How much does Bluehost charge for a domain name?

Getting a domain name is the most important thing in setting up your website. It is with this name that people can locate your website and get to know what you have to offer. Research has it that simple domain names attract more visitors because they are easy to remember. That is why you must be very careful in choosing a domain name.

How much does Bluehost charge for a domain name?

Firstly, you must know that on Bluehost the charges on domain varies. The charges are dependent on the suffix you want to attach to your domain name. Here I will focus basically on the popular domain name endings. Domain name with the ending .com, cost $12.99, ones with .net endings cost $14.99, .org cost $9.99, .co cost $14.99, .blog cost $22.99, .website cost $1.99, .Me cost $17.99 and .tech cost $4.99. All these are what Bluehost charges users for the first year.

Coming up with one is not easy as well that’s why most users use platforms like Bluehost to help them out. Bluehost gives you access to a lot of domain name suggestions where you are free to choose from. They help you find a creative and attractive domain name that helps you stand out. I bet you already know what Bluehost can do that why you came to find out how much they charge for a domain name. Read on to find out what you came for.

Bluehost offer tons of domain name extension, ones listed above are the most popular ones people use for their websites. Domain name extensions are the best way to express what you want your domain name to look like. You might be puzzled as to why Bluehost’s charges on some domain names are high while others are less.

The reason for this is that domain name extensions are what help express the kind of brand you want your viewers to know you are selling. Although, some users use popular extensions like .com and .org to their websites reason being that there are no specific extensions for certain websites.

All you have to do is go for the domain name that can help give your website meaning. Like I earlier said Bluehost has tons of domain name extension, so you are at the liberty of choosing anyone that best suit your budget and what you think will go well with your domain name. Let me also draw your attention to the most important thing, the renewal charges are a bit higher than the first time registration.

The reason for this is that Bluehost gives its customers discounts in the first year. Also, in a scenario where the domain expires, Bluehost will help you hold the domain for 30 days as a courtesy and not as an obligation pending when you will carry out the renewal. If you fail to renew it your domain will be placed in Redemption and will be inaccessible till you come to redeem it by paying specific charges. 

Why You Should Choose Bluehost As Registrar For A Domain name

Haven seen how much Bluehost charges its customers for a domain name, the next question you might be harboring is why should I go will Bluehost for a domain name. Are they the best around, well there are a lot of reasons why you should go with Bluehost when choosing a domain name? The popular reason why must go with Bluehost is its simplicity.

Bluehost makes it easy to see which domain names are already in use. So that you won’t use a domain name that has already be taken by another user. A friend of mine wanted to start a tech blog with a name in mind however, the name he has already been taken by another blog. So he used Bluehost and got series of suggestions where he chooses from.

Do not be alarmed when the name you have has been taken, Bluehost will help you get a more attractive one for your website. When you choose Bluehost for your domain name you are at peace. Because you know you are working with a reliable web host service provider that has been in the business for a long.

Unlike the new domain name providers that tend to close up without notifying their customers, Bluehost isn’t one of those be rest assured that your domain name is safe and secure. Again, Bluehost help to keep your domain personal information safe from the reach of spammers and identity thieves.

Domain privacy is one top priority of Bluehost, your domain name you choose and other info are securely kept for you from the reach for spammers and those who want to steal your domain name for theirs. To add to why you should choose Bluehost for your domain name, it helps let everyone know where you are located right in your domain.

This is possible when you choose to go with the countries extension for example yourwebsite. ng shows that you are based in Nigeria. You see if you want your viewers or customers to know where you are located Bluehost gives you that liberty to do that. It has tons of countries’ domain name extensions all you have to is to choose your location code. These are few reasons why you go with Bluehost for a domain name, all you want for a domain name Bluehost provides.

Tips On How To Choose A Domain Name For Your  Website

In this section, I will be giving you tips you need in choosing a domain name for your websites. These are tips I think will go a long way to help those of us who find it hard in coming up with one.

  • Keep it simple: when choosing a domain name go with simple names with no form of complications so that it will be easy for visitors to easily reach your website. If there are spelling issues or the name to complicate those who want to visit might type in the wrong name in their browsers which takes them to another website or return an error. You now see in choosing a domain name makes it simple and easy.
  • Avoid Hyphens: using hyphens on your domain name isn’t advisable, some get lost with it and it’s really hard to cast names with hyphens into memory let me illustrate what I mean. If your website name is this might get a lot of people confuse, and they began to type in their browsers which are different from your website. So avoid hyphens if necessary.
  • Avoid slang: Avoid the use of slang for your domain name for this might get people to confuse. Some might not know the actual spelling of the slang, and they go ahead to type in the correct spelling a typical example is when your someone might think it’s which has brought confusion, so you must do well to avoid slangs in your domain name.
  • Run from copyright issues: you must do well to avoid a name that is already in use by another website just to save yourself from any form of legal troubles.
  • Brainstorm: lastly I will suggest you do a thorough brainstorm before coming up with a domain name for your website. If you have a friend you trust or a partner you guys can bring your ideas to the table in getting a good domain name.

I know their other things you must consider before registering a domain name however, the tips I gave above will go a long way to help you get a good and creative domain name for a business. 

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