How much does divi cost?

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Divi is a product of Elegant theme it is one of the popular products on WordPress. Since it was created, Divi has gains recognition in the WordPress world reason been of its simplicity, and it does not require any code experience when using it. There is no doubt about what Divi can do, for every WordPress user both beginners and professionals alike knows that Divi is one of the best WordPress tools out there. But the real deal there is most do not know how much it cost.

How much does Divi cost? Divi has two access plans, which come at different prices. What differentiates the prices is the duration of your usage. There is the yearly license which costs $89 where you get to use in just a year and the lifetime license at $249 where you get to pay once, and you would not have to renew again. Both of these access allows you to enjoy the full benefits of divi. And when you pay for any of the plans, you did not buy just a single product but all the products’ divi as to offer.

You even see on google where some are even searching for a free version of Divi funny right, that shows how important the WordPress tool is. You are also here to know how much it cost and to see probably if divi is the right tool for your website or not. Well, I would say you are in the right place, I will be giving the actual cost of divi and why you should try it for your website. Sit back and read on.

Have it in mind that whichever plan you are going for, Divi allows you to enjoy the full tools at your disposal. The yearly plan is the most popular among users, where you get access to all the themes, and plugins, you also get constant updates where your site enjoys new features. You can also use this yearly access on unlimited websites, which means you can use it on countless websites if you want.

Have it in mind that at the end of the year, and you refuse to renew your plan, your website will still be working, but you will no longer receive updates, which means when new features are added you will not benefit from it.

The lifetime access opens you to unlimited packages, you won’t be bothered about renewing every year, and you will be open to enjoy limitless updates from divi. And to let you know, when you pay for any device access, you did not only pay for a particular product, you paid for all the products that come along the divi. That’s why most WordPress users prefer it to other packages.

Divi is both a theme and a page builder and when you pay for it, you have both the theme and the page builder even you do not like to use it. The divi package is enough for any user because it’s a complete tool. But not all the tools are that great. However, the cost is still better than other products out there. In the post I will be giving a detailed review of all the products on divi and why you go for it.

The Products Found In Divi

As I earlier stated that when you purchase any of the Elegant theme packages, you did not only buy a theme but other products that come with it. I will be giving a short review on each of the products that come along with the Divi theme, so you know it is worth buying.

Divi Theme:

The Divi theme is the primary product of the Elegant theme this is what most WordPress users paid for. The theme is a multipurpose theme that can be used to design any kind of website. It does not require any kind of coding for it to use. Most users testify of its ease to use and how flexible the theme is. It was amazing features that have drawn lots of users to it.

Even seasoned website developers give positive remarks on the theme. What made it stand out among other WordPress themes is the regular updates it receives, these updates help improve the performance of the theme, and you don’t have to pay for the update so long you have already pay for the access. However, for those of you that pay for the yearly access if you do not renew your package you will not receive any update.

Divi Builder:

The Divi page builder is widely regarded as one of the best drag and drops page builders on WordPress. The Divi page builder gives you the liberty to create complex website layouts in few minutes with no code required for this. Even if you have never designed any website before with the Divi page builder you can develop a one in minutes, you can even add rich media to your content, media like images, stylish, videos, tables, text, and many more.

To add to its numerous benefits, the Divi builder allows you to save any layout you created in their library, so any time you need them you just go to the library and load the layouts, then adjust them to suit the website you are working on. Mind you the plugin has its own premade layouts that are over 1000 and are still constantly receiving updates from the divi market. You see why many love divi.


Extra is a whole new collection of modules powered by Divi builder. Divi Extra opens a new door for unique web designs you can use the divi extra to create a magazine-style homepage. It also allows you to create an orderly and organized volume content without overfilling a page layout. The divi extra help give blogs a new view with amazing designs, which you can design without any form of coding.

Other products that come with Divi include Bloom which is an email opt-in plugin that allows you to grow your website subscription list and the last tool is Monarch, this tool helps you to share your content on social media which in turn helps increase your followers. These are the products you get when you pay for any access plan on diving.

This is why most prefer divi to others. Another thing is that it is quite easy to use, beginners and professionals feel comfortable when using Divi to design any WordPress website. To me, Divi is cheaper than other WordPress tools, once you pay for the theme you pay to access other tools, unlike others where you get to pay for them separately.

Related Question

Can I get divi for free?

I think no, Divi is a premium tool on WordPress, so you would have to pay for it to access it, so it is not free at all.

Is Divi worth buying?

I would say the choice is yours, why because you might have other features you are searching for that Divi might not have, but in terms of cost, I think Divi is better than others.

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