How to Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software

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To Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software is possible all you need to do is login facebook with a web browser, click on the video and change the URL.

I would be teaching you How to Download Facebook Videos without using any software. I know we all use Facebook and let’s say one day as you were scrolling through your timeline looking at pictures, you came across a video, you watched it and it was awesome, but there is a problem, how do I download this video? I am here today to give you the answers.

This always happens as Facebook doesn’t offer any option to download the videos which I feel is not entirely the best strategy, but I understand that they want people to keep on coming back to watch those videos, which makes its mini facebook – youtube.

However, I have a solution to download Facebook Videos without installing software quickly, it’s so easy anyone can do it, and it doesn’t even take much time.

Everything can be done within a minute (Yes, not even 60 seconds!)


  • Facebook account
  • A web browser like opera, chrome, Firefox, UC browser, etc
  • Internet connection

So, let’s get into the super quick way to download Facebook videos without any software.

Steps to Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software:

  1. Open the video that you want to download (Example video)
  2. Replace “www” of the URL with “m.“ So the video URL will now be “…”
  3. Play the video for a second and then pause it.
  4. Right, click on the video -> “Save video as” -> Choose the location, change the video file name and click on Save.

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  • It does not work with the facebook app
  • It works only with web browsers like Chrome, Opera, your default web browser
  • It works on a computer, Android, iPhone and iPads browsers

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