How many domains can I host on Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting companies on the internet and they power over two million websites. One of the major reasons why they are being used by a lot of people is because of the price of their web hosting plans. They also offer you additional features for free when you buy a hosting plan on their platform.

The extra features include a free domain and a free SSL certificate but the big question today is how many domains can you add to your Bluehost account. we will answer that vital question in this article.

How many domains can I host on Bluehost?

You can host as many domains as you want with your Bluehost account. there are people who host as many as 20 domains with Bluehost and it works just fine. Bluehost makes it very flexible and easy to have multiple domains and websites and you can easily manage them. Your cPanel dashboard is going to give you access to all domains and you can work on each domain separately. The number of domains doesn’t affect how much the websites perform even though they are all under one Bluehost account.

Having more than one domain under one web hosting platform makes it easy to manage everything. Imagine login into various platforms just to manage your domains it is going to be stressful. Bluehost allows you manage your domains and website at once without multiple logins. There are a number of web hosting platforms that allows you to add more than one domain at a time.

Some professional bloggers and web developers actually use this to run multiple domains and websites at the same time. This make their job a bit easier for them to manage. Bluehost has a lot of additional advantages when you decide to use it in hosting multiple domains.

What is a Domain Name?

Most of the time we hear a word domain being mentioned when it comes to building a website but what is a domain and why is it so important. In short terms a domain name is what people type in a search bar in order to visit a website. Let’s make it more realistic a domain name would be the address of your house in real life.

Domain name was invented to solve the problem of entering a long string of numbers each time you want to visit a website. Without it will be difficult to type in the URL of your favorite website.

Let’s say a website is hosted on Bluehost for example then its name server information will be like or the name servers are computers managed by your hosting company. Your hosting company will forward your request to a computer where your website is stored. This computer is called web server and it has a special software installed.

The webserver now fetches the webpage and pieces of information associated with it. Finally, the data is sent back to your browser. All this happens within some split seconds if the site you are loading is fast.

A domain name is also different from a website or webhosting. A website Is made up of HTML pages, images, and number of other important things. The domain name is the name of your site and a webhosting platform is where your website lives. It is the computer that all the files on your website are stored. These computers are called servers and you are getting them from the webhosting company.

Both domain name and web hosting are very important when you are creating a website. They are different services and you can use two different companies to run your website and domain name. a very good example of this is the Bluehost and WordPress partnership. You get your domain name from Bluehost while WordPress is your content management system.

Difference between Domain and Subdomain

A subdomain and domain are two different things and they shouldn’t be seen as the same thing. A sub domain is an additional part of a main domain and you can create many sub domains for your main domain. Let’s say you have a website you can create a subdomain for xyz as and it can be where you sell stuffs.

A subdomain can be very important if you want to have different section for your website maybe a store or a forum. It can help boost traffic to the main side or you can use it to connect to your customers.

The main domain is what is going to power other subdomains and the name of your subdomain will carry the URL of the main domain. Having to many subdomains can be a problem sometimes and it can affect your website if you are not using a good hosting plan. When using Bluehost and WordPress you can create a different WordPress site and use it to power your subdomain.

A subdomain will help you manage content on your website and it will direct user to the right place on your site. If you have a public website you should not use a subdomain because it can be aimless.

With a subdomain you will have the chance to target fresh keywords and improve your SEO. You will be able to target specific keywords that will directly affect your subdomain. Make sure you research before adding a subdomain to your main domain this is because it has both positive and negative effects.

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What is Domain Privacy Protection on Bluehost?

Domain privacy protection on Bluehost is what protects the information and details of a website owner from the general public. It also protects your website from the unauthorized access.

How many Subdomains can you add on Bluehost?

With Bluehost you can add an unlimited number of domains for free. the most important thing is that you should consider the number of subdomains you add before you tank your website. Subdomains are good and they can help push your website to new height but be wary of how you use them.