Genymotion Emulator: Fast & Lag-free Android Emulator

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Genymotion Emulator is one of the best android emulators which is very fast and easy to use. It has Open GL Hardware Acceleration Support which makes it extremely fast, smooth and without lag. Ideally.

I use Genymotion emulator for app testing, but so far, it’s the best responding Android emulator I have used over time because it’s lightweight and is without lag.

In this blog post, I will explain what Genymotion is for those that don’t know about it yet, the reasons you should use genymotion emulator instead of others and where to download the free version.

What is GenyMotion?

Genymotion is an android emulator which allows you to test and run Android apps and games on your computer without having a physical device.

Genymotion System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 (32/64 bit)
64 bit CPU, with VT-x or AMD-V capability, enabled in BIOS settings
Recent and dedicated GPU
400 MB disk space

Why Genymotion Emulator?

These are a few reasons why I use Genymotion emulator instead of the inbuilt Android studio.

  • Geymotion is fast & lag-free.
  • The default emulator that comes with Android Studio is slow and laggy.
  • Genymotion emulator is fast compared to default emulator that comes with the android studio.
  • It’s an emulator using x86 architecture virtualization, making it much more efficient!
  • Taking advantage of OpenGL hardware acceleration, it allows you to test your applications with amazing 3D performance.

How to Download Genymotion Emulator

  • Go to Genymotion website
  • Register an account with them. It’s free!

  • To download the Genymotion free version.
  • Download the Genymotion Personal Edition with VirtualBox – 152MB

  • Install Genymotion, also install VirtualBox because it is critical for the virtualization part of the emulation process.
  • Open Genymotion, Sign your account with the same username and password used on the website.
  • Click on add a new Virtual device. Select a new virtual machine – I use the Custom Phone 5.00 – API 21 (Lollipop) because it supports more Android devices and is fast.

  • Click on Next. Download starts, usually 247MB. After downloads complete, you will see a message “The virtual device has been created successfully.” Click on Next

  • After your virtual device(VD) has been created. Click on Start to launch your brand new Android device installed right on your computer.

  • Congratulations!!! You have successfully installed and created an Android Virtual Device.

Must Read

Additional Genymotion Features

  • Camera: Use your laptop webcam as the video source for your Android camera.
  • Battery: Test your app with various charge levels and see how it handles those use cases.
  • GPS: Use the GPS widget to develop and test your geolocation-based apps easily.
  • Browser: Test your website in various Android browsers: Webkit for Android, Firefox for Android and many more!
  • Plugin/Testing tool: Genymotion is compatible with Android SDK tools, Eclipse and Android Studio.

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3 thoughts on “Genymotion Emulator: Fast & Lag-free Android Emulator”

  1. Genymotion is SLOWEST emulator ever.
    My PC can run 6 multiple instance at once, nox, memu, kop, even bluestack3 with very very smooth.
    But singgle genymotion cannot run properly, heavy lag, heavy slow, poor fps.
    All above I’ve test with last version.
    What the heck.

  2. Hey guys, Genymotion is an option, I have taken your opinions and hands-on experience with the software into consideration, I will update this article to reflect the new update and state of things.

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