How Does Convertkit Work?

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Convertkit is one of the best email marketing companies out there, it is innovative and somewhat new in the entire industry, but it works in a way that transcends the way other email marketing companies work,  it has a few unique ways in which it works differently from the others.

How does convertkit work? Convertkit works in ways that aids creators to grow their audience by turning visitors into subscribers, or fans, as the case may be. Convertkit is an email marketing company and because of that, the way it works is in a way that enables you send email messages to people on your subscriber list in segments or as a whole. The innovative nature of convertkit has taken this part of email marketing to the next level by allowing users have a unique and undoubtedly accurate number of people on their list, there’s  no room for double counting in your convertkit subscribers list.

In order to group your subscribers, you could either add them in segments or you could also tag them. Tagging works in a way that allows you tag anyone who clicks on a particular link in your message sequence and segments works in a way that allows you group people in order to perhaps exempt them from the mailing, segments have been described to be like folders.

For content creators who intend to make use of convertkit services, they are promised a relationship with the people on their list and they get to make money doing what they love, which is the entire point of using services like this.

Convertkit provides you with the most effective and right tools you will need to gain income while doing what you’re good at, through your mailing list, you could go from not earning anything initially, to gaining a solid source of income.

Convertkit also works in a way that can cut down the number of spam addresses that will try to get on your subscriber list, In a related way, it also reduces the chances of one of your subscribers reporting you for spam, convertkit has made this possible through its double opt in feature.

Creating A Convertkit Account

Signing up for a convertkit account is a fruitful way of enjoying all the perks it has to offer, if you’re a blogger, if you have a YouTube page, if you even have an online magazine of some sort, then signing up for a convertkit account is the best way to find out how it works, especially in your own favour.

Once you sign up, you get to choose your plan and your price will also depend on the number of people you have on your mailing list, if you have 1000 people and you’ve chosen the creator plan, your price will start at $29 per month.

If you want convertkit to work, your website will have to be verified and then you will be able to send messages, then you will have to set up your account information by clicking on Account at the top right corner.

Your account info includes your company name, your email address and password and you’re almost good to go, the next thing to do would be to set up a form, the form is basically for anyone who might want to sign up.

Eventually, you will be required to add the form to your website, to do this in an easy and straightforward way, you need to install a convertkit plugin, activate it with an API key in your account settings and then head over to your page, the page where the form will be added.

Convertkit will let you tag or use segments, tagging is more of an individual thing, you make use of tags when you intend to tag certain individuals based on their interest or even participation in your exercise and segments are more of a group activity, it could be a group of people who signed up through different forms or have tags that you want to put together.

If you already have a subscribers list that you previously used, you could import the email list, to do that, just open the subscribers tab in the top menu. Click on the button ‘Import Subscribers’. Here you can simply drag-and-drop your .csv file into the field where it tells you to do so.

Add a tag to your import on the right side, and then click on create tag to set it all up, the n3ct thing to do will be to fill in required fields such as email address or first name, after that is done, you’ll need one more clicks on Import subscribers, and then the import will begin officially.

The Main Process Of Convertkit

The main part of the entire convertkit journey would be the mails you will send or the ones you’ve sent, the bottom line here is that convertkit will be helping you get closer to your clients through these mails.

Choosing the number of people you have on your subscriber list is very important, you could take people that don’t click on your links or people who aren’t fond of opening your messages out of the subscribers list.

A lot of the time, the message you’re sending is a broadcast, this is because it involves newsletters, and if that is the case, your message may be to your entire mailing list but you may still be able to exclude particular people.

The email you create on convertkit is on a more simple route, convertKit has forms that might be simpler than forms of other email marketing companies, but on the bright side,  you could customize your form if the simple theme isn’t exactly what you want.

There’s a toolbar that will be at the top of your email for you to have options like adding kinks and images within you mail, you also get to preview your email, make sure all the links are working and if you’re fully satisfied with the email, click next step.

Convertkit let’s you schedule when you want your email to be sent, so click on the schedule button and it’s good to go. On the off chance that you decide to edit the email before its scheduled send date, you can find your newsletter in the broadcast section,it should be unscheduled before you edit it to your liking so that convertkit will send it out to your mailing list.

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