How to Create the Perfect Domain Name for Your Successful Blog in 2021

There’s nothing like a perfect domain name but you can create something close which will bring you a lot of joy, pride and of course – money.

The best domain names are short, brandable and simple essentially what you can be proud of to talk about. People will only rally behind your domain if you believe in it first.

I have started many websites and blogs in my lifetime and I know one cold hard truth about blogging and website names – in general, they really do not matter.

It seems odd, right? The main truth is you only need a brandable domain name.

A name you can create a business under and it can easily get stuck in people’s heads.

Here’s the main point new bloggers miss:

1. Your content matters 100x more than your name!

You can have a blog titled “,” and if all you do is a blog post about how much you love the game of thrones series, it’s not going to matter.

Your content is everything because every content is a window, people use to enter your house (blog)!

2. That’s why this process should take you around 20 minutes and no more than an hour to complete!

Before we start, please don’t spend days trying to come up with the best domain name because you wasting time when you can be making money.

Assuming that you have found the niche you want to be in, let’s create your domain name.

How to Create the Perfect Domain Name for Your Successful Blog

Ok, here’s the step-by-step to getting your domain name in less than 20 minutes…

Step #1. Go to

This process is really easy and automatic. All you need to do is think of the main word you want to be in your domain name:

  • Blogging
  • Parenting
  • Survival
  • Drones

These names would start your domain name and they usually are the main topic your blog will be centered on.

Step #2. Put that word in the “Beginnings” box in Dotomator.

Type your main word into the first box titled “beginnings”. This means you would get domain name ideas starting with this main word.

Step #3. Pick the “Ending” word of your Domain Name.

To do this, click on the Name Lists in the ending box and select from the categories. I usually choose categories like expert or leader because I want my blog to be an authority in the main and sub topics.

Step #4. Combine Words.

Click on “combine” to combine your main word with your group of ending words. Dotomator will show you the domains that are available and those that have been taken.

Step #5. Now you just have to choose the best brandable domain from the list of domain names.


Once you have the domain name, you are ready to go!!!

2 Lessons for finding your Perfect Domain Name

Let’s start with a couple pieces of advice I have learned from hunting down domain name’s in the past:

Lesson #1. Most “normal” domain names or ideas you have will have been taken

They will be taken by other people, or worse, domain squatters that will want you to pay 1000’s for it. Just in case you had a name you are thinking about buying don’t do it! Do not buy a domain name for a ridiculous amount because it’s not the domain name that makes the site, it’s the content.

The domain name will matter very little in comparison to content you are producing.

Often you will have the perfect domain name in your head, and yet it will be taken by some other blogger.

Many times, if you examine the blog, you will see nothing has been posted in 6 months or more…

Despite having that killer domain, their blog obviously did not succeed.

This is a good lesson. The domain name of my successful tech blog is NairaTips and it makes more than $1,000 every month and most people think it’s a betting tips site.

You can read my income reports to get motivated to start a successful blog today.

Your domain will not define your blog. Your ability to create quality content will make your domain successful.

Lesson #2. Use a .com

There are lots of websites selling weird domain names these days like .xyz and so on.

I saw a Facebook ad to buy domains like or jimmy.eats.

The problem here is that it doesn’t look cool and trendy as much as it looks unprofessional and sloppy.

Don’t fall for this little trap.

Always try to get a .com.

Finally, was a combination of naira + tips.

The idea behind it was I wanted to share tips, guides, how-to’s on my blog and I also want people to know my nationality, where I come from and that you can expect global standards blogging from a Nigerian.

Don’t let long domain names fool you, remember you only need some simple, short and brandable that can easily get stuck in people’s mind.