How much does Bluehost cost per year?

Bluehost is an amazing and reliable web host that has to gain the trust of so many users all over the world. Its simplicity and 24/7 customer support are something you cannot resist. Bluehost offers its customers several good products. From individuals who desire to have a full functioning website on a little budget the cost of to big business owners, Bluehost offers you the best web hosting solution.

How much does Bluehost cost per year? The shared Bluehost hosting plan has basic ($9.99), Bluehost Plus ($13.99), Bluehost Choice Plus ($18.99), and Bluehost Pro ($28.99). These are the cost for a year of any shared host plan. WooCommerce has Bluehost standard ($ 24.95) and Bluehost premium ($39.95), the managed Bluehost WordPress hosting plan comes in build ($24.95), Bluehost Grow ($34.95) and Bluehost Scale ($54.95).

For most of you having doubts about hosting your websites on Bluehost, let me quickly remind you that Bluehost house over 2 million websites in the world. That means it’s doing something others do not. Most want to know how much Bluehost costs per year, you too want to know are reading this article. Let me say you have come to the right place, I will show you how much Bluehost costs per year and the benefits you will get from hosting your website on Bluehost. Let’s get to it.

Bluehost offers a wide range of plans for different users. It helps give users the freedom to choose the hosting plan that will help go well with their website and would not have to break their bank. The prices are quite affordable. If you are starting, it will be good for the shared hosting plans, because it is the cheapest and contains every feature you need to start up your website.

No matter the kind of Bluehost plan you are opting for, you are going to get a feature-rich tool to help you build an amazing website. You get toolsets like dedicated IP, MS office 365, domain privacy, spam experts, premium SSL, code guard, and lots more. There are other exciting hosting plans on Bluehost you can try for the plan that is not limited to the ones I listed above.

However, you can also go for more durations on Bluehost if you feel the one-year plan isn’t ok for you. In addition,  you will also get a free domain name for a year, that’s how great all the plans are. Follow on to see the benefits you get from any of these plans.

Benefits Of Hosting Your Website On Bluehost

There are series of benefits you would enjoy when you use Bluehost in hosting your website. I will be listing the benefits I think stands out and why you should go with Bluehost.

High Security: Bluehost offers you all the security your website needs at an awesome price. Some features help you hide the personal info you gave when signing up. Hackers tend to go after this informations so they can take over the website from you or do some harm to it. The security features Bluehost provides help shield you away from such kinds of problems.

You will also get tools that help prevents the attacks of malware and tools that give you an automatic backup daily. In addition, you get a security tool that will give spam protection to all the emails that are associated with your website. Isn’t this great, you do not have to be alarmed by any security issues because Bluehost will help you take care of it.

Loading Speed: when looking for a web host for your website, one of the most important feature to watch out for it’s the loading speed. If you host your website with a web host that makes loading a page on your website take time, you are going to lose all the people that are loyal to you because nobody loves waiting time on a particular website.

They will move to websites that load very fast. And that means low traffic or low sales. Bluehost helps your web pages load at a top speed. It has been found to load at a speed of 688 ms over the years. That speed is quite remarkable. Although it is not the fastest around the speed should be ok for any web page loading.

Great Uptime: uptime is one of the most important features to also watch out for. Uptime means the number of times your website will be functioning. While downtime means the time is will less function. If your website is down your users won’t be able to have access to it which will further reduce traffic.

This is where Bluehost beat most web host services, it gives an uptime of 99.96% in a year which means that you only get downtime for about four hours for a whole year.  It doesn’t get better than that. This means if you host your website with Bluehost, you are assured to get little downtime throughout the year.

Very Easy To Use: You don’t have to have much experience to be able to host a website on Bluehost. It is designed in such a way that even beginners can use Bluehost to host a website without any form of difficulty. This is not the same with other web hosts in the market. These web hosts are specifically designed for advanced and experienced webmasters.

They are not good for beginners or those with little knowledge. However, both beginners and experienced persons can use Bluehost to host their respective websites. Everything on Bluehost is straightforward and easy to follow. That’s why you see most people love Bluehost.

Excellent Customer Support: it offers 24/7 customer support to all its customers. Not all web host services will give you the kind of support you get from Bluehost at such prices. You may have to pay an additional price for you to be attended to, but not with Bluehost.

If you encounter any form of trouble while setting up your website, the customer services are at your service at any time, you can put a call through, chat with them or send an email you will get the response you need in time.

Cons On Using Bluehost

Although Bluehost gives you wonderful features at an affordable price, it still has certain setbacks. The renewal rate is quite expensive. When you start up with Bluehost, the first rates are cheap because they are at a discount rate however, when your first duration is over, the renewal rate is quite expensive. You will have to pay higher than what you initially paid for.

This is one thing that hinders most users from going with the web host. The best thing is to go for a longer duration in your first charge also you will face certain restrictions when using the cheap shared Bluehost plans. Restrictions like limited storage spaces. To go beyond these restrictions, you have to go for the higher plans.

These are just a few setbacks you will encounter when using Bluehost apart from these you are such in getting excellent performance from them.

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Is it possible to transfer my domain to Bluehost?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your domain to Bluehost. Transferring your formal domain to your new Bluehost account is very easy to do.