How to Become a Tech Blogger in Nigeria in 2020

I am a tech blogger in Nigeria. What does it mean? In this article, we are going to have an in-depth look at how to become a tech blogger, requirements, types and niches in technology.

Tips to be a Tech Blogger in Nigeria

When you search for tech companies in Nigeria, you see the likes of tech advance & GPay one is a Fintech company, while the other as roots in payment gateways. Technology is also improving in Nigeria; you can now pay your electricitybills online today. Every tech company or blog has a different tech niche targeted towards a specific audience. That brings me to a point regarding tech niches we have in Nigeria and the rest of the World.

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Requirements of a Tech Blogger in Nigeria

So what does it take to become a tech blogger in Nigeria? You have selected technology as the niche you want to blog about and create content on. But it doesn’t end there; you need to know some critical aspects before you can become a tech blogger.

1. Passion

This is the key to blogging because a blog is a personal website. So it has to be something close to your heart. We all have our passions. So it’s a good thing you express your love using a blog which could generate some passive income over time. Who says your love can’t be profitable? Pick a passion, create a blog and monetize your blog so that you make money while you sleep.

2. Existing knowledge in a specific field of technology

This is an essential requirement you must possess: having knowledge or interest in a particular area of technology. I’m not saying you have to be an expert before you start a tech blog. But at the very least you need a little knowledge in an area that is in your comfort zone.

An example: A young man who likes downloading TV shows, movies, software, applications, android games, and apps, can open a review tech blog talking about software he has used, how they performed, where to download them. He moves on to writing guest posts for a big software company and getting sponsored post requests which would fetch him extra income on the side.

You need to have existing knowledge about the tech blog niche you want to write about. Indeed, when creating content for your tech blog, you have to do some research so that the little knowledge you have about the topic will result in the creation of original content. Knowing the subject discourages “copy and paste” lazy bloggers.

3. Money

You need an initial amount of money to buy your domain name and account for hosting fees. You have to get rid of the .blogpost or .wordpress hosting names for more professionalism and credibility. You can remove them by purchasing a hosting plan. Don’t be scared when you have to spend the initial money. The truth about blogging is that you need to spend money to make more money. Old time bloggers know that blogging is an investment; you invest your content and get rewarded for your effort either by Google AdSense or other ad networks.

Naira - Nigerian Currency

4. Domain name

You cannot become a tech blogger in Nigeria without a domain name. I use Namecheap to search and register my .com domain names because currently, you can buy a .com domain from Namecheap for as low as $8.8 (equivalent to 3,300 nairas using N375/$1 conversion rate by AbokiFX). For Nigerian based domain names like or .ng, I use Registeram.

Namecheap Website

5. Website/Blog platform

This is also something you cannot do without. Choosing a site or blog platform should be based on how secure the platform is to learn and use. The perfect blog platform should be straightforward to use for you: as I said above, a blog is a personal website, so you are going to be the ADMIN of your blog. If you never had any experience with blog platforms you can always learn WordPress and Blogger, they are easy to use and manage.

6. A good hosting company

I am currently using GoGeek hosting from Siteground that I find quite expensive so I will advise new tech bloggers to use Nigerian hosting like Bluehost because with just N1,000 or $2.95 per month you can have one of the best hosting plans. I have used it for some of smaller websites with less traffic, so for new bloggers, I advise you to get an excellent affordable hosting company. You don’t need to be paying N5,000 per month; start small, and when you get bigger you can change hosts to handle your more significant traffic.

bluehost homepage

7. Website template

If you use either WordPress or Blogger or any other website/blogging platform you need a website template (the overall framework of your blog) unless you want to build it from scratch. I won’t recommend it as it takes much more time. You can easily setup WordPress or Blogger within 5 minutes; it’s straightforward!

  • What should a website template have?
  • Responsive layout
  • A simple design which makes it easy for your readers to absorb your articles
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Page speed optimization

8. Solid internet connection

Every blogger needs a reliable internet connection to support him/her. In Nigeria, it is recommended to have two active internet connections to fight internet failures. A backup internet is always a must. I use both Swift 4G and GLO 4G networks in Nigeria.

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 Top Nigerian Tech Niches in Nigeria

When starting a tech blog in Nigeria, you need to have a primary or core tech niche, and then have 2-3 secondary tech niches. I remember back in 2013 when I started my tech blog; I thought that tech blogs were all-around blogs that cover any tech related topic. After I started blogging, I realized there were different types of tech niches. For example in Nigeria we have those specific ones:

  • Review tech blogs
  • Phone & tablets prices tech blogs
  • How-to & Guides tech blogs
  • Mobile networks tariff, data plans tech blogs
  • Tech news blogs

Some tech blogs like naijatechguide combine two or more niches to make a more robust tech blog. So be specific with your primary tech niche because you will find yourself creating content for that particular tech niche more efficiently and more often.