How to Get $10 DigitalOcean Free VPS Hosting for 1 month

Want to start a blog or website but you don’t have money for hosting? All you need to do is buy a domain name for about $10 and get DigitalOcean free VPS hosting for 1 month the same way I got mine for my new website.

This is a great opportunity for those that have website or blog ideas but don’t really want to invest much money into it or rather don’t have enough money to invest.

Personally, I have a site idea which means a new website would be created. I already coined my domain name based on targeted specific keywords then moving to what hosting I’m going to use. I am obviously not going to use shared hosting plan because my current experience using shared hosting has been OK.¬† I want something more and better so I decided to go with DigitalOcean free VPS hosting plan because of the dedicated IP address it comes with.

How to Get $10 DigitalOcean Free VPS Hosting


Benefits of Using VPS Hosting

  1. Dedicated IP address: With a free VPS hosting you won’t have to worry about shared hosting bad neighbors using your IP address for illegal activities which blacklists your IP address and prevents your site from ranking higher on Google.


  1. Full customization and flexibility: You can choose what to install in your cPanel and remove those useless and unnecessary softwares from your cPanel which greatly improves the overall speed of the website.


  1. Faster loading speed: Because of your lightweight cPanel, customized server settings meant for optimizing page load speed, your website will start to get faster loading speed from Google PageSpeed, GMetrix, WebPageSpeedTest & Pingdom Website Speed Test.


  1. SSD Drive: Using a solid state drive guarantees faster website speed.


How to Get $10 DigitalOcean Free VPS Hosting

This is not a referral link. These are direct promo codes without right now for free vps hosting package. This works 100%, want to know why I’m so sure it work? because I used the code myself and got free $10 which I used to purchase a digitalocean free vps hosting.


  • Go to DigitalOcean
  • Create a new account
  • In the billing information page, scroll to the bottom and click “Do you have Promo Code”
  • You get this message when you apply the promo code and it’s accepted.

    digitalocean active promo code

digital promo code

If you need additional evidence, DigitalOcean sent me an email with a free $10 coupon code you can use too get 1 month free VPS hosting. View the code below.


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How to Get $15 DigitalOcean Free VPS Hosting

This is a promo code for $15 credit. You can use it for anything you like. The code is below;


What will the free $10 Digital Ocean Free VPS coupon code give you?

The free $10 credit is enough to run the standard $10 VPS Hosting Plan which comes with the following;

  • 1GB RAM
  • 1 CPU
  • 30GB SSD
  • 2TB transfer


In Conclusion

I am seriously thinking of moving from my current shared hosting plan with hostgator to a VPS hosting plan. So, my plan is to test DigitalOcean free VPS hosting without actually paying for it on a new site, to check the speed, security, security and stability. All I will pay for is the domain name which is $8.8 from Namecheap.

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