How to Charge Canon Camera Without Charger

Looking for a way to charge your Canon camera without the charger? This article about how to charge Canon camera without charger will be helpful.

Now you can easily and quickly charge your Canon camera’s battery without its original charger. Canon cameras require camera’s cord connectors like all regular DSLR camera with a USB C cable.

The innovative battery charger connects your USB cable directly to any common power source, such as a laptop, wall socket, or carport, making charging more convenient than ever!

This way, you can charge Canon camera battery before using them.

With this simple solution, you no longer need a bulky camera charger that only works with specific USB connection models.

It is also compatible with all digital cameras using the same battery type, so it won’t just be helpful for one particular model.

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What is a Canon Camera?

A Canon camera is a high-quality brand of digital camera that has become increasingly popular among amateur and professional photographers alike.

Many people may have one question when using a Canon camera: how to charge it without a charger?

Fortunately, there are other options available. Some models of Canon cameras allow you to charge the battery using a USB port, while others may have battery grips that can hold multiple batteries, allowing you to swap them out as needed.

It would be best to have a fully charged battery before embarking on a photography excursion to ensure you get all the vital shots.

Overall, a Canon camera is a reliable and versatile option for capturing stunning photos and videos.

Reasons You Need to Know How to Charge Canon Camera Without Charger

If you’re an avid photographer, chances are you have encountered situations where your camera AA battery dies unexpectedly, and you have no charger or USB charging ability.

Fear not; knowing how to charge your Canon camera without a charger is a skill that can be learned and is extremely useful in these moments.

  • When you have a Canon EOS without a USB connector
  • When you are not sure of how much power you have in your backup batteries
  • When your wall socket or small power adapter is not functional

Luckily, you only need a USB cord and a power source – whether a computer, portable charger, or even a car adapter.

Utilizing the USB port on your camera allows you to quickly charge your Canon camera battery without carrying around an extra piece of equipment.

It’s a convenient solution that every photographer should be aware of in an emergency.

How to Charge Canon Camera Without Charger

If you are a photography enthusiast, you know the importance of a fully charged camera or extra lithium batteries. However, what do you do when you are out and about and your Canon camera is running low on battery juice?

Please don’t worry. There are several ways to charge your Canon camera battery without a charger. One way is to use a USB port on your computer or laptop before trying out a separate charger with a rubber cover.

If your camera has a computer’s USB port that can work on a wall outlet, you can use a USB cable to connect it to your computer or laptop and charge it. Another way is to use a power bank or a portable charger.

These devices have USB ports; you can connect your camera and charge them using a USB cable. To charge your camera using a USB port, switch it off to ensure a faster charge.

1. Use a USB cable

If you have a USB cable for your Canon camera, you can use it to charge the camera without the charger. Connect the camera to a computer or USB power source using the USB cable, and the camera will begin charging.

2. Use a replacement battery

If you have a replacement battery for your Canon camera, you can use it to charge the camera without the charger. Insert the battery into the camera, and the camera will begin charging.

3. Use a third-party charger

If you do not have a USB cable or replacement battery for your Canon camera, you can use a third-party charger to charge the camera. Third-party chargers are available for purchase online or at many electronics stores.

Critical Considerations for Successfully Learning How to Charge Canon Camera Without Charger

If you’re a Canon camera owner, you know how important it is to keep your equipment up and running. And nothing more frustrating than running out of battery power while in a shoot.

While it may be tempting to charge your Canon camera battery without a charger, it’s essential to be cautious and informed about how to do it safely and effectively.

Luckily, with the right tools and techniques, charging your Canon camera battery is possible without a charger.

One option is to use a USB port, but it’s essential to ensure that the USB port is powerful enough to charge the battery. Additionally, monitoring the battery while charging is necessary, ensuring it is manageable during this process.

By taking the necessary precautions, you can charge your Canon camera battery without a charger and keep shooting without hiccups.

How to Become Better at Charging a Canon Camera?

Do you want bulky chargers and cords to keep your Canon camera battery powered up?

Luckily, there are alternative ways to charge your camera without a charger. One option is using a USB port on a computer or a portable charger with a USB output.

This method can save you the hassle of packing extra gear, making it ideal for anyone moving. Also, taking proper care of your camera battery can improve its lifespan and overall performance.

By following the manufacturer’s instructions and keeping your battery clean and dry, you can ensure that it stays in top condition for any photo opportunity that comes your way. With some practice and attention to detail, charging your Canon camera can become a seamless and easy part of your photography routine.

Alternatives to Charging a Canon Camera Without a Charger

If you’ve ever found yourself with a dead camera battery and no charger, fear not! There are several alternatives to charging your Canon camera without a charger.

