Growlee: The Secret Behind Getting Thousands of Free Instagram Followers Organically

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Get free Instagram followers instantly for free without spending money. Let’s face it everybody wants to grow Instagram followers.

The hard truth is that you can get free Instagram followers instantly for free but only on a trial basis which usually lasts for 3-7 days.

After that, you are back staring at your dry, no likes, no new followers, no comments, no DMs, no notification Instagram account and wondering how those big Instagram accounts got so many followers.

You maybe think they got it because they are celebrities and people just love them and their content, well that’s true but that’s not the whole truth.

I am here to tell you the whole truth.

growlee instagram followers

The Secret Behind Getting Thousands of Instagram Followers

People don’t talk much about this secret because they want to continue to feeling high and mighty with their thousands or millions of followers while leaving you to feel bad about your dry no notification Instagram account.

I totally get that feeling. The feeling where you wonder – How do they get all those followers? How do they get all those likes and comments and where are they coming from?

Some of you will simply say it’s because they are celebrities, people love them and their content.

Well, that’s only the half-truth.

The other half of the truth is Instagram Automation.

I am not talking about Instagram Promotions where you pay Instagram/Facebook to promote/show your Instagram account or profile to an estimated number of persons.

The FLAW of Instagram promotions is that it doesn’t CONVERT!

You need to have a big marketing budget before you can really the value of what you spent money on i.e. your return on investment (ROI).

The average individual like you and I don’t have big marketing budgets to burnt through neither do we want to spend money at all get free Instagram followers and likes.

I have tried Instagram promotions in the past but after I realized that I was throwing money into an endless pit and not getting returns (Instagram followers and likes), I sorted after other methods.

These other methods are totally legal and supported by Instagram and you finally get exactly what you want – free Instagram followers!

I mean who is interested in getting “Profile Visits” on Instagram and not real converting customers? Well, big business would like that but we are not big businesses.

We are real-life people that want to have thousands, even millions of followers like celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Lil Wayne and etc.

Do you get the idea? We don’t want to be 2nd class citizens on Instagram, we want to be 1st class citizens too because celebrities are really still human and we are human too so why can’t we enjoy the same privileges on social media.

If you are pumped up and serious like I am, it’s time to reveal the entire secret and it’s also time for you to take action.

I took action on May 24th, 2018 starting with about 2,550 Instagram followers and this was after series of Instagram Promotions and wasted money.

Now I have 16,325 Instagram followers, averaging 600-800 Instagram likes per picture and video.

free Instagram followers

Luckily for you, you won’t get to waste any of your money because you will know exactly what to do, the secret behind getting thousands of free Instagram followers and the best way to grow your Instagram account organically.

Some of you may have less, it doesn’t matter how many Instagram followers you have right now, it’s about how many Instagram followers and likes you are going to have in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year even 2 years.

The sky is the limit for you and your Instagram account.

nairatipsblog instagram

The Whole Secret

The entire truth to get thousands and even millions of followers on Instagram is by having a fan base and putting your Instagram account on autopilot.

Having a fan base is not hard, you already have one already.

A fan base is a group of individuals that are already liking your pictures, they are most likely your friends in real life, family members, classmates, acquaintances, church members, sports friends, and the list goes on.

Well, the problem here is that you can’t explode with just your fans because outside of Instagram, who are you in reality? Are you a celebrity or you are a leader and command the respect and followership of others? I don’t think so.

You are the everyday joe and jane. Well, I am too.

We are not celebrities in real life, we don’t have a huge fan base, we do not slay queens that expose their body parts for followers and likes. We just want to feel the love when we log into Instagram.

So having only your small fan base won’t make you explode on Instagram, you need to run Instagram automation which puts your Instagram account on autopilot.

Now, your Instagram profile is always online, ready to engage and interact with anyone you allow without you doing much.

The Best Way to Get Instagram Followers Instantly

The best way to get free Instagram followers instantly is by running Instagram automation.

So this is a fancy word for saying put your Instagram account on safe autopilot using Growlee.

I have been doing this for over 8 months now and from 2,550 followers, I grew to 13,635 as of writing this article and it’s totally safe.

And, I am going to show you how you can also get your first 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100k and even 1 million Instagram followers.

It doesn’t matter how many Instagram followers you have now, it is about how many you will have in 1 month. 3 months, 6 months and so on.

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically with Growlee


One Instagram automation tool you can use to get free Instagram followers instantly is Growlee.

Starting with Growlee for the first time, you are given 3 days free trial period where you get full access to all the Instagram automation features that Growlee has to offer.

It’s so free, you won’t be asked to insert any credit card details before you can proceed.

It’s simple.

Visit Growlee, Sign up for a free 3 days free trial account, verify and set up your Instagram account, activate all the Growlee automation features and watch as you get free Instagram followers Instantly.

Step 1: Visit Growlee

All you have to do to get started using Instagram automation is to go Growlee website using either your computer or mobile browser.

