The Future of Consoles – What to Expect from Next Gen

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The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two have been officially announced, and while there hasn’t been much information released on the two new consoles, there is still plenty of speculation floating around.

These will make up the forefront of the ninth generation of consoles, and look to be some of the most advanced, most powerful machines that we’ve ever seen on the console market, blazing a trail for other tech trends to follow.

The Nintendo Switch, while undoubtedly a favorite console, has already been part of the ninth generation due to its release date, but like the Wii, it remains in a bit of a grey area.

Nintendo prefers to release their gaming consoles halfway through a current generation, which is why many use PlayStation and Xbox’s flagship devices as the markers for an entirely new generation.

The Future of Consoles: What to Expect from Next Gen


When to Expect the New Consoles (Release Date)

It’s been confirmed that the new line of consoles will most likely only appear sometime in 2020. Since Sony and Microsoft both released machines during 2018, meaning a minimum of two years needs to pass to maximize sales.

By the time 2020 rolls around, the eighth generation of consoles will be the longest in history, even outpacing the sixth, which lasted a total of six years, from 2000 with the launch of the PlayStation 2, to 2006 when the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were released.

The seventh generation added another year, with the Xbox One taking over from the 360 a total of seven years after it was first released.

What we’re starting to see is an emerging pattern of consoles lasting longer than ever before being replaced, mostly due to the slowing down of the advancement of gaming technology.

How It Will Look (Appearance)

The traditional box console has been the staple of modern gaming for the last 40 years, but as gamers and eSports enthusiasts seek innovation in the industry, Sony and Microsoft may opt to change the physical appearance of their new consoles.

While there haven’t been any leaked pictures of that the next gen of machines may look like, there has been speculations that there will be a greater focus on providing better online streaming capabilities while dialing back on the hardware.

There may also be a push for virtual reality. As it stands, the PS4 and the Xbox One have limited VR tech available, but with VR slowly breaking into the industry, especially within the mobile sector, console developers may decide to push VR-based consoles.

The Future of Consoles – What to Expect from Next Gen

Streaming Consoles (New Features)

Online, cloud-based gaming has become the new standard in the gaming world, and it’s not hard to see why. In a complete reversal of traditional gaming, where the machine powers all the aspects of the game expect the online, we will begin to look at these machines instead acting as end-points for the computing that is done at a cloud level.

This is already prevalent in industries such as online casinos, where many sports betting NZ solutions are offered off-site.  Companies like Google have reportedly been hard at work on a secret project code-named Yeti that looks to be an entirely new breed of a console designed to work with Google directly, providing high-quality streaming capabilities at home.

This means that they could potentially produce a relatively small device that has advanced connection technology allowing them to connect directly to online-based devices that Google already has one the market, such as Google Home or Chromecast.

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Despite the hope for a generation of stream gaming, there are still a few issues that need to be worked out. Latency issues are the worst of it, and providing a latency-free, solid experience is the focus now. Either way, we can expect the new generation of consoles to have cutting-edge streaming capability.

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