First and foremost, you can use a USB cable to connect your camera to a computer or laptop and charge it that way. Another option is to invest in a portable power bank or wall adapter compatible with your camera battery. Additionally, some cameras come with a car adapter that can be used to charge the battery while on the go.

However, it’s important to note that these alternatives may not provide the same level of battery life as a traditional charger, so be sure to monitor the charging process and adjust as needed. With these alternatives available, you can charge your Canon camera no matter where you are.

4 Budget-Friendly Canon Cameras

Canon cameras are a popular brand among photography enthusiasts but can also be pricey. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly options available that still deliver on quality.

Regarding charging your Canon camera without a charger, I would like to let you know that most Canon cameras sold within the past decade come with USB charging capabilities. All you need is a USB cord and a computer or other charging device, and you’re good to go.

Please make sure to maintain your camera battery properly, as it can definitely affect the longevity of your camera. These tips allow you to charge your Canon camera and capture stunning photos without breaking the bank.

Best Choice

1. Canon Rebel XS

The Canon Rebel XS is the perfect camera for beginner photographers considering upgrading their skill set. The Rebel has a 10.1 MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4 processor for fast, accurate photo results.

It also has a 3.0-inch LCD monitor, which makes it easy to preview and review your shots on the go. Plus, you can capture video in beautiful HD quality.

This Rebel includes a lithium battery, charger, and USB power adapter for added convenience, so you’ll never run out of juice while shooting.

The device also has a battery level indicator, so you can always keep tabs on remaining charge levels. Separate chargers are also sold separately if needed. With its lightweight design and advanced features, the Canon Rebel XS will help you take your photography to the next level!



  • Large heavy body

2. Canon EOS 2000D

he Canon EOS 2000D is an excellent choice for all your photography needs. This durable and dependable camera comes with an easy-to-use rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours after charge and a wall plug to charge it without needing a charger.

It also includes a user manual that provides all the necessary instructions for using the camera best. With its high-quality image sensors and advanced autofocus system, the Canon EOS 2000D will help take your photography skills to the next level.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about running out of power since this camera has a battery without a charger, so you can easily switch it out when necessary. Get ready to capture every moment in stunning detail today with the Canon EOS 2000D!


  • Battery Icon Model
  • 120fps Shooting
  • Excellent Image Quality


  • Not good for beginners

3. Canon Rebel T7

The Canon Rebel T7 is the perfect camera for amateur photographers and hobbyists.

It boasts various features and benefits, such as charging Canon cameras without a charger – plug the USB charging cable from your phone charger or power bank into the camera’s cord connection point.

  • Battery without charger
  • Battery without charger
  • Charge the camera battery

This eliminates the need for separate charging equipment, making it ideal for travelers away from home. The camera also has Wi-Fi capability and allows you to upload photos online for friends and family to see instantly.

It’s easy to use with its intuitive software, so even first-time DSLR users can start taking beautiful shots right out of the box. With a lightweight build that fits comfortably in your hand, you won’t miss those special moments again. Get yours today!


  • Camera’s user manual
  • Memory card
  • Excellent Image Quality


  • Not the best for expert

4. Canon EOS M200

The Canon EOS M200 is ideal for professional photographers or those wanting to explore the world of photography.

It has been designed to meet the highest quality needs and offers an innovative way to capture stunning images.

The camera offers a myriad of features, including how to charge a Canon camera without a charger, battery contact points, a compact power adapter, a wall plug, a cord connection point, and a green light, making it easier than ever before to get perfect shots in any situation.

  • Camera battery without charger
  • Camera charger
  • Power banks

The lightweight design makes it perfect for traveling and lets you take your photography skills wherever you go.

With its advanced autofocus system and impressive image processor, the Canon EOS M200 ensures you’ll never miss that once-in-a-lifetime moment. It’s the perfect way to bring your vision alive!


  • Good Camera Batteries
  • 120fps Shooting
  • Excellent Image Quality


  • Quite expensive

3 Budget-Friendly Canon Camera Batteries

When it comes to photography, an essential component you don’t want to overlook is your camera’s battery life. Running out of juice in the middle of a shoot can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have a backup battery.

Fortunately, several budget-friendly Canon camera batteries are available to ensure you can always capture your shot. But what if you don’t have a charger with you?

No need to worry – you can charge your Canon camera using a USB cord and your computer’s USB port. With these options, you can keep shooting for hours on end without having to break the bank.

Best Choice

1. Canon LP-E12

A Canon LP-E12 power outage will teach you how to charge Canon camera without charger.