Step 2: Sign Up and Get 3 Days Free Trial

growlee sign up

Once you are convinced, it’s time to grow your Instagram followers using safe automation tools like Growlee.

Hit the Signup button to start your journey to get free Instagram followers.

Step 3: Verify your Instagram Account on Growlee

verify instagram account

After registering on Growlee, you need to have added and verify your Instagram account either through a code sent to your verified number on Instagram or email used to open the Instagram account.

You receive an email that officially welcomes you to the free trial and says you need to set up your Instagram automation tools.

instagram automation activation mail
Growlee add instagram account

Step 4: Setup Instagram Automation on your account

You have just verified your Instagram account on Growlee, now it’s time to set up the main Instagram automation.

Target Hashtags

target hashtags to get instgram followers

With Growlee, you can target popular and trendy hashtags which will give your account maximum visibility.

You can use tool like Tagblender, Hashtagsforlikes to get the popular hashtags on Instagram at given times so you can use them in your Instagram account automation.

Target Locations

target locations to get instgram followers

Targeting location is a very important aspect of your Instagram automation marketing campaign because you need to pick the geographical location of your Instagram followers i.e., where you want your Instagram followers to come from.

When you choose different locations, your account will automatically interact with people from just that location exclusively.

Target Accounts

target accounts to get instgram followers

You can target other Instagram accounts to interact with their followers and steal them, converting them to your own followers.

This Instagram automation feature is perfect for businesses and used to steal the competition’s Instagram followers.

This feature alone is guaranteed to give you free Instagram followers.

Target Comments

I would advise you to remove all these generic and bot-like Instagram comments and add your own personalized comments.

You can even go as far as promoting your products via this method but that would be seen as spam, so keep your Instagram comments short, simple, nice and flattering.


Congratulations! You successfully completed the Instagram Automation setup process.

Now go to your dashboard.

nairatips growlee account setup successfully

After setting up your Instagram automation features, your work isn’t finished.

You need to TURN IT ON!

Click on “Stopped” to go to your settings page where you can turn on specific Instagram automation tools.

You would need to only do this Instagram automation setup once and you can make little changes and customization as you see fit in the future.

Turn On Growlee Instagram Automation Tool

turn on growlee

Turn on Growlee’s Instagram automation tool and features like click on the switch icons.

You have access to the five Instagram automation features

  • Like
  • Follow
  • Comment
  • Unfollow
  • Timeline Like
nairatips growlee account

Step 5: Growlee Options

You have simple options available for you to edit and customize to your liking.

You can also uncheck some automation features, if you personally don’t like it but I suggest you run all automations features for a while first, so you can check the performance of each feature to see if it’s working for your Instagram account.

Growlee Target Options

growlee target options

Here you get an overview of your Growlee target options.

Who your Instagram account will target, interact with and what Instagram accounts would follow you.

Growlee Filter Options

growlee filters

You have access to the filter options on Growlee.

These options can control the entire automation tool.

You can control it’s activities, who it interacts it, what type of media and so on.

Growlee Blacklist and Comment Option

growlee blacklist and comments

You can blacklist hashtags you find provocative, you can blacklist different locations, if you absolutely don’t want to get any follower from a particular location for one reason or another, you can do that with Growlee and you can blacklist users.

The comments option allow you edit, remove and add new comments to be used in your automation tool.

Step 6: Check Growlee Activity

You can closely monitor who your Instagram account likes, follows from what location, time and who has liked, followed or interacted with you.

growlee activity tab

You can check all this through the Activity tab.

Step 7: Growlee Pricing

Remember, you can use Growlee for free for the first 3 days and after that 3 days you can purchase a plan.

growlee prices

Growlee’s plan and pricings are affordable for people that have finally discovered the secret behind getting thousands of Instagram followers and are ready to get their first 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100k and even 1 million Instagram followers.

It all starts from here, make the right decision for yourself, your future and your business.

Nairatips Instagram Followers Journey

Hello, I want you to follow along as we start a brand new Instagram account for Nairatips and use Growlee to grow our Instagram account organically.

You can follow us on Instagram directly to monitor the progress of our Instagram account.

We would be sharing updates based on days, milestones and so on.

Nairatips Instagram Page.

The first one is 3 days usage.

growlee usuage in 3 days

We got 73 organic Instagram followers in the last 3 days with 34 new likes across 2 post.

200 Instagram Followers!

200 followers with growlee

Nairatipsblog reached the 200 Instagram followers milestone using Growlee within 7 days.

500 Instagram Followers!

nairatips 500 followers with growlee

Yes, we have reached the 500 Instagram followers milestone within the first month of opening a brand new Instagram account and using Growlee to organically grow this Instagram account.

You can also see the functions we are using on our Instagram account, we turned off comment because it looks too much like spam to Instagram.

Growlee has also interacted with a lot of Instagram accounts on our behalf based on our “strict guidelines”.

So far, everything is going great.

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