Future of Independent Casino Operators

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Did you know that these days online casinos have countless requirements they must meet? These rules, laws, and responsibilities are becoming even more complicated as we speak and they affect gambling in a negative way. Simply said, freedom when it comes to online gambling is more limited.

That’s why many gamblers are looking for independent online casinos via https://www.nongamstopbets.com/independent-casinos/ where they can play all games without any limitations. However, in some cases, a gambler may have trouble playing at one of these casinos although this rarely happens.

Future of Independent Operators

Another thing you should know is that if an online casino wants to offer games to a specific country, they must have a licence that applies to that country. For instance, if an online casino wants to operate in the United Kingdom, it must have a UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) licence.

This is a gambling authority and it basically checks the site and makes sure that gamblers have rights, are protected, and can play fair games. There is no risk of rigged games. There are countless additional rules an online casino must meet. Getting a UKGC licence is extremely difficult. Of course, a casino can lose the licence if rules are broken!

Then we can see that this licence is expensive and it brings additional expenses to the equation. These can be additional fees, taxes and so much more. UK taxes are very high! The alternative is operating as an independent online casino. So, what is that?

Independent casinos do not have a UKGC licence but they still accept UK players. These may have licences obtained from other gambling authorities and associations such as MGA or Curacao eGaming. On the other hand, they may have no licence. These are still independent online casinos and they are still available on the web. In fact, you have countless examples of these casinos present.

If we know that rules are changing as we speak and that UKGC tries to cover as many casinos as possible, we can see a decrease in independent online casinos. But, there are still plenty of them out there. The future, at least a close future is bright. These online casinos will continue to exist and they will offer all kinds of games to all players. They have their market and they have players who will play games only here and not at UKGC or another online casino. This happens due to several reasons.

First of all, these casinos offer much better bonuses. They want to attract new players and they don’t have to pay expensive UK taxes. As a result, you can find a 500% deposit match bonus, free spins, and many additional offers. A UKGC casino may offer a 100% deposit match bonus which is much lower. This translates to all kinds of offers and promotions an online casino may offer. Many players know this and all of them want to get amazing bonuses. This simply means that players will create an account at one of the independent casinos and play games there. After all, bonuses are extremely important these days.

Then we have games. UKGC casinos are heavily controlled when it comes to which games they can offer and if UKGC decides that a specific game shouldn’t be offered, it will be removed from all casinos inside the network. Luckily you can still play that game and many others at independent casinos.

In general, there are no annoying rules and regulations independent casinos must offer. For instance, you can still use credit cards for deposits and withdrawals. At UKGC casinos, this isn’t an option. They are trying to decrease the gambling appeal and number of gamblers in the United Kingdom. This isn’t something they should do and it is actually impossible. Players will always have an alternative!

UK casinos are paired with additional rules and requirements which usually have a negative effect. In other words, a player won’t enjoy gambling as much as he can and he will move to another casino, period. Online gambling is all about fun and freedom. A player should be able to place any bet at any given moment and enjoy as much as he can. Independent online casinos understand this and they provide this advantage. This is one of the main perks UK players can get and one that is still extremely important.

Creating the account and playing a game is much faster and easier than at UK casinos where you must complete countless processes and verifications first. A player wants to play games as quickly as he can!


Independent online casinos will remain active and present. They will remain popular due to the fact that gamblers can enjoy many advantages that are not available at UKGC brands. In other words, we can see a bright future for these casinos and we believe they will become even more appealing and more popular, especially among UK gamblers.

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