The Canon LP-E12 battery pack is a must-have accessory for all Canon DSLR cameras. It has a USB connection and a power bank, a wall plug, and a USB wall adapter. It is the perfect external battery pack for your camera’s rechargeable battery without bringing a bulky charger.

The built-in power bank can also be used with other devices as a portable power source when you’re on the go.

You can quickly recharge the battery with the included wall plug or USB wall adapter. Take care of your camera’s battery life with this convenient and powerful Canon LP-E12 battery pack!


  • 8K Video Recording
  • 120fps Shooting
  • Excellent Image Quality


  • Large heavy body
  • Expensive

2. Canon NB-13L

A Canon NB-13L power outage will ensure that you learn how to charge Canon camera without charger.

The Canon NB-13L Battery is designed for Canon cameras such as PowerShot G7 X, PowerShot G7 X Mark II, and SX720 HS. This battery is ideal for when you’re looking for extra backup batteries or want to take your existing power bank on the go.

The NB-13L Battery features a green light and a battery indicator to quickly and easily check how much power you have left. It also includes a wall outlet charger, so you can charge your camera battery without bringing any extra charging components.

With AA batteries included, this battery offers up to 2800mAh of usable power, making it perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re taking family vacations, traveling to a business meeting, capturing photos at a birthday party—or need extra backup batteries—the Canon NB-13L Battery has you covered?


  • 8K Video Recording
  • Easyy to use
  • Excellent Image Quality


  • Expensive

3. Canon LP-E17

A Canon LP-E17 power outage will ensure that you learn how to charge Canon camera without charger.

This Canon LP-E17 Lithium Ion Battery is an essential accessory for any Canon camera user. It offers a highly reliable battery that will stay charged for long periods, giving you the confidence to take those perfect shots.

This battery also has an icon that indicates the current charge level on your camera screen and offers a USB cable and charger so you can charge your Canon camera without worrying about a separate charger. With this product, all of your energy needs for your Canon Camera Model are taken care of with no hassle or fuss.

The included user manual and easy-to-follow instructions make sure anyone can quickly become an expert photographer! So if you’re looking for the perfect way to power and charge your Canon Camera, then the Canon LP-E17 Battery is what you need!


  • 8K Video Recording
  • Easyy to use
  • Excellent Image Quality


  • Expensive

How Do I Charge My Canon Camera Battery?

Whether you’ve lost your charger or left it behind while on vacation, there’s no need to worry about charging your Canon camera battery. There are several ways to do so without the charger.

First, can your camera’s battery be charged with a USB cable?

If so, connect your camera to a charging port with the appropriate cable and let the battery charge.

Alternatively, you can purchase a third-party power cord compatible with your camera’s battery. With this, you can connect your camera directly to a power source, allowing the battery to charge.

Remember, always use the appropriate charging methods to ensure the longevity of your camera’s battery.

Are Canon Battery Price Friendly?

When it comes to photography, equipment is undoubtedly essential. A good camera is necessary for a photographer, and its battery is equally crucial.

Canon cameras are known for their quality and dependability, but many photographers worry about the cost of their batteries.

The good news is that Canon battery prices are friendly, considering their high-performance capabilities and longevity. Photographers can save money by learning how to charge Canon cameras without a charger.

Using a USB cable or an external charger, you can extend the life of your battery and keep your camera operational without any hassle. All in all, Canon always delivers when it comes to quality equipment at an affordable price point.

My Experience With How to Charge Canon Camera
Without Camera

My Canon camera is essential for capturing the world around me as a photographer. But what happens when the battery dies and I don’t have my charger?

I’ve been in this predicament more times than I can count, but I’ve learned a few tricks. One solution is to use a USB plug to charge the camera directly.

Another option is investing in a charger that can be easily carried with me. But my favorite solution is to keep spare batteries on hand. Not only does this prevent the stress of a dead battery, but it also gives me the flexibility to keep shooting without interruptions.

A helpful tip: When swapping out batteries, keep them in a safe place, preferably with the rubber cover with the camera. Small details like these make all the difference in maintaining the camera’s longevity and continuing to capture beautiful moments.

Wrapping Up

You have the power to capture beautiful memories with your Canon camera. It is essential to ensure you care for it properly and know how to charge it without a charger. With the tips provided above, you can now do just that!

After charging your camera, don’t forget to check all the settings before taking any action shots so your creativity is not frustrated.

Lastly, please remember that these steps will work for most Canon cameras; however, we suggest double-checking to ensure your model is compatible.

Now that you’ve had a brush up on how to charge your Canon camera without a charger, go out there and capture some unforgettable moments!

Don’t forget – now you know how to charge Canon camera without a charger, so let’s get shooting!