid of network interruptions, Uptobox links have resume support even for guest and free downloaders.
  • To delete torrent file, that you have finished downloading, simply click on the “Delete Button”


  • Confirm the delete by clicking on “Yes, Delete it!”.
  • That’s all! Have fun converting and downloading more torrent files with ease.

Torent2DDL service has been discontinued, Use the below alternative!

Download Torrents Without Getting Caught Using Zbigz

Bitport: The Best Cloud Torrent Downloader

Torrent2DL Alternatives are available Here.

10 thoughts on “How To Download Torrent Files With IDM Using Torrent2DDL

  1. I came across Seedr ( It has a nicer interface but the free account limits you to just 2GB. You can get additional storage space by doing some stuff..bla bla.

    Another one that I tried was

    These two websites are, in my opinion, better than Torrent2DL.

    • I know zbigz and their services but you won’t enjoy it using a free account. You only enjoy zbigz and seedr by using a premium account. On the other hand, Torrent2DDL is enjoyable with a free account, there are no file limits of what you can leech and you do all these with a free account, that’s why i recommend it.

    • Alex, i also experience such. Delay and such, the cause is the owners are probably doing an upgrade. With time, it would solved and things would get back to normal. Personally, i see them offering premium services in the future.

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