How Much Is Aweber?

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When it comes to pricing, a lot of people usually know firsthand whether or not they will make use of the services based on the prices attached to the service. Getting services that match the price tag is highly important and figuring out the price beforehand is essential to the choice you make.

How Much Is Aweber? Aweber pricing can be divided into two formats, the Pro and Free. The pro plan has some set structure that determines the price you pay,  as the system goes, the price you pay is usually determined by the number of subscribers you have, an email list of about 500 subscribers will cost you $19 per month, this is relatively cheaper than other email marketing brands out there.

With an increase in the number of subscribers you’re hosting or on your email list, comes an increase in price. You could go from 501 subscribers to 2500 subscribers and the price will go up to $29 per month, the price goes up and up, depending on the number of your subscribers list.

In any case that you find your subscriber list going beyond the usual limit and price rating, let’s say you have 25,000 or more subscribers. It is safe to say that you might have to contact aweber for a quotation, the quotation will give you the price estimate you’re looking for.

There is a free plan that is also available, with the free plan, you get to use a lot of the features aweber has to offer, but there’s a catch: your mailing list has to be less than 500,anything more than that means you can’t enjoy free services.

The only way you’re going to see a pricing difference is when the number of people on your mailing list is more or less than what it used to be, if you have a high number on your mailing list, you will pay more than someone with less.

One important thing that users are advised to take note of is that whether or not someone has unsubscribed from your mailing list doesn’t necessarily affect the price, if you have a subscriber list, you will be charged accordingly, even if there are people on that list that have unsubscribed.

The one thing you need to do in order to avoid being billed for people who are nonexistent on your mailing list, is to completely wipe unsubscribed people from your account, all you need to do is delete their info and you’re good, remember to do this often.

Breakdown Of The Aweber Pro Plan Monthly Billing Cycle

In order to get an idea of what you’re going to pay based on the number of subscribers you have, it is important to have a firsthand knowledge of all the prices and their mailing list, side by side.

The Pro plan has a pricing structure that begins with 500 subscribers, this means that it has exceeded the free plan line,and you can no longer enjoy features for free. The price of 500 subscribers goes at $19 per month, which is relatively cheap.

The next price is $29 per month, this is valid and effective kg you have about 501 subscribers to around 2,500 subscribers, the wide number range just goes to show that the price is a bit fair for anyone looking for an affordable pricing plan.

If you have 2,501 subscribers to 5000 subscribers, the price you pay almost doubles up, in this case you will have to pay $49 per month , this is because the number of your subscribers has also almost doubled up in a way, so the price tag  is fairly reasonable.

The next price is $69 per month, the number of subscribers that goes with this price starts out at 5001 to 10,000 subscribers, so you can see that there’s a leveled number of subscribers going up in a leveled manner succession.

At 10,001 subscribers to 25,000 subscribers, your price tag is heightened to $149 per month, this is the highest price range and the number of subscribers is cerya8the highest as well, luckily for clients of aweber, the subscriber list isn’t limited to this number.

It is important to note that the price only goes up because the number of subscribers you have goes up as well, the price doesn’t really affect the features you get. It is cool for other email marketing services to offer higher prices based on more advanced features, but for aweber, the features you get are basically all the same, even with the free plan you can get most of the features.

Aweber Pricing Perks

The fact that Aweber isn’t as expensive as many of its other counterparts is a huge perk on its own,.but you might find that it is more expensive than some other counterparts as well, but the decision is up to you entirely.

With Aweber you get a 14% discount when you pay quarterly, there’s also a 14.9% discount is available if you pay annually, and there are also some discounts available for students and nonprofit organizations, this is such a great perk when it comes to aweber pricing.

The features you get with Aweber matches the prices you get charged, the prices and features are both useful and Aweber prices are on a leveled middle ground whether or not it is cheaper or more expensive than other email marketing services.

Aweber Pro Plan Quarterly And Yearly Billing Cycle

With the Pro plan, you could also have 500 subscribers which you would be charged $19 for, this option is there for people who need all the features that the free plan can’t give, the quarterly and yearly price for this is $49 and $193.80, respectively.

With 501-2,500 subscribers you get a quarterly and yearly price of $79 and $313.80, for 2,501-5,000 subscribers, your quarterly and yearly price hikes up to about $139 and $553.80, respectively.

When it comes to 5,001 -10,000 subscribers, you get a quarterly price tag  of $199, and a yearly billing cycle of $793.80, and finally the 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers range, this comes at a quarterly and yearly billing cycle of $439 and $1,753.80.

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