How Much Does ConvertKit Cost?

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ConvertKit is an email marketing service that provides a unique way for creatives such as YouTubers, podcasters and so many others to do what they do best, all the while making money out of it.

How Much Does ConvertKit Cost? The price of the convertkit depends on the plan you’ve chosen to use, you could use the free plan which is meant for people that have less than 1000 subscribers, or you could go for the creator plan that starts at $29 per month and $25 per month if you decide to pay on a yearly basis, another plan is the creator plan that starts out at $59 per month because of its advanced features, you get to save money if you pay yearly at $50 per month.

It is also important to note that the prices for these plans depend on the number of subscribers. For instance, if you have over 1000 subscribers, you can’t use the free plan, and if you have over 1000 subscribers for the creator and creator pro plan, you have to pay $49 and $79 respectively per month.

The pricing depends highly on the length of your list, the number of your subscribers determines how much you will pay, and it gets better because convertkit has a cost estimator that will help you calculate or estimate how much you’ll pay.

The plans and the prices have been created to suit your needs according, the free plan still offers a lot of features like the usage of ConvertKit’s templates to build forms and landing pages.

The creator plan is a great step-up from the free plan and it is known as the best ConvertKit Plan for Basic Automation and Sales Funnels, what this means is that it allows you automate email sequences and sales funnels.

One way to reduce the price you spend is by removing subscribers who don’t open your mail from the subscriber list, that way your list isn’t as long and your invoice at the end of the day is lower.

The creator pro plan on the other hand is amazing for people who want the most advanced features, but you have to realize that with more advanced comes even greater pricing, but the great thing about it is that you get a 14 day trial to test out the features before you decide to pay or not.

Basically the price you pay for convertkit depends on the plan you choose, you have three different plans to choose from and with those three plans comes the 1000 subscriber determinant, the prices go up when the lost of your subscribers go up.

Breakdown Of ConvertKit Prices

The entire convertkit cost depends on a system based plan, the plan determines the cost and so does the number of subscribers you have on your email marketing system, the breakdown below will help you understand the cost better.

The Free Plan

The free plan doesn’t have a price tag attached, it stops being free when you have more than 1000 subscribers, the free plan is great for people just starting out and you get features attached at no cost.

The Creator Plan

The creator plan working in a step by step system, If you have 1000 email subscribers, you will need to pay a monthly price of $29 and you even get about 50% off if you decide to pay yearly at $25 per month. The monthly price adds up to $290 per year if you pay annually.

Based on the creator plan, if you have 3000 email subscribers, you get higher cost charges, the cost of the monthly plan starts at $49, $41 per month if you decide to pay yearly and $490 in total.

If you go up to 5000 email subscribers, your price will go up to $79 per month, $66 per month on a yearly basis and a total of $790 per year if paid annually, the same increase in cost goes for 8000 email subscribers, $99,$83,       $990 based on the per month and yearly system.

The price goes higher and higher, your subscriber number could go higher to 10,000 and then there’s a 400,000 limit , and the price or cost based on the number of email subscribers increases as the number of subscribers increase.

The Creator Pro Plan

This is convertkit’s most expensive plan, it is meant for marketing professionals that will require the most advanced features for their email promotions, the prices are costlier and with different number of email subscribers comes an even higher price tag.

With the Creator pro plan, an email subscriber list of 1000 people starts out at a $99 per month cost and $83 per month if you decide to pay for a year, it is helpful because it reduces the cost you spend at the end of the year and that adds up to about $990.

If you decide to go up to 5000 email subscribers, your cost goes up to $111 per month, $93 per month for a yearly payment and a total of $1,110 if you paid on a monthly-yearly basis, this helps you save even with a long list of subscribers.

An email subscriber list of 8000 will cost you $139 per month , $116 per month for a year and a total of $1,390. The entire price of the plan goes up depending on the number of email subscribers you have.

Your subscriber list could increase up to 10,000, 25,000, 55,000, 75,000, 105,000, 205,000, 305,000, right up to a limit of 400,000. If you have more than 400,000 you will have to contact convertkit directly for a more custom made pricing.

Choosing The Right Plan

The price you pay depends on the plan you’re using, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might have to at least start out with the creator plan at 1000 email subscribers, you can even decide to use the free plan if you want to.

The creator pro plan should be chosen if your email marketing needs meet the advanced features to a tee,  and the number of email subscribers you have enable your ability to pay the higher cost, if that is the cost, the creator pro plan is for you.

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